Paying Your Medical Bills at Westchester Medical Center Just Got Easier

Medical bills can be confusing and stressful to deal with. But paying your Westchester Medical Center bill just got a whole lot easier with their new online bill pay system. As someone who recently had a procedure done at Westchester Medical Center, I want to share my experience using their bill pay platform to hopefully help others navigate the process.

An Overview of Westchester Medical Center

For those unfamiliar, Westchester Medical Center is a large academic medical center and the flagship hospital of WMCHealth located in Valhalla, New York. With over 1500 beds Westchester Medical Center serves as the primary clinical site for New York Medical College. It offers highly advanced specialty care across all fields of medicine.

Westchester Medical Center has many specialty centers, such as ones for transplants, cancer care, neurology and neurosurgery, cardiology and heart surgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, and a lot more. People from all over the world come to see their highly trained doctors and medical teams.

My Experience Getting a Bill from Westchester Medical Center

Recently, I had an outpatient procedure done at Westchester Medical Center. The procedure itself went smoothly, and I was so impressed by the skill and bedside manner of my doctor.

A few weeks later, I received a bill in the mail from Westchester Medical Center detailing the charges for my procedure and hospital stay. The total amount due was several hundred dollars which was roughly what I expected.

Still, seeing that dollar amount in black and white felt intimidating. I started wondering how I could pay this bill in a way that worked with my budget.

Paying Your Westchester Medical Center Bill Online

This is when I learned about Westchester Medical Center’s online bill pay system. Instead of mailing a paper check or calling the billing department to make a payment, I could easily pay my bill electronically through their website.

Before you use the online bill payment system at Westchester Medical Center, here are some important things you should know:

  • Secure Access – You can securely log in to view and pay bills from any device.

  • Multiple Facilities – In addition to Westchester Medical Center, you can pay bills for their other hospitals and medical groups including Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, MidHudson Regional Hospital, and Bon Secours Medical Group.

  • Payment History – Your account stores payment history over time so you can refer back to your transactions.

  • Payment Options – Make quick one-time payments or set up recurring payments from a bank account or credit card.

  • Account Management – Update your billing address, view statements, and manage payment plans if needed.

  • 24/7 Access – Their bill pay website is available at any time of day or night for your convenience.

How I Paid My Westchester Medical Center Bill Online

Ready to give their online bill payment system a try for my recent procedure charges, I followed these simple steps:

  1. Went to the Westchester Medical Center bill pay website at I could also use

  2. Clicked on the “Access Bill Pay” button and entered my account login credentials. First-time users can create an account.

  3. Located my outstanding balance for my recent outpatient procedure. I could view billing details like date of service, charges, and adjustments.

  4. Selected the “Pay Now” button for the full balance due. This opened the payment window.

  5. Chose to pay by debit card, entering my card details and confirming the payment amount.

  6. Received a confirmation page and email receipt indicating my payment was processed successfully!

The whole process took less than 5 minutes and was incredibly seamless. I appreciated how quick and easy Westchester Medical Center made it to pay my bill electronically.

Key Advantages of Paying Your Bill Online

Beyond the convenience factor, here are some other great reasons to use Westchester Medical Center’s online bill payment system:

  • Avoid Late Fees – Paying online means never missing the due date for a payment. Set up autopay to have payments processed automatically each month.

  • Track Payments – Your account stores details on paid and pending transactions so you can clearly see your payment history.

  • Secure Process – An online payment through their portal is more secure than mailing paper checks.

  • Save Time – No need to call billing or mail payments. Payments credit to your account almost instantly.

  • Flexible Options – Make one-time payments or recurring autopayments according to your budget needs.

Tips for Managing Medical Bills from Westchester Medical Center

I definitely recommend using Westchester Medical Center’s online bill pay system for convenience and ease. But in case you are struggling to pay a larger medical bill, here are some tips that may help:

  • Contact billing to discuss extended payment plan options. Many hospitals offer interest-free plans.

  • Apply for financial assistance or charity care if you qualify based on income. Westchester Medical Center has resources to aid patients.

  • Negotiate your bill and ask about discounts for paying the full amount upfront.

  • See if the charges can be reduced by having your insurer reprocess the claim.

  • Use financing tools like personal loans or 0% interest credit cards to pay off big bills over time.

  • Request an itemized statement to understand all charges and ensure billing accuracy.

The billing specialists at Westchester Medical Center can also help advise on the best options for your financial situation. The most important thing is to not avoid the bill – communicate with them early about how to resolve it.

Westchester Medical Center Offers Top Care and Billing Support

In today’s complex healthcare system, medical bills and finances can cause frustration. But Westchester Medical Center aims to make the payment process as seamless as possible through their user-friendly online bill pay system.

I’m grateful I could easily pay my recent procedure bill electronically in just minutes. Westchester Medical Center offers not only top-quality care from expert physicians, but also compassionate billing guidance and support. Their upfront cost estimates, payment plan options, and secure online platform shows how they prioritize both clinical excellence and an outstanding patient financial experience.

Westchester Medical Center Bill Pay

Pay your medical bills online easily and securely If you’ve received a paper bill, you can quickly log in by using the 12-digit

Westchester Medical Center Bill Pay

Only at Westchester Medical Center


What is the phone number for Westchester Medical Center billing department?

For Westchester Medical Center and Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital please contact our Patient Accounts Department at 914.493. 2089 between 9 am and 4 pm to assist you with any questions.

What is the phone number for Westchester Medical Center patient relations?

To contact the Patient Experience team regarding inpatient services please call 914.493. 8877. Westchester Medical Center: To contact the Patient Experience team regarding Advanced Physician Services outpatient services (APS) please call 914.655. 2273.

Is Westchester Medical Center an academic medical center?

The flagship of the Westchester Medical Center Health Network (WMCHealth), Westchester Medical Center is a 415-bed academic hospital, one of three hospitals located on the Network’s Westchester County, NY campus.

Who is the head of Westchester Medical Center?

Organization. Westchester County Health Care Corporation is guided by an 18-member board of directors, many of whom are appointed by the New York State Governor. Its management team is headed by president and CEO Michael Israel, who is also on the board and reports to the board.

Does Westchester Medical Center Health Network offer online payment?

Save time, pay online! Westchester Medical Center Health Network has enhanced our patient online payment experience so you can easily see your accounts, make a payment and more. Digital ways to pay based on your preference —go paperless! To make an online payment, you need your guarantor/visit number and the patient’s date of birth.

Does Westchester Medical Center provide financial assistance?

Yes, Westchester Medical Center provides financial assistance for patients with limited income and no health insurance.Everyone in New York State who needs medically necessary services can receive care

How do I contact MidHudson Medical Center & Westchester Medical Center?

For Westchester Medical Center and Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital please contact our Patient Accounts Department at 914.493.2089 between 9 am and 4 pm to assist you with any questions. For MidHudson Regional please contact Patient Financial Services at 845.431.8134 between 9 am and 4 pm.

Who is eligible for a Westchester Medical Center discount?

Although Westchester Medical Center’s primary service area is defined as the five counties of Westchester, Putnam, Orange, Rockland and Bronx, everyone in New York State who receives medically necessary services may be eligible for a discount if they meet certain income limits.

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