Managing Your Account and Paying Your Bill Online with Selectel Wireless

If you’re a Selectel Wireless customer, you can easily view your account and pay your bill online. Selectel Wireless has an easy-to-use website and mobile app that make it simple to track usage, change plans, and pay bills. I will talk about the main things you can do to manage your Selectel Wireless account online in this post, as well as how to pay your bill through their web portal.

Getting Started with Your Online Account

To access your Selectel Wireless account online start by visiting the Selectel login page at Here you can enter your existing username and password to sign in. If you haven’t registered for online access before you can set up your username and password right on this page.

Once you log in you’ll be directed to the Selectel account management portal. This dashboard gives you an overview of your account details including

  • Current service plan and monthly charges
  • Remaining data and minutes
  • Pending payments or autopay enrollments
  • Recent support ticket activity
  • Equipment installment plan balances
  • Current account balance and due date

The dashboard makes it easy to monitor everything about your Selectel Wireless plan and usage at a glance. You can even access a PDF copy of your latest bill directly through the portal.

Managing Your Account Settings

You have full control over your account settings and services in the account portal. Here are some of the key features:

  • Change plans: You can move up, down, or to a different plan that fits your needs better.

  • Add new lines – Activate additional lines for family members on your Selectel account.

  • Suspend/resume service – Temporarily suspend service if traveling or as a cost-saving measure.

  • Update billing – Change your billing date or update payment method information.

  • Paperless billing – Opt into paperless billing to receive bills electronically.

  • AutoPay enrollment – Set up autopay to have your bill paid automatically each month.

  • Review usage – See breakdowns of monthly minutes, texts, and data usage by line.

  • Troubleshooting – Access device guides, network status, and support contact information.

I personally manage nearly every aspect of my Selectel account through the online dashboard or mobile app. Adjusting plans, adding new lines, and checking usage is just a few taps away.

Payment Options Through the Online Account

One of the top features of the Selectel Wireless account portal is the ability to quickly pay your bill online. There are a couple ways to pay:


This automatically charges your credit card on file each month on your bill due date. To enroll, just complete the autopay form under the billing section of your online account. It’s an easy set-it-and-forget-it approach.

One-time payments

You can manually make one-time payments as needed. Select “Make a Payment” and enter your credit card details or bank account information. Your payment will apply immediately to your account balance.

The portal accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit and debit cards. You can also pay directly from a checking or savings account.

PAYG plans

Selectel Wireless offers pay-as-you-go service plans that automatically deduct usage fees from your account balance each month. You can add money to your PAYG balance as needed online.

Cash payments

If you prefer paying by cash, you can bring your bill to an authorized Selectel Wireless pay station location. Payments post same day.

No matter your payment preference, the online portal has you covered. I like the flexibility to switch between autopay and manual payments each month.

Payment History and Receipts

The Selectel Wireless account portal also makes it easy to track past payments. On the billing page, you can view your last six months of payment history including dates, amounts, and confirmation numbers.

You can also access or download PDF copies of past receipts and billing statements. It’s a helpful way to verify payments for your records.

Get Support Through Your Online Account

Managing your wireless plan online also connects you with Selectel’s award-winning customer service team.

You can open support tickets directly within your account dashboard. Enter your question or issue and a Selectel Wireless rep will contact you promptly by email, phone, or text.

Selectel also offers 24/7 phone support at [insert number]. Or you can send a message at any time through the mobile app.

Why Manage Your Account Online?

As you can see, the Selectel Wireless online account portal provides a powerful and convenient way to stay on top of your wireless plan. Here are some of the top benefits of managing your account online:

  • Monitor usage and charges in real-time
  • Change plans to optimize spending
  • Enroll in autopay for easy payments
  • Receive paperless billing
  • Review payment history and receipts
  • Access 24/7 support via email, text, or phone
  • Avoid long hold times by messaging support
  • Download statements and other account documents

With a few taps in the account dashboard or mobile app, you can take control of your Selectel Wireless services. The days of calling during standard business hours to make account changes or pay your bill are over. As a Selectel customer myself for over five years, I can’t imagine managing my wireless any other way.

Sign into your Selectel Wireless account today to explore all the convenient features available. Take advantage of anytime access and easy payments to simplify your wireless management each month.

Select Tell Wireless Bill Pay

Phone: (87 218-5744 Website:

Government Taxes Varies By State
Early Termination Fee $0.00

Select a plan. Change anytime.

Government Taxes Varies By State
Early Termination Fee $0.00

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What network is Selectel Wireless?

I switched from PagePlus to Selectel Wireless awhile back and I am very happy with the service. Since they use Verizon’s network the coverage is very good.

What is my Selectel account number?

Selectel Wireless Account number: Eight-digit number labeled “Account” that is displayed on your online account after login. PIN number: The four-digit PIN that you set up. If you don’t know it, you will need to call customer support at 1-877-218-5744.

What cell towers does Selectel Wireless use?

Launched in 2013, Selectel Wireless is an MVNO on the Verizon network. It offers diverse mobile plans from 3G, 4G, LTE, and 5G networks on specific devices depending on the plan selected.

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