A Complete Guide to Paying Your Wheaton Sanitary District Bill Online

If you live in the Wheaton Sanitary District service area, you receive a monthly bill for your wastewater treatment and sewer maintenance. Paying this bill on time and in full is important to avoid any late fees or service disruption. The Wheaton Sanitary District offers several convenient payment options to fit your needs.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll explain everything you need to know about receiving, reading, and paying your Wheaton Sanitary District bill online or through other methods.

Understanding Your Wheaton Sanitary District Bill

The Wheaton Sanitary District provides wastewater treatment and sanitary sewer maintenance for much of the Wheaton area Your monthly bill covers the cost of treating the wastewater from your home and maintaining the sewer lines

The amount you pay each month is based on your water usage, since this provides an estimate of how much wastewater you generate The District gets your water meter readings each month from your local utility provider like the City of Wheaton, Village of Carol Stream, or Illinois American Water.

Your Wheaton Sanitary District bill has a simple format

  • Service address: The property receiving service. Check it’s correct.

  • Account number: Your unique account number. Have this handy when paying or inquiring.

  • Billing period: The service dates for the charges on that bill.

  • Usage: Your water usage for the period in gallons or cubic feet, depending on your water utility.

  • Billable usage: Usage converted to a billing amount based on rates.

  • Current charges: The wastewater treatment, sewer maintenance, and other fees owed.

  • Account balance: Any past due balance or credits on your account.

  • Amount due: Total payment due for that month.

  • Due date: Date your payment must be received by to avoid late fees.

Review your bill carefully each month to ensure all the details are correct before paying.

Payment Options for Wheaton Sanitary District Bills

The Wheaton Sanitary District offers several payment options to fit every preference:

  • Online via GreenPay: Pay by credit/debit card or electronic check at www.green-pay.us. You can also set up autopay.

  • By phone: Call 630-668-1515 to pay by credit/debit card for a $5 fee.

  • By mail: Send check or money order to PO Box 4490, Carol Stream, IL 60197.

  • In person: Stop by the District office at 1S649 Shaffner Rd, Wheaton.

  • Your bank’s bill pay: Use your bank’s online bill pay to send an electronic check.

Whichever method you choose, be sure your payment arrives by the due date to avoid late fees. Allow 5-7 days for mailed payments.

Paying Your Wheaton Sanitary District Bill Online

Paying online at www.green-pay.us is the quickest, easiest way to pay your Wheaton Sanitary District bill. Here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to www.green-pay.us.

  2. Click “Login” then “Make a Payment”.

  3. Enter your account number exactly as shown on your bill.

  4. Select Wheaton Sanitary District as the municipality.

  5. Choose whether to pay the total amount due or a custom amount.

  6. Enter your payment information and submit.

Once you complete the payment, you’ll receive a confirmation number and email receipt for your records. Log in anytime to view your payment history.

Setting Up Autopay for Wheaton Sanitary District Bills

For hassle-free payments each month, sign up for auto-pay through GreenPay. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log into your GreenPay account at www.green-pay.us.

  2. Go to My Profile > Automatic Payments.

  3. Enter your payment method and preference to pay statement balance or minimum due.

  4. Review and submit the request.

Allow 1-2 billing cycles for auto-pay to take effect. You’ll see “Auto Paid” on bills once activated.

With auto-pay, you’ll never miss a payment deadline! GreenPay will withdraw the funds automatically each month on your due date.

What to Do if You Miss a Payment

If you forget to pay your Wheaton Sanitary District bill, you may face some costly consequences:

  • A 1.5% late fee on the unpaid balance.

  • If still unpaid after 10 days, a Notice of Termination adding a $50 fee.

  • If still unpaid after another 20 days, a $60 Default Fee.

  • Finally, water shutoff or sewer disconnection.

To restore service after water shutoff or sewer disconnection, you must pay the full past due amount immediately by cash, money order, or cashier’s check in the District office.

Avoid these extra charges and inconveniences by paying your bill in full and on time every month! Set payment reminders and use auto-pay to stay on track.

Getting Billing Help from Wheaton Sanitary District

If you have any questions or issues regarding your Wheaton Sanitary District bill or payments, reach out to them for assistance:

  • Call 630-668-1515 during business hours
  • Email inquiries from their website contact page
  • Stop by the office at 1S649 Shaffner Rd, Wheaton

Their customer service team can help explain your charges, set up payment plans for outstanding balances, adjust faulty meter readings, or troubleshoot any billing issues.

Paying Your Wheaton Sanitary District Bill Has Never Been Easier

With convenient payment choices like GreenPay and auto-pay, you can now handle your billing seamlessly in just minutes each month. No more writing checks or wasting time in long lines. Take control of your payments and avoid late fees to keep your wastewater services running smoothly.

Wheaton Sanitary District Bill Pay

How It All Works Ever wonder what happens to the water you use in your home?  Wheaton Sanitary shows you how your wastewater is filtered, the lab process, and what is done with the digested sludge.

NACWA Platinum Award Winning Plant- Five years of complete and consistent National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit compliance.

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What services are offered by Wheaton sanitary district?

Wheaton Sanitary District treats wastewater and maintains some of the sanitary sewer lines. Your monthly wastewater charges are based on water billings, which serve as an indication of sanitary sewer usage. Wheaton Sanitary District only bills for wastewater you discharge down the drain.

What is the phone number for Wheaton water bill?

Options for Paying Your City Water / Sewer Bill If you have any questions, please contact Water Billing at 630-260-2000.

How do I pay my sewer bill in NJ?

You can pay your bill Online , in person, to pay by phone: 1-888-877-0450 or by mail.

Does Wheaton sanitary district have online bill payment?

The district deployed online bill payment based on customer feedback. Wheaton Sanitary District — which treats wastewater for roughly 62,000 constituents in a 9,000-acre area of Illinois — implemented two major features to its website based on constituent data: online bill payment and information about sewer backup emergencies.

What is Wheaton online bill pay?

Wheaton Online Bill Pay offers Wheaton residents the option to pay water and/or sewer bills online. Through this service, you can: Learn more about Wheaton Online Bill Pay, pay your bill, or sign up for AUTO PAY. Wheaton Online Bill Pay offers Wheaton residents the option to pay water and/or sewer bills online.

Where can I pay my garbage bill in Wheaton?

You can pay your bill at the Finance Department, 303 West Wesley Street, or drop off payments by check in the blue mailbox west of City Hall (enter through the driveway on Wesley Street just west of City Hall). LRS is the provider for garbage, yard waste and recycling services in Wheaton.

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