A Comprehensive Guide to Paying Your United Auto Insurance Bill

Having reliable car insurance is essential, but keeping up with monthly payments can feel like a hassle. United Auto Insurance Company aims to make bill pay as quick and convenient as possible for customers.

In this guide, we’ll walk through the various ways to pay your United Auto insurance bill easily online, over the phone, by mail or in person.

Online Bill Pay

The fastest way to pay is online through United Auto Insurance’s policyholder portal. You can login and make a payment anytime, day or night

To pay online

  • Go to mypolicy.uaig.net and login to your account
  • Select “Make a Payment”
  • Choose your payment amount and method
  • Submit the payment

Online you can use a credit/debit card, electronic check, or PayPal to pay your bill. Your account will update instantly after the payment processes.

You can even set up autopay to have payments made automatically each month, so you never forget. Paying online saves time and gives you peace of mind.

Paying by Phone

If you prefer to speak to someone, United Auto Insurance’s customer service team is available to take payments over the phone.

To pay by phone

  • Call 1-888-987-8242
  • Have your policy number, payment method and billing details ready
  • A representative will assist you in making a payment

United Auto accepts several payment types over the phone including credit/debit card, checking account and electronic check. There are no extra fees for paying by phone.

Paying by Mail

You can mail in a payment by check or money order if needed. Be sure to include your policy number on the payment.

Mail payments to:

United Auto Insurance
PO Box 694120
Miami, FL 33269

Allow 5-7 business days for mailed payments to process and show up in your account. This is a fine option if you prefer paying by check or need to meet a deadline.

Paying in Person

For an in-person payment, you can visit any local United Auto Insurance branch or authorized payment center.

To find a location near you:

  • Use the branch locator on United Auto’s website
  • Call 1-888-987-8242 for assistance finding a nearby office

When paying in person bring:

  • Policy number
  • Photo ID
  • Payment method – cash, money order or card

Paying at a physical location allows you to get help from a representative if needed. There are no extra fees to pay at a branch versus online or by phone.

Payment Types Accepted

United Auto Insurance offers various payment options for your convenience:

  • Debit or credit card – Visa, Mastercard, Discover
  • Checking account/ACH
  • Electronic check
  • PayPal
  • Money order
  • Cash

Avoiding Lapsed Payments

It’s important to pay your United Auto Insurance bill on time each month. If a payment is missed, your policy may lapse putting your coverage at risk.

A lapsed policy can lead to:

  • Cancelled coverage
  • Difficulty finding new affordable insurance
  • Fees for reinstating a cancelled policy

Avoid headaches by signing up for autopay or keeping track of due dates on your calendar. If money is tight, call United Auto to discuss payment plan options before the due date.

It’s also wise to review your policy limits and deductibles each renewal and adjust if needed. This can help keep payments affordable long term.

Customer Support

If you ever have questions about your United Auto Insurance bill or need help making a payment, customer support is available:

  • By phone at 1-888-987-8242
  • Through online chat at mypolicy.uaig.net
  • In person at a local branch

Their team can explain charges, take payments, update payment methods and more. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Paying your car insurance bill doesn’t have to be a hassle each month. Thanks to United Auto’s flexible online, phone and in-person payment options, you can choose the method that fits your needs.

Sign up for monthly autopay to make bill pay even easier. Just know that whether you prefer paying on your computer, through the mail or in person, United Auto Insurance has you covered.

United Auto Insurance Bill Pay

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How do I pay my United Auto credit bill?

To Pay by Credit Card: You will need your 17-digit United Auto Credit account number and call us at (888) 895-6134 . Make a cash payment using Western Union Quick Collect. Fees may apply.* Find a Location Please Note: United Auto Credit sends all customers a monthly billing statement approximately two weeks prior to their scheduled due date.

Does United Auto offer a monthly payment plan?

United Auto will work with you to create a customized monthly payment plan if you’re on a budget and need insurance. In terms of coverage, United Auto offers standard options, including collision, comprehensive, uninsured/underinsured motorist, liability and medical payments coverage.

Who is United Auto Insurance?

The Official Site of United Auto Insurance. Since 1979, UAI has been saving Chicagoans money with top quality car insurance at the lowest possible price.

Who is covered by the United Automobile Insurance Group privacy policy?

The Privacy Policy of United Automobile Insurance Group covers all companies within the United Automobile Insurance Group family of companies, including: United Automobile Insurance Company, Argus Fire & Casualty Insurance Company, United Premium Finance Company, United Automobile Insurance Services, and 3i Comp, Inc.

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