A Comprehensive Guide to Paying Your Bill with Alameda Health System

I have been a patient of Alameda Health System (AHS) hospitals and clinics for a long time, and I know that dealing with medical bills can be hard and confusing. When that bill comes in the mail, it’s easy to feel stressed out because of all the insurance claims, copays, deductibles, and medical codes you don’t know.

In this guide, I’ll explain in clear, simple terms how billing and payment works with Alameda Health System. You’ll learn the various ways to pay your AHS medical bill, from online payments to payment plans and financial assistance programs. I’ll also provide tips to lower your out-of-pocket costs as an AHS patient.

Whether you’ve just received your first bill from Alameda Health or have been a patient for years read on for plain English advice on achieving financial peace of mind with AHS medical billing.

Overview of Alameda Health System Bill Payment Process

Let’s start with a high-level overview of how billing and payment works when you receive medical care from AHS hospitals clinics or doctors

  • AHS bills your health insurance provider first for any services rendered. This includes procedures, tests, hospital stays, etc.

  • Your insurance processes the claim and sends an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) detailing how much they covered.

  • AHS sends you a bill for any unpaid amounts, such as copays, deductibles, and services that aren’t covered.

  • Payment is due within 30 days of receiving your AHS medical bill.

  • If you cannot pay in full, you may qualify for a payment plan spread out over several months.

  • Financial assistance is available for low income patients unable to afford balance owed.

The key is not to ignore your AHS medical bill. Communicate with them as needed to resolve your balance in a reasonable timeframe.

Ways to Pay Your Alameda Health System Medical Bill

When you receive a medical bill from AHS, here are the various payment options available:

  • MyChart – Pay online using the MyChart patient portal. Fast and secure. Can save card for future payments.

  • Phone – Call the billing department at 1-877-321-7123 and pay over the phone Monday to Friday.

  • Mail – Send a check or money order payable to Alameda Health System to PO Box 5168, San Ramon, CA 94583-0924.

  • In person – Pay at the cashier’s office of the specific AHS hospital or clinic where you received services.

  • AutoPay – Enroll to have payments automatically debited from your bank account each month.

Always include your account number on any payments sent by mail or made in person. Paying online via MyChart or phone is fastest to credit your account timely.

Setting Up an AHS Payment Plan for Medical Bills

If you cannot afford to pay your full AHS medical bill at once, ask about installment payment plans. The billing department will work with you to break up the total into smaller monthly payments over 6 or 12 months.

To set up a payment plan:

  • Contact AHS billing at 1-877-321-7123 or the financial counselor at the hospital/clinic.

  • Explain your financial hardship and desired payment period.

  • They will verify your income, expenses, and need before approving a plan.

  • A low fixed interest may be charged on plans over 6 months.

  • Missing payments can default your plan so be diligent about making monthly installments.

Payment plans provide flexibility so you can pay off a large medical bill over time while keeping your AHS account in good standing.

Qualifying for Financial Assistance with Alameda Health

AHS offers financial assistance programs to uninsured and underinsured patients meeting income requirements. These can significantly lower or eliminate your medical bill.

Charity Care

Completely waives bill for very low income patients below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. Proof of income is required.

Discounted Care

Sliding scale discounts for patients between 200 – 350% of Federal Poverty Level based on income verification. Discounts up to 100%.

High Medical Cost Waivers

Waives portion of bills for insured patients with excessive out-of-pocket medical costs in a 12 month period. Costs must exceed 10% of family income.

Check with an AHS financial counselor about required documents to submit an application for financial assistance. Promptly applying gives you the best chance for aid.

Tips to Reduce Your Alameda Health System Medical Bills

To minimize out-of-pocket costs for AHS medical care, keep these tips in mind:

  • Verify your insurance is accepted at the AHS facility before receiving services.

  • Ask if recommended procedures or tests are covered or medically necessary. Decline those that aren’t.

  • Consider negotiating costs of nonemergency services upfront.

  • Apply for appropriate financial assistance programs you qualify for.

  • Always call billing with cost concerns before your first statement.

  • Explain financial hardships and ask for discounts or payment plans.

  • Compare billing codes to your EOB to check for inaccuracies.

Staying proactive will help lower your bills. Communicate any issues early and have them corrected.

Final Thoughts on AHS Medical Billing and Payments

The billing department and financial counselors at AHS are there to help you – don’t hesitate to call them with any questions. Keep your account current by promptly addressing medical bills. Let them know if you need flexibility.

Navigating healthcare expenses requires patience and diligence, but Alameda Health aims to provide quality care for patients of all income levels. By addressing your responsibilities with their billing team, you can resolve balances fairly.

Alameda Health System Bill Pay

Pay OnlineYou can pay your Environmental Health fees using VISA, MASTER-CARD, Discover or Debit card (Note: American Express not accepted). A

  • Based on the total amount due on your invoice, select a category type.
  • Click here to determine the category.
  • Enter the required information to complete your payment.

Pay In PersonVisit us at: 1131 Harbor Bay Parkway, Suite 111 Alameda, CA 94502 Please bring your invoice or permit application.  Note: American Express and Discover Card not accepted.

To avoid penalties of up to 50%, your payment must be received no later than 30 days after the invoice date. The penalty of 25% will be assessed after 30 days, and another 25% will be assessed after 60 days. Annual Permit Fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable to new owners or new locations. There is no proration of annual permit fees. Los pagos para los permisos anuales son no-reembolsables e intransferibles para los nuevos dueños o a las nuevas localidades. Tambien el pago anual es un pago fijo y no es un pago proporcional. If any of the following occurred, please email: [email protected]

  • Change of ownership
  • Out of business
  • Relocation
  • Change of mailing address

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How do I contact Alameda Health System?

For all other inquiries/complaint, please use our regular contact form. If you are a patient and have a question about your treatment, please call AHS at 510-437-8500.

What does Alameda Health System do?

Alameda Health System (AHS) is an integrated public health care system of five hospitals and four wellness centers with over 800 beds and 1,000 physicians. Founded in 1864 as Alameda County Infirmary, we’ve forged a legacy of commitment to our communities.

Is Alameda Alliance the same as Medi-Cal?

The Alliance is a health plan for people who have Medi-Cal. The Alliance works with the State of California to help you get the health care you need.

How do I email Alameda Alliance?

should be directed to the Alliance’s Provider Services department at 510-747-4510 or [email protected]. 4. SOME CLAIMS ARE NOT PROCESSED BY THE ALLIANCE.

How do I view salary ranges for Alameda Health System jobs?

Salary ranges for Alameda Health System’s job titles can be viewed using the search feature. Type the job title you would like to review, such as “ Nurse ” in the Job title box above, and the job titles which include the word “nurse” will show up. Click on the job title you are interested in reviewing and the salary range information will show.

What services does Alameda Health System offer?

Alameda Health System’s extensive patient and visitor services can provide everything from spiritual care to health advocates. Our friendly volunteers and staff will help you with questions and concerns about your experience at AHS and ensure that the needs of all patient and family members are promptly cared for.

What is the Alameda Health System portal?

This patient portal only allows you to communicate with your Alameda Health System team. What is MyChart? MyChart offers patients personalized and secure on-line access to portions of their medical records.

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