Paying Your Ambetter Bill by Phone – A Quick and Easy Option

Paying your monthly health insurance premiums should be simple and straightforward. That’s why Ambetter offers easy phone payment options for members who prefer to pay their bills over the phone rather than online. In this article, we’ll walk through the steps for paying your Ambetter bill by phone and highlight the key benefits of this payment method.

Overview of Paying Ambetter Bills by Phone

Ambetter members have several options for taking care of their monthly premium payments. The Ambetter website lists paying online through auto-pay choosing paperless billing paying by phone, and paying by mail or at MoneyGram locations as the main ways to pay your bill.

Of these methods, paying by phone is one of the quickest and most convenient choices. It only takes a few minutes to call Ambetter’s billing services line and either use the automated payment system or talk to a representative to take care of your payment.

Below we’ll outline the phone number to call, what information you’ll need, and how the automated system and live representative process works when you pay your Ambetter bill over the phone.

Steps for Paying Your Ambetter Bill by Phone

Paying your Ambetter premium by phone only requires a few simple steps:

1. Locate your Ambetter bill and have it available. You’ll need your account number, invoice number, or other billing details when you call. Have this handy before you dial the phone number.

2. Call the Ambetter billing services phone number. The number to call is: 1-844-265-1278 (TTY 1-855-742-0123).

3. Select your payment option. When prompted, press 1 for the automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system or press 2 to speak with a live representative.

4. Enter your account information. For the automated system, use your phone keypad to enter your account number and invoice details. If speaking with a representative, they will verify your account information.

5. Authorize your payment method. For automated payments, enter your debit or credit card information. For live representatives, you can provide card details or pay by electronic check.

6. Record your confirmation number. Make note of the confirmation number you receive after the payment is processed successfully.

Once these steps are complete, your Ambetter bill payment by phone will be posted to your account. It’s quick, easy, and hassle-free!

Benefits of Paying Your Ambetter Bill by Phone

There are many advantages to paying your monthly Ambetter premium over the phone:

  • It’s fast – No need to login or navigate websites; just call and make your payment immediately.

  • Payment posts right away – Phone payments credit to your account faster than mailed payments.

  • Multiple payment options – Pay by debit/credit card or electronic check.

  • Automated system – IVR payments process quickly without waiting for a representative.

  • Live support – Speak with a representative if you have any questions or need help.

  • Confirmation number – Get instant payment confirmation when your transaction is complete.

  • Available every month – Use phone payments as your go-to bill pay method.

  • No chance of late fees – Pay on time and avoid penalties by phoning in your payment.

For Ambetter members who prefer making their monthly health insurance payments over the phone, this is an efficient and easy way to pay every bill while getting instant payment confirmation. It’s just as fast and reliable as paying online.

What Information You’ll Need to Make the Payment

To pay your Ambetter premium bill over the phone, either through the automated system or with a live representative, you’ll need to provide a few key details. Having this information handy will ensure the process goes smoothly:

  • Ambetter Account Number – This unique number identifies your specific account. It’s printed on your billing statement.

  • Recent Invoice Number – The invoice number for the bill you are paying shows what specific premium charge you are paying.

  • Name on the Account – Confirm that you are authorized on the account as the policyholder when paying.

  • Payment Amount – Know the exact amount due so you can authorize the correct payment.

  • Payment Method – Have your credit/debit card or electronic check information available.

With these details, the Ambetter billing services team can quickly locate your account, verify your identity, and process your payment correctly. Having to look up account details during the call slows down the process.

Using the Automated Payment System

Many Ambetter members appreciate the convenience of the automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone payment system. It’s fast, simple, and completes your payment without waiting to speak with a representative.

Here’s an overview of how automated Ambetter bill pay by phone works:

  • Dial the Ambetter billing services number and select the automated payment option when prompted.

  • Use your phone keypad to enter your account number and invoice details to pull up your account.

  • Follow the voice prompts to authorize your credit/debit card or bank account electronic check payment.

  • The system will read back your payment details and request confirmation before processing.

  • After approving the payment, you will receive an automated confirmation number.

  • The whole call typically takes 2-3 minutes with the automated system.

As long as you have your account and payment information handy before calling, the automated Ambetter phone payment process is seamless and incredibly quick.

Speaking with a Live Representative

While the IVR system is efficient, some Ambetter members feel more comfortable speaking with a live representative when paying bills over the phone.

Here is how paying your Ambetter premium works when you talk to a representative:

  • Call the billing services number and select the representative option when prompted.

  • A representative will greet you and verify your name and account information.

  • Let them know you are calling to make a payment on your account.

  • Provide your payment method details when prompted.

  • The representative will read back your payment amount and details for confirmation.

  • After approving the payment, you will receive a confirmation number from the representative.

  • Ask any other questions before completing the call.

The interaction typically takes 5-10 minutes depending on questions asked. Representatives are friendly professionals who can walk you through anything related to your Ambetter payment.

Payment Confirmation and Receipt

Whether you use the automated system or speak with a live phone representative, you will receive an immediate confirmation number when your Ambetter payment is processed.

Be sure to document this number and keep it for your records should you need to reference your payment later. Ambetter also emails and mails billing receipts, so you will have a paper record of your phone payment as well.

From start to finish, paying your monthly Ambetter bill over the phone provides verification, support, and quick processing times. It’s no wonder many members make this their preferred payment method each month!

Common Questions about Paying Ambetter Bills by Phone

If you’re new to paying your Ambetter premiums by phone, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What phone number do I call to pay my Ambetter bill?

The number is 1-844-265-1278 (TTY users can call 1-855-742-0123). Have your billing information ready when you call.

When is the best time to call to make a payment?

Normal billing services hours are Monday-Friday 8am-7pm EST. Call volumes may be lower weekday early mornings or evenings.

How long does a phone payment take to process?

Automated payments take 2-3 minutes. Speaking with a representative generally takes 5-10 minutes.

How quickly does my payment post to my account?

Phone payments credit to your account immediately after the call ends.

Can I set up recurring payments over the phone?

No, recurring auto-pay payments need to be established on the Ambetter website through your member account.

What details do I need before I call?

Have your account number, recent invoice number, name, and payment method available when you call.

What payment methods can I use?

You can pay by debit/credit card or electronic check with your bank account. Cash payments are not accepted over the phone.

Is Paying by Phone Right for You?

If you prefer speaking with someone directly or value quick payments without logging in, then paying your Ambetter premium by phone may be the ideal option. It’s incredibly easy while still providing support when needed.

However, members who want to set up recurring payments or appreciate the simplicity of automated online payments may want to use the Ambetter website for bill pay instead.

No matter which method you choose, Ambetter offers flexibility for members to manage monthly payments in the way that works best for their needs. Evaluate both online and phone payment options to determine the best billing solution for you.

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