Manage Medical Bills Easily with Online Bill Pay

Dealing with medical bills and insurance payments can be a headache. Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield makes it easier with online bill pay options for members. At, you can view billing statements, set up automatic payments, make one-time payments on your account, and more. Read on to learn about the conveniences of using online bill pay for your healthcare expenses.

Overview of Bill Pay

Wellmark provides health insurance plans to residents of Iowa and South Dakota. If you have a Wellmark policy you can create an account on their website to access billing information and make payments.

Some key features of online bill pay include:

  • View claims and account balance
  • Set up scheduled automatic payments
  • Make one-time payments on your account
  • Store payment methods securely
  • Receive email reminders about upcoming payments
  • Access billing and payment history

Online bill pay can be used for premium payments on Wellmark health plans. You can also pay medical bills for doctor visits, labs, or other healthcare expenses run through your insurance.

Benefits of Paying Bills on

Utilizing Wellmark’s online bill payment system offers many conveniences for managing healthcare expenses:

It’s fast – Pay bills in just a few clicks either on your computer or using the Wellmark mobile app.

Pay anytime – is available 24/7, allowing you to pay when it’s most convenient.

Payment reminders – Get email alerts when a payment is coming up or past due.

View billing history – All of your payment information is stored in one place for easy reference.

Automatic payments – Set up recurring payments so your bills are always paid on time.

Multiple payment methods – Securely store bank accounts or credit/debit cards to use for online payments.

Avoid late fees – Paying online means never missing a payment due date.

Manage expenses – Stay on top of healthcare costs by monitoring account balances and claims.

Easy to set up – Adding your policy to access bill pay only takes a few minutes.

How to Sign Up for Online Bill Pay

If you want to get started using Wellmark’s website to view billing statements and pay medical bills online, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to and click on “Log In” then choose “Register Now” if you don’t have an account.

  2. Provide some basic personal information, insurance details, and create username/password credentials.

  3. Read through the terms of use and submit your registration.

  4. A verification code will be mailed to the address on file – enter it on the website when received.

  5. Your online account will now be activated to access claims and bill pay options.

  6. To set up automatic payments, select “Pay Your Bill” from the site menu and choose “Set Up Recurring Payments” to link bank/card.

  7. Use your account going forward to view billing statements, make one-time payments, modify recurring payments, access payment history, and more!

Signing up is quick and easy. Within just a few minutes, you can start benefitting from the convenience of Wellmark’s online bill management system. Paying medical bills online helps simplify finances and saves time.

Tips for Managing Wellmark Bills and Payments

Here are some useful tips for getting the most out of’s online bill pay:

  • Log in regularly to monitor account balance and any new claims.

  • Set payment reminders for upcoming due dates using the site’s notification options.

  • If possible, enroll in paperless billing to receive statements electronically.

  • Update your payment method immediately if a card expires or account closes.

  • Save payment receipts to have documentation for flex spending or HSA reimbursements.

  • Review payment history prior to tax season for health expense records.

  • Use the Wellmark mobile app to access account on-the-go for added convenience.

  • Contact support if having any trouble with online bill pay – they’re happy to help!

  • Pay bills as soon as possible to avoid risk of late fees down the road.

Using Wellmark’s online bill management tools makes it simple to stay on top of healthcare expenses. Paying online provides security, convenience, and peace of mind. Sign up for bill pay today!

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How do I create a Wellmark account?

There are two easy ways to register for myWellmark. You’ll need to enter: Your Wellmark ID number, date of birth and last four digits of your Social Security number; OR. Your date of birth, last name and full Social Security number, if you don’t have your Wellmark ID number on hand.

Does Wellmark have an app?

The Wellmark app gives you mobile access to your favorite myWellmark tools on your smartphone. Check the status of your claims.

What is the payer ID for Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa?

GS03 – Use the payer ID 88848.

What is the address for Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa billing?

Professional Claims Submission Addresses
IDAHO Regence Shield P.O. Box 7408 Boise, ID 83707
ILLINOIS BC & BS of Illinois P.O. Box 805107 Chicago, IL 60680-4112
IOWA Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield 1331 Grand Ave Des Moines, IA 50306
KANSAS BC & BS of Kansas 1133 S.W. Topeka Bl Topeka, KS 66629-0001

How do I pay at Wellmark?

At Wellmark you pay safe and quick. If you have any questions about your payment, don’t hesitate to contact us! Pay easily and quickly through your own bank. Pay easidly with your creditcard at Wellmark. Please pay attention: the payment will be deducted from your creditcard will occur later.

How do I pay my Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield Bill?

Common questions, curated and answered by doxo, about paying Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield (IA) bills. How can I pay my Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield bill? You can make online bill payments here. Or pay using doxo with credit card, debit card, Apple Pay or bank account. How can I contact Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield about my bill?

Who is Wellmark Health Insurance?

Learn what to say and how to support. Wellmark is the leading health insurance company in Iowa and South Dakota. Find individual and family plans and resources for Employers, Providers, and Producers.

How do I log into my Wellmark account?

You’ll need to enter: Enter your email address and password. You’ll need them each time you want to access your account. For your security, the email address you use to register cannot be currently used by another myWellmark account. While entering your cellphone number is optional, it gives you additional notification options.

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