Simplifying Medical Bill Payments with Texas Children’s Pediatrics

Receiving medical bills can be confusing and stressful for families. Texas Children’s Pediatrics offers various convenient payment options to simplify the medical bill paying process for patients. As a parent I know how hectic life can get. Having an easy way to manage my children’s medical bills allows me to spend less time worrying about paperwork and more time focusing on what really matters – my kids!

Overview of Texas Children’s Pediatrics

Texas Children’s Pediatrics is affiliated with Texas Children’s Hospital, one of the largest children’s hospitals in the United States. They have over 60 locations across Houston, Austin, and the surrounding areas providing top-notch pediatric primary care. Their team of pediatricians, pediatric specialists, and pediatric subspecialists are all dedicated to providing compassionate care for children from before birth through young adulthood.

My own children have been patients at Texas Children’s Pediatrics for years. We’ve always had great experiences at their facilities. The staff is friendly, appointments run on time, and the doctors take time to answer all of my questions thoroughly. I never feel rushed during visits. It’s clear that they genuinely care about their patients.

Paying a Texas Children’s Pediatrics Bill

Like most healthcare providers, Texas Children’s Pediatrics sends bills for services rendered. They offer several payment options to accommodate families’ needs:

Pay Online

Paying online is my preferred method for paying medical bills. It’s fast, secure, and I can do it on my own time.

To pay a Texas Children’s Pediatrics bill online patients first need their account statement which has key details like the guarantor name and account number. Statements can be accessed through the Texas Children’s patient portal MyChart.

Patients then visit the Texas Children’s guest pay website and enter the required information from their statement. Credit card payments can be made directly on the guest pay website. Texas Children’s also accepts online payments through Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Pay by Phone

Calling is another quick way to pay a bill. Patients can call 832-824-2999 or the toll-free number 888-263-6360 and speak to a representative to make a payment over the phone using a credit card. I like this option when I don’t have time to login to the website and find my statement. The customer service reps are always friendly and professional when I call.

Pay via MyChart

MyChart is Texas Children’s patient portal that allows families to view their child’s medical information online. Patients who have a MyChart account can also easily pay bills through the portal.

Within MyChart there is a billing tab that shows account statements. Patients can then enter their credit card information to pay the balance due. An advantage of paying through MyChart is being able to store payment information securely in your account.

Pay by Mail

For those who prefer to pay bills the old fashioned way, Texas Children’s Pediatrics accepts payment by check or money order by mail. Payment should be mailed to:

Texas Children’s Pediatrics
PO Box 841969
Dallas, Texas 75284-1969

I know some families, especially older relatives, might choose to mail in a payment. It’s nice that Texas Children’s Pediatrics offers that option for those who are less tech-savvy or simply have a preference for paying by mail.

Automatic Payments

Parents who want set up recurring payments can enroll in automatic bill pay through MyChart. This allows you to schedule payments to be automatically deducted from a credit card each month. Automatic payments save time since you don’t have to manually pay each bill. It’s also convenient for budgeting purposes.

Financial Assistance

Texas Children’s Pediatrics offers payment assistance programs for families who qualify based on financial need. This includes Medicaid coverage for low-income children. They also provide access to financial counselors who can help families find additional resources or set up a reasonable payment plan.

No child is ever denied care due to inability to pay at Texas Children’s. Their financial assistance programs ensure that all children have access to top pediatric care. As a parent, it gives me peace of mind knowing my child can be seen by a doctor when needed, regardless of my financial situation at the time.

Other Bill Pay Tips

To make paying Texas Children’s Pediatrics bills even easier, I recommend signing up for a MyChart account. MyChart allows you to:

  • View statements online instead of waiting for a mailed copy
  • Securely store payment information for future use
  • Check payment history
  • Enroll in autopay
  • Pay bills with just a few clicks

I also suggest opting into paperless billing if it is offered. You’ll get statements delivered electronically instead of mailed paper copies. This reduces clutter and ensures you get statements as soon as they are generated.

Finally, don’t hesitate to contact customer service with any billing questions. The reps are extremely knowledgeable and happy to explain charges or account details. I once had a vague charge on my statement that I didn’t understand. A quick call to customer service clarified that it was for labs that were sent out. Knowing who to contact for billing questions gives me confidence and peace of mind.

Why Texas Children’s Pediatrics Bill Pay Matters

Medical billing is often frustrating. Statements can be confusing, payment portals antiquated, and customer service less than helpful. However, my experience paying Texas Children’s Pediatrics has always been positive. They offer:

  • Modern payment options like online and phone payments
  • Easy to understand statements
  • Quick access to statements through MyChart
  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer service
  • Financial assistance for those in need

As a parent, I have enough to worry about without adding medical bill headaches. Texas Children’s Pediatrics makes the payment process smooth and painless for families. I never dread getting a statement in the mail or hassle with online portals. Paying my children’s medical bills is just one less thing I have to stress about as a parent thanks to Texas Children’s user-friendly system. It allows me to focus my time and energy where it really matters – on my kids!

Texas Children’S Pediatrics Bill Pay

Texas Children’s Pediatrics Texas Children’s Pediatrics East

12620 Woodforest Blvd Suite 150 Houston, TX 77015 Tel. 713-455-0200

Texas Children’s Pediatrics Texas Children’s Pediatrics Spring Branch

1455 Wirt Rd. Houston, TX 77055 Tel. 713-468-4071

What to expect when you visit Texas Children’s Pediatrics

How do I pay for medical services at Texas Children’s Hospital?

You may pay by check, credit card or money order to the following: You may receive more than one bill for services provided at Texas Children’s Hospital and Texas Children’s Health Centers. These may include bills for hospital-related expenses, physician services and specialist services.

How do I pay my Texas Children’s Bill online?

Pay your bill online with extended payment options such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. If you have a Texas Children’s MyChart account, please log in and select the Billing tab for more information. If you are unable to access your billing details in MyChart, please contact the appropriate customer service area below:

Does Texas Children’s Hospital have a physician billing office?

On March 10, Texas Children’s Hospital and physician billing offices were combined. This means that parents and patients will now receive one bill for both hospital and physician charges. Benefits of this combined bill include: Texas Children’s offers a quick payment solution for one-time payments. No enrollment or login is required. Pay as Guest

How do I add bill pay access to my Texas children’s MyChart account?

832-824-2999 or 888-263-6360 If you have a Texas Children’s MyChart account, you can now add bill pay access. If you are unable to access your billing details in MyChart, please contact customer service at 832-824-2999 / Toll Free 888-263-6360. By using a MyChart account to access billing, you can now: Learn more about MyChart.

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