How and Where to Easily Pay Your Sprint Phone Bill

As a Sprint customer, you’ve got several convenient options when it comes time to pay your monthly phone bill. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk through the various ways and places you can pay your Sprint wireless bill.

Whether you prefer paying online, in person, on your phone, or even automatically, Sprint has a payment method that will work for you. Read on to learn about all the ways to pay your Sprint bill quickly and easily each month.

Paying Your Sprint Bill Online

Paying online is one of the most popular options for Sprint customers. It’s fast easy, and can be done from anywhere at any time. Here’s how to pay your Sprint bill online

Set Up Your Sprint Account Online

First you’ll need to have an online account set up with Sprint. To do this

  • Go to and click “Sign In”
  • Choose “Create profile” if you don’t have an account
  • Enter your Sprint account number or phone number
  • Create a username and password

Once your account is created you can login anytime to view and pay your bill.

Navigate to the Payment Page

After logging into your Sprint account, choose “Pay bill” from the menu. This will take you to the payment page.

Or you can go directly to

Enter Payment Details

On the payment page, enter the amount due for your current bill. You can click “View bill” to see the total if you don’t know it.

Next, choose your payment method – you can pay with a credit/debit card, checking account, or other payment options you’ve saved to your Sprint account.

Finally, submit the payment to complete the process. It’s that quick and simple to pay your Sprint bill online!

Paying by Phone

In addition to the Sprint website, you can also pay your bill over the phone in just a few minutes:

Call Sprint Customer Service

To make a payment by phone, contact Sprint customer service at:

  • 1-888-211-4727

Let the agent know you want to make a bill payment over the phone. Have your Sprint account information ready.

Provide Payment Information

The customer service agent will ask for your account number and the amount you owe for your current bill. Tell them how much you want to pay.

You’ll also need to provide a credit/debit card number or other payment details. The agent will take this information and process your payment.

And that’s all there is to it! Paying your Sprint bill by phone is super quick and easy.

Paying at a Sprint Store

If you prefer paying your bill in person, you can stop by a Sprint store and make a payment right at the register.

Find a Nearby Sprint Store

Start by locating your closest Sprint store. You can search on or use the store locator app.

Many malls and shopping centers will have a Sprint store onsite for convenience.

Make Your Payment

When you get to the Sprint store, let an employee know you’re there to make a bill payment.

Provide them with your Sprint account number and the amount you need to pay. You’ll then complete the transaction at the register.

Sprint accepts credit/debit cards, cash, and money orders in stores. Keep your receipt as proof of payment.

Paying with the Sprint Mobile App

One of the easiest ways to pay is using the My Sprint app on your mobile device. Just download the app and you can pay in seconds whenever and wherever.

Download the My Sprint App

Available for both iPhone and Android, you can find the My Sprint app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

The app is free to download and use for Sprint customers.

Login and Make a Payment

Open the app and login with your Sprint username and password. From the main menu, choose “Make a payment”.

Enter the amount due and submit. The app will walk you through selecting a payment method and completing the process.

Paying through the app is incredibly fast and convenient, especially when you’re on the go.

Paying at Authorized Payment Locations

In addition to Sprint stores, there are thousands of other authorized retail locations accepting Sprint bill payments in person.

Find an Authorized Dealer

Places like Walmart, Best Buy, and Dollar General allow you to pay your Sprint bill in-store for added convenience.

Visit and search for “payment locations” to find nearby options.

Pay Your Bill

At the authorized payment location, let the cashier know you need to make a Sprint bill payment.

Provide your Sprint account number and payment amount. Complete the transaction at the register by cash, card, or money order. Don’t forget to get a receipt.

This gives you many more options for paying in person near your home or work.

Paying by Mail

While not as fast as other options, you can mail a check or money order to pay your Sprint bill.

Get a Payment Coupon

Your Sprint bill includes a payment coupon that you’ll need to mail in. Detach this from your bill.

If you don’t have the coupon, write your Sprint account number clearly on the check or money order.

Mail the Payment

Place your check or money order in an envelope with the payment coupon. Make sure your Sprint account information is written clearly.

Mail your payment at least 5-7 days before the due date to ensure it arrives on time. Send to the address on your bill.

Paying by mail is reliable but takes more time. I recommend paying online or in-person when possible.

Setting Up Auto Pay

For ultimate convenience, enroll in Sprint AutoPay to have your monthly bill paid automatically.

Login to Your Sprint Account

First, login to your account on or using the My Sprint app.

From the menu, choose “Manage AutoPay” to get started.

Enter Your Payment Information

Select the payment method you want to use for AutoPay – you can choose a credit card, bank account, or other option.

Enter the account details for recurring payments. Double check that everything is correct.

Confirm Your Enrollment

Review the AutoPay terms and click “Agree”. This will complete your enrollment in paperless automated payments.

Your bill will now be paid on its due date each month directly through your selected payment method. Easy!

Avoiding Late Fees and Disconnection

With so many ways to pay your Sprint phone bill conveniently, there’s no reason to incur late fees or get your service shut off for non-payment.

As long as you pay by the due date every month using one of the options above, you can keep your account in good standing and continue enjoying Sprint’s nationwide coverage and fast data speeds without any hassles!

Some things that can help avoid issues:

  • Set payment reminders on your calendar so your bill doesn’t sneak up on you
  • Enroll in AutoPay or paperless billing to ensure on-time payment
  • Know your bill due date and pay at least few days before
  • Contact Sprint immediately if you anticipate a late payment so you can make arrangements
  • Pay a partial payment on time if you can’t pay the full balance that month

Stay on top of your account, and paying your Sprint phone bill will be quick, easy, and painless every month!

Paying Your Sprint Bill Has Never Been Easier

Sprint offers customers numerous convenient ways to pay monthly bills – online, phone, app, in stores, by mail, and more. Whether you like handling it yourself or want automated payments, Sprint has you covered.

Paying on time each month is critical to avoiding late fees, service interruptions, and other issues. As long as you pay by the due date using Sprint’s various payment options, you can keep your account in good standing.

So choose the payment method that works best for your needs. Pay on time every month. And continue enjoying great coverage and fast data speeds with Sprint’s reliable nationwide wireless service.

Where Can I Pay My Sprint Phone Bill

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How do I pay my sprint Bill?

You can also pay your Sprint bill by calling their customer service number and following the prompts using the automated system. You will need to provide your account information and payment details to complete the transaction.

How long does it take to pay a Sprint phone bill?

Phone payments process in 15 minutes . To pay your Sprint bill by mail, send your payment with a copy of your phone bill to the company. If you’ve received an envelope with a paper bill, you can simply pop your payment in that envelope to send it off.

Can I pay my sprint bill online without signing into an account?

Sprint actually offers an option called the “express payment” that allows you to pay your bill online without signing into an account. This might be a good option if you can’t remember your password when you’re crunched for time because your bill is due today.

How does autopay with Sprint bill pay work?

If you enroll in AutoPay with Sprint Bill Pay, you’ll get $5/month off your bill! Enjoy the $5/month savings! When you select the “Usage” icon on the bottom ribbon of your app dashboard, you will get a complete snapshot of your data, talk, text, and hotspot usage.

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