How to Pay Your Richmond Utilities Bill Online in Kentucky

Paying your utilities bill is a necessary evil that we all must face each month. For residents of Richmond, Kentucky who receive services from Richmond Utilities, paying your bill efficiently and on time is important Fortunately, Richmond Utilities offers several easy and convenient ways to pay your bill online or over the phone

In this article, we’ll break down the different options for paying your Richmond Utilities bill online or by phone, and walk through the steps for using each method.

Overview of Richmond Utilities

First, let’s provide some background on Richmond Utilities. Over 31,000 people in Richmond and some parts of Madison County, Kentucky use this publicly owned utility for water, sewer, electricity, and natural gas.

For more than one hundred years, Richmond Utilities has been a reliable utility company in the area. They are now in charge of 7 power plants, more than 530 miles of natural gas lines, 250 miles of water mains, and 200 miles of sewer lines.

If you use Richmond Utilities, you probably get a bill every month or every other month for a mix of electric, gas, water, and sewer services. It’s important to pay this bill on time every month to avoid late fees or service interruptions.

Online Bill Pay Options

Richmond Utilities offers two main options for paying your bill conveniently online:

Full Online Bill Payment

The first option is to login to Richmond Utilities’ online payment portal at This allows you to:

  • View your full account history and balance
  • Make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments
  • Check previous payment history
  • Update account information
  • Access online statements

To use the full online bill pay system, you’ll need to create an online account linked to your Richmond Utilities account number. This is a straightforward process that only takes a few minutes.

The benefits of using the full online bill payment system are clear – you can easily monitor your account, view past statements, set up autopay, and avoid late fees. The online payment portal is user-friendly and secure.

One downside is that Richmond Utilities does charge a $2.50 transaction fee for payments made through their online bill pay system. Just something to be aware of.

Quick Pay Online

If you just need to make a quick one-time payment on your Richmond Utilities bill, they offer a stripped down “Quick Pay” option accessible at

With Quick Pay, you simply enter your Richmond Utilities account number and payment amount on the payment page. The payment will be instantly processed without having to login or create an account.

The main benefit of Quick Pay is that there are no transaction fees, unlike with the full online bill pay system. It’s a quick and easy way to make a one-time payment.

The downside is you can’t setup recurring payments, view previous statements, or access any other account management tools. But if you just need to pay your bill once, it’s a solid no-hassle option.

Pay By Phone

In addition to online payments, Richmond Utilities offers a pay-by-phone option that is completely free.

To use the automated pay-by-phone system, simply call 1-877-209-8211. You’ll need to have your Richmond Utilities account number handy, which can be found on your monthly paper or electronic statement.

After dialing the toll-free number, follow the prompts to enter your account number and payment information. The system will guide you through making a payment over the phone using either a debit/credit card or electronic check.

Paying over the phone only takes a few minutes. The payment will be instantly processed and applied to your account. As mentioned above, there are no fees for using the pay-by-phone system.

The main limitations are that you can only make one-time payments, not recurring ones. And you won’t have access to statements or account management tools. But for quick, simple bill payments, it’s a convenient option.

Payment Options Summary

Here’s a quick summary of the payment options covered:

  • Full Online Bill Pay: Login to personalized account, recurring payments, account management tools. $2.50 transaction fee.

  • Quick Pay Online: One-time payment only. No login or account needed. No fees.

  • Pay By Phone: Call automated system, follow prompts to pay. One-time payments only. No fees.

Tips for Paying Your Richmond Utilities Bill

To close out, here are some tips for effectively managing and paying your Richmond Utilities bill:

  • Go paperless – Sign up for e-bills to reduce clutter and get notified immediately when your bill is ready.

  • Pay early – Don’t wait until the due date to pay. Submit payment a few days early to avoid any last minute problems.

  • Setup autopay – For ultimate convenience, setup recurring automatic payments through your bank or the Richmond Utilities online portal.

  • Watch for fees – Be aware of transaction fees for online payments and late fees if paying after the due date.

  • Check for discounts – See if you qualify for any customer loyalty, auto-pay, or paperless billing discounts.

  • Monitor usage – Keep an eye on your monthly usage to catch any spikes early. Consider energy efficiency upgrades to save money.

  • Get account alerts – Setup low balance alerts and due date reminders through Richmond Utilities’ online portal.

Paying your utilities bill on time takes discipline, but Richmond Utilities offers flexible and convenient online and phone payment options. By automating payments and closely monitoring your account, paying your bill can be nearly painless.

Richmond Utilities Bill Pay Ky

Voluntary disconnect of services

To disconnect services please submit a written request to our office with the following information: name, current address, phone number, date you wish to disconnect services and a forwarding address. You may stop by our office to complete disconnect of services form. Any security deposits you may have are applied to your final billing. Deposit balance will be applied to your current account if applicable. Deposit balances of less than $10.00 shall be available for pick up at Richmond Utilities in 60 days. All deposit balances greater than $10.00 will be mailed to your forwarding address.

  • The monthly minimum bill shall apply to every residential, commercial, and industrial gas meter whether the meter is in service or temporarily disconnected. If the meter reading or calculated consumption for the bill period is greater than zero, a delivery charge (of an amount not less than for one MCF) shall be added to the minimum bill.
  • If service is discontinued at the request of any residential, commercial, or industrial customer, Richmond Utilities may refuse service to such customer at the same premises unless that customer pays a reconnection fee equal to the number of months disconnected multiplied by the minimum bill for those months. If service is discontinued for greater than six months, then customer must have a licensed plumber perform a pressure test on customer’s gas line and a Richmond Utilities employee must witness this test.

Current rates for services may be viewed at or a written copy will be provided upon request at our office.

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What is the phone number for Richmond Utilities?

If you have any questions, please contact us at 859-623-2323 option 9.

How can I get help with my water bill in Richmond VA?

The MetroCare Water Assistance Program offers a discount to customers who meet certain qualifying criteria. Whether you have delinquent water bills, are at risk of being disconnected or struggle with paying on time, you are encouraged to apply. The program is available for Richmond Public Utilities customers.

How do I pay my Richmond utilities bill?

Richmond Utilities is not responsible for mail delivery time. Pay by phone using our automated system – dial 1-877-209-8211. You may pay bill online at There is a step by step instruction sheet to assist with setting up account..

Who is city of Richmond Public Utilities?

A natural gas distribution company serving over 265,000 customers in Virginia, offering online account management, bill payment, and energy-saving tips. Looking for City Of Richmond Public Utilities billing, payments & services? Quickly find Utility Companies phone number, directions & more (Richmond, VA).

What is the phone number for Richmond utilities?

We will be glad to answer your questions and assist you in any way possible. RICHMOND UTILITES OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED DAILY FROM 11:30 AM TILL 12:30 PM (WALK-IN CUSTOMER SERVICE) – PLEASE PHONE 859-369-5389 DURING THIS TIME PERIOD FOR ASSISTANCE – THANK YOU

How much does a Richmond city utility cost?

Expect your utility program to cost anywhere from $60 to $200 per month. The Richmond utilities can be set up ahead of time to ensure your lights are on and you have power when you arrive. The process for getting your Richmond city utilities is easy to manage since each company can easily be scheduled.

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