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Paying utility bills can be a real headache. Between keeping track of due dates, mailing in checks, and ensuring payments are received on time, it’s easy to fall behind and get hit with late fees. But it doesn’t have to be this way! There are great online bill pay options that make managing utility bills a total breeze. In this article, we’ll explore two easy-to-use sites that allow you to pay your utility bills online: and

The Hassle of Paying Utilities the Old-Fashioned Way

Let’s start by looking at the drawbacks of paying utility bills the traditional way, via check and mail.

First you have to remember when each bill is due. That means keeping track of multiple due dates across all your utilities – electricity gas, water, internet, etc. It’s easy to accidentally miss a payment if you lose track of the due dates.

Next, you have to write out checks for each utility provider every month. This takes time and effort to track down your checkbook fill out each check correctly and sign them all.

After writing the checks, you then need to mail each payment so it arrives by the due date. With snail mail, there’s always a risk that the payment gets lost or delayed in transit and arrives late.

If a payment does arrive late, you’ll get slapped with late fees. Some utilities charge up to 5% of your balance as a penalty for late payments. Those fees add up fast!

It’s clear that the old pen-and-paper approach to paying utility bills is clumsy, time-consuming, and prone to human error. There’s a better way!

The Ease and Convenience of Online Bill Pay

Paying utility bills online eliminates most of the hassles and headaches outlined above. Here are some key benefits of paying bills on the web:

  • No More Due Date Headaches: Online bill pay sites keep track of all your due dates for you. They send you email reminders when a bill is coming due so you never accidentally miss a payment.

  • Fast and Easy Payment: Instead of writing and mailing checks, you can pay your entire utility balance with just a few clicks on a website. It takes less than a minute!

  • Payment Tracking: Online bill pay gives you a dashboard to view your payment history and confirm when payments have been received by each utility company. No more uncertainty about whether your check arrived on time.

  • Avoid Late Fees: Online payments debit directly from your bank account, so the money arrives on the exact due date, every time. No more late fees!

  • Autopay: Set up automatic recurring payments so your utility bills are deducted from your account automatically each month. This ensures you never miss a payment.

  • One Place for All Bills: View, track, and pay all your different utility bills from a single online account. No more wasting time on multiple utility company websites.

Clearly, paying bills online is vastly more convenient and hassle-free compared to the traditional paper check approach. But you need to choose the right bill pay platform. Let’s look at two great options… – Specialized for Utility Payments is a website dedicated specifically to online utility bill payment. It allows you to pay your bills for electricity, gas, water, sewage, and more from one centralized account.

Some key features and benefits of using include:

  • Single Dashboard: View and pay all your utility bills in one convenient online dashboard. No need to visit multiple websites.

  • Wide Utility Support: Connect and pay thousands of utility providers across the United States and Canada. Chances are your local utilities are supported.

  • Mobile App: Manage utility bills on-the-go with the UtilitiesInfo mobile app for your smartphone. Pay bills and check your balance whether you’re at home or on vacation.

  • Payment Notifications: Get text or email alerts when a payment processes so you can confirm your utility provider received it.

  • Autopay: Set up automatic payments to occur on a fixed schedule. UtilitiesInfo will debit your account and pay the bills for you automatically.

  • Account Management: Update your account details, view payment history, change auto-pay settings, and more from your online account.

UtilitiesInfo provides a seamless experience focused 100% on utility bills. The simple platform, wide utility support, and robust features make it easy to ditch paper checks and pay all your utilities online instead. – Full-Service Local Government Site

In addition to specialized bill pay platforms like UtilitiesInfo, many local city and county government websites also allow you to pay your utility bills online.

One great example is, the official website for Manatee County, Florida. This site offers full online services for local residents, including options to pay your Manatee County utilities bills.

Here’s an overview of paying Manatee County utilities online at

  • Local Support: Pay your specific utilities from Manatee County, including electric, water, sewage, and garbage bills.

  • Account Management: Register your account to view balances, payment history, and update account details.

  • Email Reminders: Receive email notices when your bill is approaching the due date so you don’t forget.

  • Payment Tracking: View real-time payment confirmation so you know the funds were received.

  • Mobile Site: Access and pay your bills from a smartphone or tablet via the mobile-friendly website.

  • 24/7 Access: Pay bills anytime, day or night, without having to wait for office hours. Payments credit immediately.

While not as robust as a dedicated bill pay site, local government portals like provide an easy option for county and city utility customers to pay online. No checks required!

Start Simplifying Your Bill Pay Today!

Life is complicated enough without the hassle of paying utility bills the old-fashioned, tedious way. Modern online bill payment sites like and make it incredibly simple to view, track, and pay your bills from one convenient digital platform.

If you’re still mailing paper checks each month, do yourself a favor and make the switch to online payments. You’ll ditch the headaches of due dates, late fees, and uncertainty of snail mail while gaining control over utility costs. And you’ll simplify your life by combining all bills into one place.

Check out and and choose the option that best fits your utility payment needs. It’s time to streamline bill paying so you can focus on more important things! Ditch the checks and pay your utility bills online starting today. Your future self will thank you!

Www Utilitiesinfo Com Bill Pay Online


Developed specifically for commercial real estate, Conservice Commercial, powered by Capturis, provides multi-site companies with utility bill payment administration, utility consumption reporting, cost tracking, and other utility information solutions.

Conservice delivers value to commercial property owners and managers in a wide range of ways.

Www Utilitiesinfo Com Bill Pay Online

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Www Utilitiesinfo Com Bill Pay Online

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How do I pay my utility bill online?

Complete the Account Contact Info section to stay up to date with the latest information on your account. Add Address: Enter your mailing address. Add Phone Number: Enter your phone number. Add Email Address: Enter your email address. Log into Customer Self Service (CSS) to pay your utility bill online if you already have a CSS account.

How do communities pay their utility bills?

Communities that utilize Conservice for their utility billing are able to choose from 2 different options for their residents to pay their utility bills: paying the community or property management (usually along with or added to rent charges) or by paying Conservice directly. Property Collect:

How do I sign up for the utilities customer service call center?

Beware that the Utilities Customer Service Call Center is experiencing high call volumes. Once you have received your welcome letter or your next billing statement, visit the Customer Self-Service (CSS) website and click the Sign Up Now button. First Name: Enter your first name. Last Name: Enter your last name.

How do I create a utilities account?

Account ID: Enter your new Utilities Account Number (ex: 100XXXXXXX), found on your welcome letter or billing statement. Activation Code: Enter your unique 8 character activation code from your welcome letter or billing statement (ex: A1B2C3D4). Click Create Account to complete the registration.

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