How to Pay Your Yakima Memorial Hospital Bill Online

Needing medical care should focus on getting better, not dealing with hospital bills. That’s why Yakima Memorial makes it simple for patients to pay their hospital bills online. With just a few clicks, you can view your balance and settle your Yakima Memorial bill from the comfort of home.

Paying your hospital bills promptly can help you avoid finance charges or collection actions It also contributes to Yakima Memorial’s ability to deliver quality care to the community, Read on to learn the easy process of paying your Yakima Memorial hospital bill online

Overview of Paying Your Yakima Memorial Hospital Bill

After receiving care at Yakima Memorial Hospital or any Multicare facility, you will get a summary bill for the total charges incurred This initial bill gives you a high-level overview of what you owe

You will then receive a detailed itemized bill from Yakima Memorial showing each specific charge line item This bill will note your balance due and the payment due date.

You have various options for paying your Yakima Memorial Hospital bill:

  • Pay online via MyChart
  • Pay online without a MyChart account
  • Pay over the phone
  • Mail in a check or money order
  • Set up a payment plan if needed

Paying online through MyChart is the fastest and most convenient way to pay your hospital bill. I’ll walk through this easy online payment process step-by-step next.

Step-by-Step Guide to Paying Your Bill Online

Here are the key steps to follow to pay your Yakima Memorial Hospital bill online through MyChart:

1. Sign Into Your MyChart Account

This will log you into your personal MyChart patient portal.

2. Locate Your Yakima Memorial Bill

  • From the toolbar, click on “Billing”
  • Select “Pay Your Bill”
  • Your active Yakima Memorial account balance will display

Review your balance due and due date.

3. Enter Your Payment Amount

  • Your minimum payment due will show
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay
  • You can pay any sum above the minimum payment

Paying more than the minimum helps reduce interest charges if applicable.

4. Select a Payment Method

You have several options to pay your Yakima Memorial Hospital bill:

  • Credit/Debit Card – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
  • Bank Account – Use your checking or savings account

Enter the required information for your chosen payment method.

5. Submit Payment

After entering your payment amount and method, click “Submit Payment.” You will see a confirmation that your payment was received.

6. Save Your Receipt

View and save a receipt of your payment right through your MyChart account. Having a receipt is useful for your records.

And that’s it! Using MyChart to pay your bill online is the fastest, simplest way to pay your Yakima Memorial Hospital bill.

Tips for a Smooth Online Bill Payment Process

Paying online through MyChart is typically hassle-free, but keep these tips in mind:

  • Log into MyChart at least 5 days before your due date to avoid late fees.
  • Accurately enter your payment info – incorrect account numbers can cause issues.
  • Save your payment receipt for your records and proof of payment.
  • Contact Yakima Memorial billing support if any payment problems arise.
  • Notify Yakima Memorial if your bank account on file changes to avoid declined payments.

Other Ways to Pay Your Yakima Memorial Bill

In addition to convenient online payments through MyChart, you have other options to pay your Yakima Memorial Hospital bill:

Pay Online Without a MyChart Account

  • Go to and click on “Pay Bill”
  • Search for your account by phone number, account number, or home address
  • Select “Pay Now” to complete payment as a guest user

Pay Over the Phone

Call 1-855-460-4254 to speak with a representative to make a payment over the phone using your bank account or credit/debit card.

Mail a Check or Money Order

Send your payment to the address below. Be sure to include your account number on the check:

Yakima Memorial Hospital
PO Box 31001-0827
Pasadena, CA 91110-0827

Set Up a Payment Plan

If paying your full balance is a hardship, call the number above to set up an interest-free payment plan that fits your budget.

Get Peace of Mind By Paying Your Bill

Don’t let hospital bills cause financial stress. Yakima Memorial offers various ways to pay your medical bills in a straightforward, hassle-free way. Paying online through MyChart is the simplest option to quickly take care of your balance. With just a few clicks, you can pay your bill and move forward to focusing on your health.

Yakima Memorial Pay Your Bill

MultiCare Yakima Memorial HospitalHospital

Yakima Memorial Pay Your Bill

Here’s what to expect from MultiCare Yakima Memorial Hospital


What level of trauma is Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital?

It is a level III adult and pediatric trauma center, with a 34-bed emergency department and a 27-bed critical care unit. The hospital provides birthing services, a neonatal intensive care unit, a pediatrics unit, and cancer services.

What is the tax ID for Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital?

Simply enter the organization’s name (Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital Association) or EIN (910567263) in the ‘Search Term’ field.

Who bought Yakima Memorial?

A year after MultiCare Health System acquired Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital, officials say the hospital is in a more secure financial position and better equipped to restore and revamp health care services in Yakima County in the coming years.

Is Yakima Memorial hospital a nonprofit?

MultiCare Yakima Memorial Hospital is a 238-bed acute-care, not-for-profit community hospital that has served Central Washington’s Yakima Valley since 1950.

How do I pay my MultiCare Yakima Memorial Hospital Bill?

Pay your bill online through MyChart’s secure guest portal. Pay your bill by logging into your MyChart account. To pay a MultiCare Yakima Memorial Hospital bill, please visit the payment portal. View our walkthrough to help you understand your billing statements. Learn more about interest-free, long-term and affordable patient financing.

How do I contact Yakima Memorial’s business office?

If you have any questions, we encourage you to call Yakima Memorial’s Business Office at 509-575-8255. Account representatives have been assigned to specific accounts to help better accommodate our patients. We can help you with: Set up payment plans. Review statements with the patient for errors. Help patients understand their invoices.

How do I contact a Yakima Valley Memorial account representative?

Account representatives have been assigned to specific accounts to help better accommodate our patients. Questions can be directed to Yakima Valley Memorial’s Business Office at 509.575.8255. Yakima Valley Memorial is a nonprofit community hospital and is committed to helping patients become empowered healthcare consumers.

What is the lump sum payment for Yakima County employees?

10.2.3 For January 1, 2022, Yakima County shall pay a one-time lump sum payment of three percent (3%) based on only the annual base wage reflected in Exhibit A or B of the 2020 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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