How to Pay Your Santee Cooper Electric Bill Online – A Quick Guide

As a Santee Cooper customer in South Carolina, you know having electricity to power your home or business is essential. But keeping the power on means paying your Santee Cooper electric bill fully and on time each month. With flexible online payment options, you can take care of your bill quickly without even leaving your house. This straightforward guide will walk you through the basics of paying your Santee Cooper electric bill online through their My Energy Link (MEL) portal.

Review Your Bill Details

When you receive your monthly statement from Santee Cooper, look it over closely to check the total due. Key bill charges include:

  • Electric usage – Based on the kilowatt-hours (kWh) you used that month at your rate
  • Customer charge – Fixed monthly fee
  • Demand charge – Charge for max power draw (commercial accounts)
  • Taxes and fees – Additional local and state charges

Compare your usage to the same month last year to spot any unusual spikes Knowing exactly what you owe prepares you to pay the full amount online by the due date

Know Your Account Number

To pay online or access your Santee Cooper account, you’ll need your 10-digit electric account number from your bill. This unique number identifies your home or business.

Keep this number handy when signing into MEL, Santee Cooper’s online portal, and when contacting customer service about your account.

Be Aware of Your Due Date

Don’t get hit with late fees by missing your bill’s due date Santee Cooper bills monthly, with residential bills typically due within 25 days of the statement date

So if your bill is dated February 1st, your online payment must be completed by February 25th. Commercial accounts have approximately 15 days to pay. Mark your calendar with upcoming due dates.

Understand Payment Options

Santee Cooper offers many ways to pay your electric bill. including

  • Online through My Energy Link (MEL)
  • Santee Cooper mobile app
  • Phone
  • Mail
  • In person at local offices
  • Authorized payment locations
  • Auto bank draft

Online through MEL is one of the most popular choices for its convenience and security. But you can choose the option that fits your needs each month.

Sign Up for a MEL Account

To pay online, you first need to enroll in MEL, or My Energy Link. This is Santee Cooper’s online account management portal. Visit the MEL website and click “New User Registration.”

Provide your:

  • Account number
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Security info

Creating your MEL username and password gets your online account started.

Download the MEL Mobile App

In addition to the desktop site, Santee Cooper also offers the MEL mobile app. This gives you account access on the go from your Apple or Android device.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Manage bills, make payments, check usage, and more.

Add Your Payment Method

Before paying online for the first time, add your payment source to MEL. Under “Payment Methods,” choose either:

  • Credit/debit card
  • Checking or savings account

Enter your card number, expiration date, and security code or bank account and routing number. Payment info is stored securely in your account.

Set Up Auto-Pay (Optional)

For automated bill payment, turn on MEL’s auto-pay option. Log into your account and:

  1. Select “AutoPay Program”
  2. Choose your stored payment method
  3. Pick the date for withdrawals
  4. Save your settings

Your bill will now be paid automatically each month, so you can avoid late fees.

Pay Your Current Bill

When your new Santee Cooper bill arrives, log into MEL and select “Pay Now” from the homepage.

Choose your stored payment source, enter the amount due, and submit payment. The funds will transfer instantly from your account to Santee Cooper.

Review Payment History

Inside your MEL account, you can view your Santee Cooper billing and payment history at any time. Under “My Usage,” check info like:

  • Past bills and statements
  • Payment amounts/dates
  • Electric usage
  • Account balances
  • Payment confirmation emails

Monitoring your history helps you budget and stay on top of your electric account.

Paying your Santee Cooper utility bill online through My Energy Link takes just minutes when you follow these key steps. Sign up for an account, add your payment details, and pay your bill or set up auto-pay for convenience. With MEL, you can manage payments 24/7 and avoid late fees.

Santee Cooper Electric Bill Pay

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We aim to make paying your Santee Cooper bill easy and convenient. You can choose the payment option that fits best for you.

Payment Option Posting Time Fees Payment Method
MEL (Registered user) Posts within 24 hours

No fee for checking (ACH).

Residential – $2.50 for credit/debit Commercial – $12.95 for credit/debit

Credit/Debit Checking (ACH)
MEL (One-time payment)* Posts within 24 hours Residential – $2.50 Commercial – $12.95 Credit/Debit Checking (ACH)
Pay As You Go Electric (PAYGE) Posts in near real time $1.95 – Residential only Credit/Debit
CheckOut Posts in near real time $1.50 Cash Only
Western Union Posts within 24 hours In-Store – $1.50 Online with Card – $16 Cash Credit/Debit
By Mail Posts within 7-14 business days No Fee Pay with Checking
By Phone* Posts within 24 hours Residential – $2.50 Commercial – $12.95 Credit/Debit Checking (ACH)
In Person Posts in near real time No Fee Check Cash
Auto Pay Posts within 24 hours No Fee for Checking (ACH) Credit/Debit Checking (ACH)

*Residential customers, a $2.50 transaction fee will be applied for every $300 increment on debit/credit card transactions or every $600 increment on ACH transactions.

Commercial customers, a $12.95 transaction fee will be applied for every $800 increment on debit/credit card transactions or every $1000 increment on ACH transactions.

Have questions about the items on your bill? Click button below to see an explanation.

My Energy Link (MEL)

Register for MEL to quickly and easily make fee-free online payments, plus get all the perks MEL offers. You also can make convenient one-time payments that include convenience fees without registering.

Pay As You Go Electric (PAYGE)

Pay what you want, when you want with PAYGE. To get started, call us at 800-804-7424.

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How do I pay my Santee Cooper Bill?

Have your payment drafted monthly from your checking account, savings account or credit card (fees apply) in one of these ways: Fill out the form on the back of your bill. Fill out the Auto Pay application and return it to a Santee Cooper retail office. If you need help paying your bill, please visit Payment Assistance.

Does Santee Cooper offer energy-saving solutions?

We believe it’s important to help our customers save energy and money. That’s why we offer energy-saving solutions for your home and business. Our Energy Advisors are ready to help you with rebates, low-interest loans, House Calls, energy-saving tips and more. Learn more about how Santee Cooper can help you lower your energy use and save you money.

What happens if my Santee Cooper Bill is late?

The United States Postal Service is lengthening its standards for the time it takes to deliver the mail, which could delay the delivery of your Santee Cooper bill and your payment by a couple of days. This may result in a late fee if your payment is received after the due date.

What happens if you donate to Santee Electric Cooperative?

Anyone who donates in February will receive a $10 Amazon gift card and will be automatically entered for a chance to win a trip for Santee Electric Cooperative was formed in the late 1930’s and was chartered on December 14, 1939, after years of hard work by volunteers who scoured the countryside getting members to sign up for the service.

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