How to Pay Your Green Mountain Energy Bill Online

Green Mountain Energy is one of the largest retail providers of renewable energy in the United States. If you’re a Green Mountain customer paying your energy bill online is quick and convenient. This guide will walk through the process of paying online via the Green Mountain website or mobile app.

Overview of Paying Green Mountain Bills Online

Green Mountain offers a few ways to pay your electric bill digitally:

  • My Account – Log into your online account to pay bills.

  • Guest Pay – Make one-time payments by entering account and zip code No login required

  • Green Mountain app – Download the app to your smartphone or tablet to pay on the go.

  • Automatic payments – Set up recurring auto-pay from your bank account or credit card.

To pay online, you’ll need your Green Mountain Energy account number and the amount due. Payment history is also available when you log into your account.

Online payments are fast, eliminate the need for stamps, and avoid the hassle of mailing in bills. You can pay anytime 24/7 for convenience. Now let’s look at how to use these options to pay your Green Mountain bill digitally.

How to Pay at My Green Mountain Account

My Account lets you securely log in to manage your Green Mountain Energy service. Here’s how to pay your bill through your account:

  1. Go to and click “My Account” at the top.

  2. Enter your username (usually your account number) and password Click “Log In”

  3. On the My Dashboard page, find the “Balance Due” box. Click the “Pay Bill” button.

  4. Choose the payment amount – your current balance due or a different amount.

  5. Select payment method: bank account or card on file, add new method, or pay as guest.

  6. Click “Continue” and follow prompts to complete payment.

  7. The “Balance Due” will update to reflect your payment!

Once logged in, you can also view billing history, update payment methods, and sign up for paperless billing.

Paying as a Guest via Green Mountain

To make one-time payments without logging in, use the Guest Pay feature:

  1. Go to and click “Guest Pay” at the top.

  2. Enter your Green Mountain Energy account number.

  3. Input the billing zip code for your account.

  4. Click “Next” and the balance due will be shown.

  5. Choose the payment amount and complete card details.

  6. Click “Continue” to submit the payment instantly without registering!

Guest Pay allows anyone to pay your bill if they have your account number and zip code. Perfect for roommates or family members!

Paying Through the Green Mountain App

For paying bills on your smart device, download the Green Mountain Energy app:

  • On an iPhone, get it from the App Store.

  • Android users can download from Google Play.

  • iPads can install it from the App Store under iPhone apps.

Once downloaded, open the app and go to the Payments tab:

  • Log into your account to pay your bill as a one-time or recurring payment.

  • Or select Guest Pay to quickly enter your account number and zip code to pay without an account.

  • Payment history can also be viewed from the app.

The Green Mountain app provides flexibility to pay in just a few taps whenever and wherever you need to.

Setting Up Recurring Auto-Pay

You can take bill payment off your to-do list by enrolling in automatic payments:

  1. Log into My Account online or in the Green Mountain app.

  2. Under “Account Settings”, click “Auto Pay Program”.

  3. Select your payment method, frequency, and date.

  4. Review terms and click “Accept” to confirm auto-pay setup.

Your payment amount will then be automatically deducted from your chosen account each month on the scheduled date. You’ll still receive a bill for your records.

Auto-pay is convenient, prevents late fees, and may even score you a discount depending on your state! You can cancel or update auto-pay at any time through your account.

Payment Methods Accepted by Green Mountain

Green Mountain offers several ways to pay your energy bill digitally:

  • Debit/Credit Cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards are accepted.

  • Bank Account – Pay directly from your checking or savings account.

  • Apple/Google Pay – Use these mobile wallets to pay your bill through the app.

  • PayPal – Checkout with your PayPal account online or in the app.

  • Cash App – Use your Cash App balance or linked cards to pay.

When paying as a guest, you’ll need to enter card details each time. To save payment methods for faster checkout, log into your account.

Payment Security and Privacy

Is it safe to pay bills online? Green Mountain Energy ensures payment security and privacy:

  • Payments are secure with SSL encryption technology.

  • They do not store full debit/credit card numbers.

  • Your personal and account information is kept private.

  • You’ll need to verify identity with username, password, and security questions when contacting customer service.

  • Green Mountain will never email asking for personal financial information. Beware of phishing scams.

As long as you use official Green Mountain sites and apps, you can pay online safely.

Getting Receipts for Online Payments

To get receipts and records for online bill payments:

  • Email receipts are automatically sent upon successful payment when paying as a guest.

  • When logged into your account, access email receipts under “Communications History”.

  • Payment confirmations appear on-screen after paying online or in the app.

  • Your full payment history can be viewed under “Billing and Usage” in your online account.

  • Monthly billing statements are sent by mail unless you opt for paperless.

Save or print these receipts for proof of payment and tax records. Email receipts are sent from [email protected].

Avoid Late Fees with Online Payment

Paying your Green Mountain Energy utility bill online helps avoid late payment fees.

  • Bills are typically due around the 10th of each month.

  • Late fees of up to $10 can be charged if unpaid by the due date.

  • Pay on or before the due date each month to prevent late fees.

  • With autopay, payment happens automatically each period to prevent late charges.

Set payment reminders with your online account, or just pay as soon as you receive the bill, to help avoid costly late payment penalties!

Contact Green Mountain Customer Service

If you need help with online bill pay, you can contact Green Mountain customer service:

  • By phone at 1-888-254-6359, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Through online chat on their website during business hours.

  • Via email by filling out the customer service contact form.

  • On social media by tweeting @greenmtnenergy or sending a Facebook message.

Their customer care team can answer questions, provide payment support, review account details, and more.

Convenient Online Bill Payment

Paying your monthly Green Mountain Energy electric bill online is fast, easy, and secure. By logging into your account, paying as a guest, or using the mobile app, you can take care of your bill in minutes any time of day or night. Sign up for automatic payments to simplify the process even further. Just make sure to pay the amount due by the due date each billing cycle to avoid late fees.

Green Mountain Energy Bill Pay Online

How to Pay Your Bill

  • You’ll continue to pay BGE just like you always have.

Pay by Mail

Return payment and the receipt enclosed with the bill to: P.O. Box 660305, Dallas, TX 75266-0305.

How To Read Your Green Mountain Energy Bill

What is the Green Mountain Energy app?

It’s finally here! The Green Mountain Energy App gives you the power to conveniently manage your account. Pay your bill, view your usage and celebrate your green impact effortlessly. Watch a demo to see instant account access on the go, or download it now .

How do I Pay my Green Mountain Energy Bill?

These receive a response within 48 hours. For your Green Mountain Energy Bill Pay, you can pay online through your Green Mountain Energy login. You can pay by mail by sending your payment and the receipt enclosed with the bill to: Green Mountain Energy, P.O. Box 660305 Dallas, TX 75266-0305.

Does Green Mountain Energy offer pay-as-you-go electricity plans with no deposit?

Green Mountain Energy does not offer pay-as-you-go electricity plans with no deposit and no credit check. When you apply for service, Green Mountain Energy depends on your creditworthiness assessment to decide whether you need to pay a deposit.

How much does Green Mountain Electric cost?

These range from $150 to $295, depending on the length of your contract. You won’t have to pay a fee if you move out of Green Mountain’s service area. Choose Energy can also help you find the best electric rates for your business.

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