Where Will the Third Stimulus Check Be Deposited?

The third round of Economic Impact Payments, authorized by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, is being distributed to eligible individuals and families. The IRS is using data already in its systems to send the payments, and the method of payment will depend on the taxpayer’s preferred method on file.

Direct Deposit

Taxpayers who have provided the IRS with their direct deposit information will receive the third stimulus payment directly into their bank accounts. This is the fastest and most convenient way to receive the payment.

Paper Check

Taxpayers who do not have direct deposit information on file with the IRS will receive the third stimulus payment as a paper check. The check will be mailed to the taxpayer’s last known address.

EIP Card

Some taxpayers may receive the third stimulus payment in the form of an EIP Card, which is a prepaid debit card issued by MetaBank®, N.A. The EIP Card will be mailed to the taxpayer’s last known address.

How to Check the Status of Your Payment

Taxpayers can check the status of their third stimulus payment using the Get My Payment tool on the IRS website. The tool will provide information on the amount of the payment, the method of payment, and the expected delivery date.

What to Do if You Haven’t Received Your Payment

If you have not received your third stimulus payment by the expected delivery date, you should contact the IRS. You can reach the IRS by phone at 1-800-919-9835 or by mail at the following address:

Internal Revenue Service
P.O. Box 44030
Lawrence, MA 01844

Additional Information

  • The third stimulus payment is up to $1,400 for individuals and $2,800 for married couples.
  • The payments are being phased out for individuals with AGIs above $75,000 and married couples with AGIs above $150,000.
  • Most eligible people will receive the third stimulus payment automatically.
  • Taxpayers who have not received a payment or who received less than the full amount may be eligible for the 2020 Recovery Rebate Credit.

For more information on the third stimulus payment, please visit the IRS website.

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How can I check where my third stimulus check is?

Your Online Account: Securely access your individual IRS account online to view the total of your first, second and third Economic Impact Payment amounts under the “Economic Impact Payment Information” section on the Tax Records page. IRS EIP notices: We mailed these notices to the address we have on file.

What date will the 3rd stimulus check be direct deposited?

When will the IRS send my stimulus payment? According to this recent press release from the IRS, the third batch of Economic Impact Payments was disbursed on April 1, 2021, and by law they had until December 31, 2021 to issue all of the Third Economic Impact Payments.

What if I never got my third stimulus check?

Individuals who didn’t receive a third-round payment should contact the IRS as soon as possible to see if a payment trace is needed. It may be needed if their IRS Online Account shows a payment they didn’t receive or they received a notice or letter indicating they were issued a payment.

Will the new stimulus checks be direct deposited?

The third stimulus payments are being rolled out in tranches, or groups, by direct deposit and through the mail as a check or debit card. The vast majority of all economic impact payments (EIPs) will be issued by direct deposit, the IRS says, and it will continue to send batches of EIPs every week.

Can a third stimulus check be a recurring payment?

Answer: As with the first two round of checks, the legislation authorizing the third round of payments only calls for one payment. This is not a “recurring” payment situation. However, some people will receive a supplemental payment if their 2020 tax return is filed and/or processed after the IRS sends them their regular third stimulus check.

When will my 3rd stimulus check arrive?

Answer: Millions of Americans have already received their third stimulus check. And the IRS will be sending out more over the next several weeks. So, if you haven’t received your payment yet ( assuming you’re eligible for a payment ), it should arrive relatively soon. How long it will take to send all payments is not known yet.

How do I get a third stimulus check?

The third stimulus check will either be deposited into your bank account or mailed to you. How you get the payment depends on what information the IRS has on file. The IRS will send prepaid debit cards to some people in lieu of paper checks. Get the latest tips you need to manage your money — delivered to you biweekly.

Did you get a stimulus check through direct deposit?

You received a partial payment through direct deposit based on your 2019 taxes and need to file an adjustment later. Your payment was garnished by private debt collectors. I already got my third stimulus check through direct deposit. Why do I need to keep the IRS letter? The IRS sends a letter — notice 1444 — to every stimulus check recipient.

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