Simplifying Medical Bill Payments with Roper St. Francis Healthcare

Handling medical bills can be a confusing and stressful process. Between large balances, complex billing codes, and unclear payment options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, Roper St. Francis Healthcare aims to simplify billing and payments for patients through convenient online tools and compassionate financial assistance.

As the largest healthcare system in the Charleston, SC region, Roper St Francis cares for hundreds of thousands of patients each year With multiple hospitals, specialty clinics, urgent cares, and physician practices under its umbrella, they generate a high volume of patient billing. Recognizing the challenges this presents, Roper St. Francis has invested in improving the billing experience.

Online Bill Pay Portals

Roper St. Francis offers online bill pay through two separate portals – one for hospital services and one for physician services.

The hospital billing portal allows patients to view and pay Roper St. Francis hospital bills online. This includes services received at:

  • Roper Hospital
  • Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital
  • Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital
  • Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital
  • Roper Rehabilitation Hospital

Patients can see itemized charges, insurance adjustments, and account balances. They can then pay outstanding bills securely through the portal.

For Roper St. Francis physician services, a separate online bill pay portal is available This covers services received through the Roper St Francis Physician Partners network of over 500 physicians. The user-friendly portal makes viewing statements and paying balances simple and efficient.

According to the Roper St. Francis website, patients can pay online using credit card, debit card, eCheck or automated bank draft. The portals offer 24/7 access along with payment receipts and billing history.

Financial Assistance Programs

In addition to online bill pay, Roper St. Francis provides financial assistance programs to aid qualifying patients. Counselors are available to assist with public health coverage applications and Roper St. Francis financial assistance applications.

Roper St. Francis offers both full and partial financial assistance to eligible patients. Factors considered include income level, assets, and overall ability to pay balances. Those approved receive discounts off their Roper St. Francis bills based on a sliding scale.

The healthcare system also helps uninsured and underinsured patients identify potential coverage through Medicaid, Medicare savings programs, disability benefits and other public resources. Their financial counselors handle much of the application paperwork and follow up.

For patients who don’t qualify for public programs or Roper assistance, interest-free payment plans may be available. Counselors work to set up affordable monthly payments for those struggling with high medical bills.

Partnership with Credit Counseling Agencies

As part of its financial assistance efforts, Roper St. Francis partners with accredited credit counseling agencies. These nonprofits provide confidential budget and debt counseling to patients carrying medical debt.

The counselors help create realistic budgets based on income and expenses. They also develop customized debt management plans. These lay out a strategy for paying back debts, often with reduced interest rates negotiated with creditors.

Roper St. Francis financial counselors can refer patients to these reputable credit counseling partners when appropriate. They help take some of the stress out of bill payments.

Communication is Key

While Roper St. Francis offers an array of billing resources, patients play a key role as well. Communications early in the process can prevent frustrations down the road.

  • Provide accurate insurance information upfront. This ensures correct billing from day one.

  • Open and read billing statements promptly. Being aware of account balances allows more time to address issues.

  • Reach out with billing questions. Roper staff are available to explain charges and ensure billing accuracy.

  • Notify Roper of changes to insurance coverage, income, address etc. This helps keep accounts current.

  • Discuss financial concerns openly. Roper can provide estimates and payment options when costs are addressed early on.

  • Complete required forms fully and accurately. Incorrect or incomplete details can delay financial assistance.

  • Respond to requests quickly. Additional information may be needed to confirm eligibility for aid programs.

With good communication and Roper St. Francis’ billing resources, patients can manage balances confidently.

Billing Contacts

Roper St. Francis provides dedicated phone numbers for billing questions and assistance:

  • Hospital billing: Call 888-472-0042 for balances from hospital services

  • Physician billing: Call 888-472-0043 for Roper St. Francis Physician Partners balances

  • Financial counseling: Call either number above to discuss payment issues and financial assistance options

Representatives are available 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday to provide live support.

The Roper St. Francis website also offers further billing details at Here patients can find billing portals, price estimates, financial policies, and more.

Convenient Payment Locations

For patients who prefer to pay medical bills in person, Roper St. Francis has onsite collection offices. Payments can be made at:

  • Roper Hospital: 316 Calhoun St, Charleston
  • Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital: 2095 Henry Tecklenburg Dr, Charleston
  • Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital: 300 Sigma Dr, Summerville
  • Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital: 3500 N Hwy 17, Mount Pleasant

Cash, checks, money orders and credit cards are accepted. Patients should bring their statement or account number.

Supporting Patients Holistically

Roper St. Francis understands that medical bills cause more than just financial stress. They can also negatively impact physical and mental health. By easing billing confusion and offering compassionate assistance, Roper St. Francis aims to relieve the whole burden of medical debt.

Their user-friendly online tools, counselors and support teams strive to provide an exceptional billing experience. Staff view patients holistically and treat them with dignity throughout the process. While healthcare costs remain complex nationwide, Roper St. Francis continues innovating better solutions for their community. They aim to makebill pay a little easier for the patients they serve.

Roper St Francis Bill Pay

Before November 6, 2022

For support and information regarding billing for services prior to November 6, 2022, a representative is available to answer your questions at 843-501-1824.

on or after November 6, 2022 This bill may include charges for the physician or provider caring for you as well as separate charges for the services delivered within the facility. Here are some details about hospital outpatient departments and the facility charges.As a hospital-operated location, your bill may reflect the following changes:

  • Identification as a department of Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital, part of Charleston-based Roper St. Francis Healthcare
  • All bills will come from Roper St. Francis Healthcare.
  • As our practices are now hospital-operated locations, we advise you to check with your insurance company to determine any potential change in benefits. You can also reach out to Patient Financial Services at (888) 472-0043.
  • While your bill for hospital services will be from Roper St. Francis Healthcare/Bon Secours St. Francis, please note that your previously scheduled and future appointments with Charleston Oncology continue to be at the location specified in your appointment information. Nothing is changing about the location of our practices.

A hospital outpatient department is a location where hospital services are provided even though not located on the main hospital campus. Through a hospital outpatient department, we can offer additional services that are not offered at a private physician’s office. These locations allow for seamlessly coordinated high-quality care.

Roper St. Francis Healthcare


Does Roper St. Francis use Epic?

You can quickly and securely access your doctor’s appointments and hospital services information online. We’re on a journey to make your portal experience better. We transitioned to Epic, a state-of-the-art electronic medical record.

How many employees does Roper St Francis have?

With almost 6,000 teammates, we’re the Lowcountry’s second-largest private employer.

Who owns Roper St Francis in Charleston SC?

When the restructure is final, Bon Secours Mercy Health and the Medical Society of South Carolina will jointly own and operate Roper St. Francis, with Bon Secours Mercy Health holding a 51 percent stake in the system.

What charting system does Roper St. Francis use?

Roper St. Francis Healthcare uses Cerner EMR software to electronically store, capture and access patient health information.

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