How to Pay Your Washington St Tammany Electric Bill Online & In-Person

Paying your monthly electric bill to Washington St Tammany Electric Cooperative (WSTE) is easy and convenient with several options available. As a WSTE customer myself for over 5 years I’ve tried all the different payment methods and want to share my experiences to help other customers.

Overview of WSTE

First, some background. WSTE is an electric cooperative serving parts of Washington, St. Tammany and Tangipahoa Parishes and Marion County, Mississippi. They are a not-for-profit co-op owned by the customers they serve. WSTE offers residential and commercial electric service to over 20,000 homes and businesses.

I first signed up for WSTE service when I bought my house here The service technicians who came out were very friendly and knowledgeable They explained the cooperative business model and said the goal is providing reliable service at the lowest cost.

So far I’ve been very satisfied with WSTE’s customer service and electric rates. Outages are rare but when they happen crews work quickly to restore power. Overall, WSTE has exceeded my expectations as a utility provider.

WSTE Bill Payment Options

Now, let’s discuss the various ways WSTE lets us pay our electric bills each month. Customers have several choices so you can pick the most convenient method for you.

Pay Online

The easiest way I’ve found to pay my WSTE bill is through the online SmartHub portal. You can access it from the WSTE website or download the SmartHub app. All you need is your WSTE account number from a recent bill.

SmartHub allows you to view your monthly electric usage, see previous statements, make payments and more. I like to log in and check my up-to-the-minute usage to monitor costs.

To pay online, you can use a bank account for e-check payments without any fees. Debit and credit cards are also accepted but the company charges a convenience fee of $2.50 per transaction.

Online payments via SmartHub are fast, secure and credited to your account immediately. I definitely recommend it as the quickest way to pay.

Pay By Phone

If you prefer to talk to a real person, WSTE offers a pay-by-phone option. Just call 985-839-3562 and select option 1 for billing.

You can make a payment over the phone using your checking account or a credit/debit card. The same $2.50 card fee applies. The customer service reps are always friendly and professional when I call to pay my bill.

The only downside is limited hours for phone payments. They are open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. So this method isn’t quite as convenient as paying online 24/7.

Pay by Mail

Sending your payment by mail is easy too. WSTE includes a payment stub and return envelope with each monthly bill. Just enclose your check or money order and pop it in the mail. No postage is needed.

The mailing address is:

Washington St Tammany Electric
PO Box 746
Franklinton, LA 70438

Of course, allow 5-7 business days for your mailed payment to reach WSTE and be processed. I only use this option when I’m doing a last-minute payment and don’t have time for other methods.

Pay in Person

For those who want that personal touch, you can pay your WSTE bill in person at one of their office locations. They have four across the service area:

  • Abita Springs – 21504 Mire Dr
  • Folsom – 13526 Hwy 40
  • Franklinton – 950 Pearl St
  • Slidell – 2081 E Gause Blvd

Each office is open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm for payments by cash, check or money order. I will sometimes stop by the Slidell office which is closest to me to pay in person and chat with the staff.

Bank Draft

One more option is setting up a monthly bank draft, also known as auto-pay. With bank draft, WSTE will automatically withdraw your bill payment from your checking or savings account each month.

You still receive a bill so you can review the charges. But on the due date, the payment amount is debited from your bank account.

This ensures your bill is paid on time without remembering to do it manually. Just be sure you have sufficient funds in your account when the draft occurs.

I tried bank draft briefly but prefer to actively manage payments myself online. But it can be a real time-saver if you don’t want to deal with paying every month.

Tips for Hassle-Free Bill Payment

After trying all of WSTE’s payment methods over the years, I’ve picked up some tips for quick, easy bill payment:

  • Sign up for paperless billing – Receive and view your bill electronically rather than by mail.

  • Note due dates – Avoid late fees by paying a few days early. Due dates vary each month.

  • Check account balances – Ensure enough funds to cover your payment and any bank drafts.

  • Review charges – Scan each bill for accuracy before paying. Report any discrepancies.

  • Pay consistently – Set a routine for bill payment to stay organized. I pay online each month as soon as I get my bill.

  • Store payment info – Save your payment details in SmartHub to simplify the process each time.

Following these tips will help you stay on top of your electric bill and build a good payment history with WSTE.

Budget Billing Can Help Stabilize Costs

If you want to avoid fluctuating electric bills that are higher in summer and winter, WSTE offers a Budget Billing plan. This allows residential customers to pay a “rolling average” each month based on history rather than actual usage.

Budget Billing prevents wide swings in your monthly amount. Your account is later reconciled or “trued up” at the end of the year. Any credits or remaining balance can be applied accordingly.

To qualify, you must have at least 12 months of usage history and a clean account with WSTE. Contact customer service if interested in learning more about Budget Billing.

Manage Your WSTE Account Effortlessly

As you can see, Washington St Tammany Electric makes it really simple to stay on top of your account and pay your bill promptly each month. With such convenient online, phone, mail and in-person options, there’s no excuse for late payments!

I recommend that all WSTE customers sign up for SmartHub access to monitor usage and pay online. And be sure to follow my tips above for hassle-free bill payment.

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