Reaching Publishers Clearing House Customer Service Around the Clock

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is a popular direct marketing company known for its sweepstakes and magazine subscriptions. With millions of customers across the U.S. and Canada, PCH aims to provide helpful support whenever needed.

Whether you have questions about an order, sweepstakes entry or PCH account, there are various ways to contact customer service any day of the week. Here’s an overview of Publishers Clearing House hours and how to get assistance 24/7.

PCH Customer Service Hours

PCH provides customer service by phone Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 11 PM Eastern Time. On Saturdays, phone support is available from 8:30 AM to 5 PM Eastern.

The toll-free customer service number is:

  • 1-800-459-4724

This line can help with:

  • Billing and payment questions
  • Order status and tracking
  • Sweepstakes entries and eligibility
  • Magazine subscription inquiries
  • Changing account information
  • Reporting suspicious calls/mail

Though hours are limited on weekends, customers have an extended window on weekdays to call in the evenings if needed.

Contact Customer Service Online

In addition to calling, the PCH website allows customers to contact support online 24/7.

On the Contact Us page, you can select your specific inquiry category and submit a message at any time. Options include:

  • Account access
  • Magazine orders
  • Missing packages
  • Cancel subscriptions
  • Refund requests
  • Sweepstakes questions

You’ll need to provide your name, order number, phone and email. PCH aims to respond within 1-2 business days.

Email PCH Customer Service

Customers can also email PCH customer support directly at the following addresses:

Email allows you to clearly explain your issue and attach any relevant documents. A customer service rep will respond by email to help resolve your inquiry.

Customer Service by Mail

For customers who prefer traditional mail, letters can be sent to PCH customer support at:

Publishers Clearing House
PO Box 400
Harlan, IA 51537

Mail is better for formal complaints or escalated issues where you want full documentation. Keep a copy of any letters you send.

Get Answers to FAQs Online

The Publishers Clearing House website has an extensive FAQ section that provides answers to common questions around the clock.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Order status and tracking numbers
  • Sweepstakes rules and taxes
  • Canceling magazines or account
  • Watching out for scams
  • Submitting sweepstakes entries
  • Claiming prizes
  • Managing account preferences

Browsing the FAQs can provide quick help for general inquiries without needing to contact an agent.

Follow PCH on Social Media

In addition to direct support channels, PCH can also answer questions and provide assistance via social media:

  • Facebook – PCH’s Facebook page offers sweepstakes updates and responses to comments.

  • Twitter – The PCH Twitter account posts sweepstakes info and replies to customer questions.

  • YouTube – PCH has a YouTube channel with videos on entering sweepstakes, identifying scams and winning prizes.

Report Fraudulent Calls or Mail

Unfortunately scams impersonating Publishers Clearing House persist. PCH provides a dedicated phone number to report fraudulent calls, mail or supposed “prize winnings.”

The number to call about potential scams is 1-800-392-4190. This allows PCH to investigate suspicious activity using their name.

When to Contact PCH Customer Service

PCH encourages customers to reach out by phone, online or email for any questions about:

  • Magazine orders and billing
  • Sweepstakes entries and procedures
  • Issues receiving packages or deliveries
  • Changing your account preferences
  • Suspicious calls or mail claiming PCH affiliation
  • Questions about prizes and winnings
  • Cancelling subscriptions or account
  • Payment arrangements or refunds
  • Logging in to manage your account

Friendly and knowledgeable reps are ready to assist with any PCH-related inquiries. Don’t hesitate to contact them!

Key Takeaways for Contacting PCH Customer Support

  • Phone support is available Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM – 11 PM Eastern and Saturday 8:30 AM – 5 PM Eastern.

  • Customers can submit inquiries online 24/7 via the Contact Us page.

  • Email addresses are available for different types of questions or issues.

  • FAQs provide self-help for common customer questions anytime.

  • Social media allows customers to interact with PCH for support.

  • If you receive a suspicious call or letter, report it to their fraud line.

  • Contact PCH customer service with any order, account or sweepstakes-related questions.

With multiple options for phone, email, online and social media support, Publishers Clearing House provides assistance around the clock to help customers.


How do I talk to a live person at PCH?

Contact us at 1-877-3SWEEPS (1-877-379-3377) or email us at [email protected].

How do PCH winners get notified?

How are PCH winners notified? Answer: For online, mobile or app winners of amounts under $600, prizes may be in the form of online gift cards or prize checks. Prize checks are sent via First Class U.S. Mail for prizes under $600 and via overnight mail (or UPS) for prizes of $600 and above.

Who won the Publishers Clearing House 2023?

Meet Edwin Walker, the Lucky Recipient Winning the prestigious Publisher’s Clearing House (PCH) Sweepstakes came as a profound surprise to him. Howie Guja, a dedicated member of PCH’s prize patrol, made the journey from New York City to personally deliver the life-changing prize to Walker.

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