Tips for Paying Your Wisconsin Public Service Bill

Paying your energy bill on time every month is an important responsibility As a Wisconsin Public Service customer, you have many options to pay your bill conveniently and manage your account In this article, we’ll provide tips to make paying your WPS bill simple and straightforward.

Overview of WPS Bill Payment Options

There are many ways for both homes and businesses to pay their utility bills through Wisconsin Public Service. Payment options include:

  • Online Payment—Use a credit or debit card or an electronic check to pay on the WPS website. You can also setup recurring payments.

  • Mobile App – Download the WPS app on your smartphone to pay anytime

  • Phone Payment: You can call the number on your bill to pay automatically or to talk to a person.

  • Mail – Send a check or money order using the payment stub and envelope provided with your bill.

  • In Person – Bring your bill to an authorized payment center or pay at the WPS office.

  • Automatic Bank Withdrawal – Have your bill amount automatically deducted from your bank account each month.

  • Budget Billing – Pay a set amount each month to even out energy costs.

  • Credit Card Auto Pay – Have your bill charged to your credit card monthly.

Having these options makes paying on time easy. I utilize the online payment system through my WPS account to pay each month. But customers can choose the method that fits their needs.

Sign Up for a WPS Online Account

The best way to manage payment of your WPS bill is to sign up for an online account. On the WPS website, you can create an account in just a few minutes. All you need is your account number and an email address.

With an online account, you can:

  • View your current WPS bill and payment history
  • Make a one-time payment or setup recurring payments
  • Sign up for paperless billing
  • Receive bill reminders and see due dates
  • Monitor your daily electric use
  • Report outages and check restoration status
  • Update your contact information
  • And more!

Having access to your account online makes the process very simple. I like being able to pull up my bill anytime and schedule payments ahead of time. The website and mobile app are user-friendly and convenient.

Pay Your WPS Bill Online

When you log into your WPS account online, paying your bill electronically is straightforward. On the overview page, you’ll see your current balance and due date. You can click “Pay Bill” to make a one-time payment.

You can pay by credit/debit card, checking account, or savings account. Make sure to pick the right account if you have both gas and electric with WPS. Enter your payment info and confirm your email, name, and service address. Then submit the payment which gets processed instantly.

After paying, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your payment details and updated account balance. Easy as that! I like how quick and simple it is to pay online anytime.

Set Up Recurring Payments

For ongoing convenience, you can enroll in recurring payments through your WPS online account. This automatically pays your bill each month, so you don’t have to manually make payments.

On the payment page, switch the option to “Setup Recurring.” Pick your start date, frequency, and payment method. The system will deduct your bill amount on the due date moving forward.

You can cancel or edit the recurring payments at any time. I have mine setup to pay from my checking account on the due date monthly. Recurring payment provides peace of mind that my WPS bill is always paid on time!

Go Paperless with E-Billing

Another good way to simplify bill payment is to go paperless and enroll in E-Billing. When signed up for an online account, you can opt to receive your bill electronically versus mailed paper bills.

Rather than waiting for your bill in the mail, you’ll get an email when your new bill is ready to view. You can log into your WPS account online and click “Billing & Usage” to see your PDF bill anytime.

Going paperless helps the environment and makes managing bills easier. I don’t have to worry about losing a paper bill or forgetting to pay since it’s all electronic. WPS e-billing has worked great for me.

Use the WPS Mobile App

In addition to the website, WPS offers a free mobile app for paying bills on the go. You can download the Wisconsin Public Service app on your Android or Apple device. The app provides the same account management and bill pay options right from your smartphone.

You can quickly log in to view your bill, see due dates, make payments, set up recurring billing, monitor electric usage, report outages, and more. Paying through the mobile app is secure and only takes seconds!

The WPS app lets me easily check my bill and pay on my phone when out running errands or traveling. It’s a handy tool all customers should utilize.

Sign Up for Bill Reminders and Alerts

A helpful option to avoid late WPS bill payments is to enroll in bill reminders and past due alerts. When logged into your online account, you can manage your notification preferences.

You have the choice to receive bill available, past due, and payment confirmation emails and/or text messages. These give you an extra nudge to pay on time. I have bill reminders setup so I never forget.

For optimal convenience, download the WPS mobile app. You can enable push notifications to receive billing alerts right on your smartphone. Staying on top of your account notices ensures your bill gets paid by the due date every month.

Call the WPS Bill Payment Number

If you prefer to pay your bill directly over the phone, WPS has a24/7 automated phone payment system. The WPS bill pay number is listed on the monthly bill you receive in the mail. Or you can call 877-884-7968 from anywhere.

When you call, there is a menu of options. You can check your account balance, make a onetime payment by automated system or speak with a representative, and more. Have your WPS account number or phone number ready to access your account.

The automated system is quick and easy for entering your payment info. Or you can talk through your payment with an agent during business hours. So phoning in payments is simple if you choose.

Mail Your Payment with the Stub and Envelope

For customers that like to pay the traditional way, WPS provides a payment stub and return envelope with each paper bill. You can mail in a personal check, cashier’s check, or money order using these materials.

Detach the payment stub from your WPS bill and enclose it in the envelope with your check. The stub has an area to write your account number and record your payment amount. Then drop the envelope in the mail so your payment arrives on time.

Mailing your payment is reliable but takes a few days to process. I recommend paying at least 5-7 days before your due date to avoid late fees. Paying by mail ensures funds are withdrawn from your bank once cashed.

Pay in Person at Authorized Payment Centers

WPS offers various ways to pay your bill in person at authorized payment centers in the community. Locations allow you to pay by cash, check, credit/debit card, and money order.

Common payment centers include grocery stores, check cashing stores, pharmacies, banks, credit unions, etc. You can search for options near you on the WPS website. Many Walmart, Piggly Wiggly, Pick ‘n Save, and Copps stores accept WPS payments.

When paying in person, have your WPS bill or account number. Payments made at authorized collection centers get credited to your account the same day. It’s a quick, face-to-face option for bill payment.

Pay at WPS Local Offices

You can also pay your WPS bill in person at one of their main offices or customer service centers in Wisconsin. Visit or mail your payment to:

Wisconsin Public Service
1570 Midway Pl.
Menasha, WI 54952

Wisconsin Public Service
600 N. Adams Street
Green Bay, WI 54301

Wisconsin Public Service
2002 Patriot Drive
De Pere, WI 54115

The WPS office has an after-hours drop box if you visit outside business hours. Paying at a local office is handy for some customers who want to pay in cash or speak with an agent. Visit the WPS website for current office hours.

Sign Up for Automatic Bank Withdrawals

One of the easiest ways I manage my WPS bill is using automatic monthly bank withdrawals. This payment option deducts your monthly bill amount directly from your checking or savings account.

To enroll, you need to log into your WPS account online or submit a printable form. Choose the account you want drafted and when you want the payment withdrawn monthly. You’ll then see the automatic payment on your bank statement.

What I like about bank withdrawals is the payment comes straight out so I don’t have to take any action. It ensures my WPS bill gets paid on time without hassle.


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How do I pay my Wisconsin public service bill?

You can pay your bill through your checking or savings account on our website or app for free. Credit and debit card payments are also available on our website and app. Vendor service fees apply.

What is the phone number for Wisconsin public service payment arrangements?

Call us at 800-450-7260 in advance to determine if payment can be stopped. Your request to make payment arrangements can be denied if you still owe money on a previous payment plan with us. If you do not make the payments in the payment arrangements agreement, your service may be disconnected.

What is the phone number for Wisconsin Public Service bill Matrix?

If you don’t have a touch-tone phone, you can pay online, or call us at 800-450-7260 to speak to a customer service representative. They can then transfer you to a BillMatrix agent to take your payment over the phone.

Where can I pay WPS?

Pay by using our app. Pay automatically from your bank account each month. Pay instantly by credit card, debit card, checking or savings account. Make a payment by calling 800-387-1688.

How do I pay my WPS Bill?

With Quick Payment, you can pay your WPS bill instantly with a credit card, debit card, checking or savings account, and your WPS account number. Your payment will be processed securely by our service provider, BillMatrix — a leader in the field of electronic bill payments. A service fee will be charged: Make a payment for a fee Registered User?

How can a consumer manage a high energy bill in Wisconsin?

Consumers can also work with their utility for placement on a budget bill-pay program. This allows the customer to manage high winter gas bills or high summer electric bills by paying a set amount each month during the year. There are programs available in Wisconsin to help households pay for and obtain access to utility services.

Does Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) require iOS?

Requires iOS 14.0 or later. Get all of your passes, tickets, cards, and more in one place. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Wisconsin Public Service (WPS). Download Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

What if I can’t pay my water bill in Wisconsin?

Customers having difficulty paying their water bills may be eligible for assistance from the Wisconsin Department of Administration, Division of Energy, Housing, and Community Resources, which provides water assistance to eligible homeowners and tenant customers.

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