A Simplified Guide to Paying Your Valley Anesthesiology Consultants Bill Online

Managing medical bills can be complicated and time-consuming Thankfully, Valley Anesthesiology Consultants offers easy online and phone options to view and pay your anesthesiology bills This guide will walk through the flexible payment methods to help you conveniently pay your provider bill.

Online Bill Pay Overview

The quickest and most convenient way to manage your Valley Anesthesiology Consultants bill is through the online patient portal

To access the portal, visit Pay.AnesthesiaBillPay.com. This secure website allows you to:

  • View current account balance
  • See itemized charges
  • Check claim status
  • Make one-time payments
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Go paperless

Online payments are fast, safe and reduce clutter from mailed paper statements. Read on for step-by-step instructions to pay online.

How to Pay Your Bill Online

Follow these simple steps to pay your Valley Anesthesiology Consultants bill online:

Step 1: Locate Your 12-Digit Bill ID

  • Your Bill ID is printed at the top right of your paper statement.

  • This serves as your account number to log in online.

Step 2: Enter Bill ID at Pay.AnesthesiaBillPay.com

  • Go to Pay.AnesthesiaBillPay.com

  • Enter your 12-digit Bill ID when prompted.

Step 3: Enter Date of Birth

  • Input your date of birth when requested for identification.

  • Use MM/DD/YYYY format.

Step 4: Review Your Bill Details

  • Your current account balance, charges and claims will display.

  • Verify details are correct before making payment.

Step 5: Make One-Time Payment

  • Choose “Pay Now” and enter payment amount.

  • Enter credit card or bank account information.

  • Review details and submit payment.

That’s it! The bill portal allows you to easily view and pay your Valley Anesthesiology Consultants charges online 24/7.

Pay by Phone

If you prefer to speak with someone directly, you can also pay your Valley Anesthesiology Consultants bill conveniently over the phone.

To pay by phone:

  • Call 1-877-761-9046

  • Speak to a patient services agent

  • Verify your identity and bill details

  • Make a one-time payment via credit card, debit card or bank account

  • Set up recurring automated payments if desired

Phone payments are applied same day for fast processing. Talk to a live agent if you need to discuss bill questions or payment plan options.

Paper Bill Payment Methods

If you receive a paper statement in the mail, you have additional options to return payment:

  • By mail – Use the remittance slip and return envelope provided. Allow 7-10 days for delivery.

  • In person – Visit the biller office address printed on your statement.

Mailed and walk-in payments should include the top portion of your statement. Always keep payment receipts. Note mailed payments require longer processing times versus online or phone payments.

Payment Plan and Financial Assistance

If you are unable to pay your full balance, call the billing office right away to set up a reasonable payment plan and avoid further collection actions.

You may also inquire about financial assistance programs you qualify for to help cover anesthesiology costs based on your financial situation.

Manage Payments Easily Online

Paying your Valley Anesthesiology Consultants bill online is the best way to easily view and pay your charges anytime. The 24/7 bill portal allows you to go paperless, make one-time payments, set up autopay, check insurance claims and more to conveniently manage your account. Sign up today for simplified bill management!

Valley Anesthesiology Consultants Bill Pay

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How does anesthesia billing work?

Anesthesia services are typically billed based on the amount of time the anesthesia provider spends with the patient. An ATU includes the time from the start of anesthesia administration to the end of the procedure, including the time spent in the recovery room.

Why are the p modifiers important using anesthesia codes?

Physical status modifiers help explain a patient’s health condition to insurers and better document the work an anesthesia provider does.

Who accredits Valley Anesthesiology Consultants?

Valley is the only office-based anesthesia provider in Arizona accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). More information about Valley’s services is available on our Services page. The physicians of Valley Anesthesiology Consultants are privileged to assist in your care.

How do I log in to anesthesia BillPay?

If you’ve received a paper bill, you can quickly log in by using the 12-digit Bill ID found at the top of your bill. Healthcare billing is complicated. Your healthcare provider uses Anesthesia BillPay to uncomplicate the process for you. Patients often find themselves with many different bills for a single surgery or procedure.

How many Valley Anesthesiology Consultants members are there?

In Phoenix Arizona, Valley Anesthesiology Consultants Inc has 325 members working at 11 different practice locations.

Who is Valley anesthesia?

Since 2009, Valley has been providing office-based anesthesia services to medical and dental offices throughout greater Phoenix. Valley is the only office-based anesthesia provider in Arizona accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). More information about Valley’s services is available on our Services page.

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