How To Pay Your Medical Bill With US Acute Care Solutions

Receiving medical care often comes with financial responsibilities in the form of medical bills. If you were recently treated by a US Acute Care Solutions physician you likely received a bill that needs to be paid. This guide covers everything you need to know about paying your US Acute Care Solutions medical bill conveniently online.

Who is US Acute Care Solutions?

US Acute Care Solutions is one of the largest providers of emergency medicine, hospital medicine, and trauma services in the US. Their physicians treat patients in hospitals and emergency departments across the country.

If you were seen by a US Acute Care Solutions doctor during a hospital visit or stay, they will bill you separately from the facility charges. This allows you to pay the physician directly.

Getting Your Medical Bill

After receiving care, US Acute Care Solutions will mail you a paper billing statement to the address they have on file This will show your account balance and payment due date

If you previously signed up for paperless billing, you will receive an email notification when your eBill is ready to view online through their payment portal.

Be sure to open any medical bills promptly to avoid missed notices and ensure on-time payment. US Acute Care Solutions offers several payment options.

Paying Your US Acute Care Solutions Bill Online

The easiest way to pay your US Acute Care Solutions physician bill is through their online payment portal at pay.usacsbillcom To register

  • Go to and select “Create an account”

  • Enter your billing account number, date of birth, and create user credentials

  • Complete the one-time identity verification process

Once registered, you can view bills, make one-time payments, set up payment plans, and manage payment methods. Benefits of paying online include:

  • Secure – Payment portal uses encryption to protect your data.

  • Convenient – Pay anywhere 24/7 with an internet connection.

  • Payment receipts – Download and print receipts for your records.

  • Paperless billing – Reduce clutter and access bills digitally.

  • Payment plans – Set up manageable monthly payments if you can’t pay in full.

Paying online is the quickest way to settle your account balance. Funds can be debited from a bank account, credit or debit card.

Paying by Phone

If you prefer to speak with a representative, you can pay your US Acute Care Solutions bill by phone. Call the toll-free number listed on your billing statement.

When calling, have your account number, date of birth, and payment details ready. Discuss any questions about your bill with the agent. Phone payments immediately post to your account.

However, phone payments usually incur convenience fees. Online payments let you avoid surcharges.

Paying by Mail

To pay by physical check, detach and enclose the payment coupon from your statement along with a check payable to US Acute Care Solutions. Use the remit envelope provided and mail to the payment address.

Remember to include your account number on the check. Allow 7-10 days for mailed payments to process and post to your balance. Pay by mail only if needed as online is faster.

Financial Assistance Options

If you are uninsured or underinsured and unable to afford your US Acute Care Solutions bill, you may qualify for financial assistance:

  • Payment plans – Set up monthly payments to divide your balance into smaller amounts.

  • Discounts – They offer sliding scale discounts based on your income and family size.

  • Charity care – If under 200% of the federal poverty level, your bill may be waived.

Start by completing their financial assistance application available online or by calling. Provide income verification and other required documents for review.

Avoiding Late Fees

US Acute Care Solutions bills are due within 30 days of the statement date. Late payments incur the following fees:

  • 1.5% per month (18% APR) on unpaid balances

  • $10 late fee per month

Stay organized, open statements promptly, and pay on time to avoid penalties. Use autopay or payment reminders as needed.

If facing financial hardship, call them as soon as possible to make arrangements and stop late fees from accumulating. Communicate about your situation.

Getting Help with Your Medical Bill

Don’t hesitate to contact US Acute Care Solutions directly if you have any bill-related issues:

  • Questions about charges or your account

  • Need a paper copy of your bill re-sent

  • Want to set up recurring payments

  • Didn’t receive a statement and need your balance

  • Having trouble making a payment

Reach their customer service team Monday-Friday during business hours for assistance. Be proactive and let them know if you expect delays in payment. Overall, paying your US Acute Care Solutions medical bill online is simple, fast, and secures your good financial standing. Monitor statements closely and pay on time.

Us Acute Care Solutions Bill Pay

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What does US acute care solutions do?

At US Acute Care Solutions, it is our mission to care for patients, and we will do that from the time you step foot in the hospital to the time you pay your bill. We consider it a privilege to care for you in the hospital, and we will answer any questions you have about your bill.

What is US acute care solutions (USACS)?

US Acute Care Solutions (USACS) fulfills record requests electronically via ChartSwap is a HIPAA compliant platform launched to facilitate electronic medical and billing record exchange between medical providers and law firms, and other requesting parties.

How do I Contact Us acute care solutions?

Fill in form and click on the red “submit” button. Patient Billing: (855) 687-0618 All Other Inquiries: (800) 828-0898 US Acute Care Solutions provides acute care to health care systems across the U.S. We’re physician owned and outcome oriented. We seek the best talent to staff clinical teams delivering hospital management solutions.

Is US Acute Care Solutions a scam?

All the people saying US Acute Care Solutions is a legit company very likely are in on this probably billion dollar scam. It is a scam. If they do not announce the affiliation up front and you cannot find the company name in any of your paperwork (the case with me) then you legally and contractually owe them nothing.

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