Who Does GEICO Write Homeowners Insurance Through?

When you get a homeowners insurance quote from GEICO, you may wonder who actually underwrites and provides the policy. GEICO itself does not directly issue homeowners policies. Instead, the GEICO Insurance Agency partners with over a dozen highly-rated insurers to offer homeowners coverage.

Below we’ll look at key details on how GEICO’s homeowners insurance works and the major insurance companies that GEICO writes homeowners policies through:

Overview of GEICO’s Homeowners Insurance

  • GEICO works with non-affiliated insurance companies to provide homeowners policies.

  • The GEICO Insurance Agency acts as the licensed agent selling and servicing policies on behalf of partner insurers.

  • GEICO shops rates from its partner carriers to find customers the best deal.

  • The insurance company, not GEICO, underwrites each policy and provides the coverage.

  • GEICO’s reliable network of partner insurers includes many A-rated carriers.

  • Customers get the convenience of GEICO’s quoting and customer service along with the backing of established insurers.

While GEICO finds you coverage, the insurer backing each policy issues, underwrites, and pays claims. This gives customers the best of both worlds – GEICO’s renowned service combined with experienced insurance company partners.

Major Insurance Companies GEICO Writes Homeowners Through

GEICO provides homeowners quotes from over a dozen highly-rated insurance carriers. Here are some of the primary companies that issue the homeowners policies GEICO sells:

Liberty Mutual

  • Liberty Mutual offers homeowners insurance in all 50 states.

  • It is the 3rd largest property and casualty insurer in the U.S.

  • Liberty Mutual has an A rating for financial strength from A.M. Best.


  • Safeco is part of the Liberty Mutual group of insurance companies.

  • It writes homeowners insurance in 28 states.

  • Safeco has an A rating from A.M. Best and over 50 years of experience.


  • The Travelers Companies offers homeowners insurance nationwide.

  • It is one of the largest insurers in the U.S. and has an A++ A.M. Best rating.

  • Travelers insures over 5 million homes across the country.


  • Chubb provides homeowners coverage coast-to-coast.

  • It has over 150 years of experience insuring high-value homes.

  • Chubb earns Superior financial strength ratings from A.M. Best and Moody’s.


  • Allstate’s affiliates offer homeowners insurance in most states.

  • Allstate insures over 3 million households in the U.S.

  • Allstate has an A+ (“Superior”) rating from A.M. Best.

National General

  • National General offers homeowners policies nationwide.

  • It provides coverage options for all types of homes.

  • National General holds an A rating from insurance rating agencies.

In addition to these major carriers, GEICO can match customers with reputable regional insurers like Florida Peninsula in Florida or Narragansett Bay Insurance in Rhode Island.

GEICO shops its network of partners when you request a homeowners quote to get you the best rates and service. The GEICO Insurance Agency handles sales, service, and claims assistance while the insurance company issued the policy and provides the coverage.

What Details Do Insurers Review to Quote and Underwrite Homeowners Policies?

When you request a homeowners insurance quote through GEICO, the process involves both GEICO and the insurance companies. Here is an overview:

  • You provide property and applicant details to GEICO through its online quoting platform or over the phone.

  • GEICO collects key data like the home’s characteristics, location, and claims history along with information about the applicants.

  • GEICO carefully transmits the necessary details to its partner insurance companies.

  • Each insurance carrier inputs the data into its proprietary pricing models and underwriting guidelines.

  • The insurance companies generate quotes based on the risk profile of the property and applicants. Quotes and underwriting requirements may vary between insurers.

  • GEICO presents the best quotes and coverage options received from its partners for you to review and choose from.

So while GEICO does the “legwork” of gathering your information and shopping rates, it is the insurance companies themselves that evaluate the risk factors and decide on pricing and underwriting for each customer.

The major factors insurance companies review include:

  • The home itself – age, structure/roof materials, size, protective devices etc.

  • Location – geographic area, risk of natural disasters

  • Prior claims history and losses

  • Credit history and insurance score

  • Applicants’ background – age, occupation, insurance history etc.

Each insurance company weights these variables through its own proprietary underwriting model and guidelines. This leads to the variations in quotes and underwriting appetite between the carriers. GEICO shops your risk profile to find the most competitive options.

How are Claims Handled on GEICO Homeowners Policies?

One benefit of buying homeowners insurance through GEICO is that they offer excellent claims service and assistance, even on policies issued by their partner insurers. Here’s how it works:

  • You can report a homeowners claim directly to GEICO through their website, app, or by phone.

  • GEICO collects initial claim details, documentation, and coordinates any temporary repairs needed.

  • GEICO forwards the claim to the insurance company that issued your policy.

  • The insurance company assigns an adjuster who investigates the full claim details, determines coverage based on the policy, and resolves the claim.

  • You work with the insurance company’s claims team to provide additional details and submit expenses or repairs for payment.

  • GEICO follows up and acts as your advocate, ensuring the claims process goes smoothly.

So GEICO helps facilitate and expedite the claims process, while the insurance company makes coverage determinations and handles the claim payments based on your policy. Think of GEICO as your guide through the claims journey.

The Bottom Line – Who Writes GEICO Homeowners Insurance?

While GEICO itself does not underwrite homeowners policies, they provide access to coverage from over a dozen highly-rated insurance carriers. GEICO shops your risk profile and acts as your representative, while the insurer they match you with provides the actual coverage. This unique arrangement allows you to get the benefits of GEICO’s renowned service combined with experienced insurance company partners.

For their homeowners insurance offering, GEICO partners with well-known national carriers like Liberty Mutual, Travelers, Chubb, Allstate, and National General as well as select regional insurers. The specific company that writes your policy will depend on your risk profile, location, and which insurer offers you the best rate for coverage. But you can trust that GEICO has done the shopping to match you with reputable insurers who have the financial strength to pay claims.

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Are GEICO and Homesite the same company?

However, Homesite is one of Geico’s partner home insurance companies that underwrites its policies.

Is GEICO writing homeowners policies in Louisiana?

Yes. Louisiana property owners can choose Geico for home or renters insurance, among other lines.

What does GEICO underwriting do?

Underwriting. The process an insurer goes through to determine whether or not it will provide coverage for an applicant.

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