A Complete Guide to Paying Your Abilene Utility Bill Online

As a resident of Abilene, Texas, paying your monthly water sewer and garbage utility bill is an essential task. Thankfully, the city offers a convenient online payment system that makes paying your bill quick and easy. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through everything you need to know to pay your Abilene utility bill online.

Overview of Abilene’s Utility Billing Services

The city of Abilene provides water, wastewater, and solid waste collection utility services to residents and businesses within city limits. Utility accounts are billed monthly, and the city offers several payment options:

  • By mail – Send a check or money order to the payment address printed on your bill.

  • In person – Visit the Utility Billing office at Abilene City Hall.

  • By phone: To pay with a credit or debit card over the phone, call the billing office.

  • Online – Pay via the city’s online payment portal using a card or bank account

  • Auto draft – Enroll to have your bill paid automatically each month from your bank account.

Paying online is the most popular and convenient choice today. Let’s look at how to get set up.

Creating an Online Account

To pay your Abilene utility bill online, you first need to create an account on the payment portal:

  1. Go to https://abilenetx.municipalonlinepayments.com/abilenetx/utilities.

  2. Click on “Register” in the top menu.

  3. Enter your utility account number, service address, and email address.

  4. Create a password and specify security questions.

  5. Agree to the terms of use and click “Register”.

  6. Check your email for a confirmation link to activate your account.

Once your account is activated, you can log in anytime using your email and password.

Paying Your Bill Through the Online Portal

Here is how to pay your Abilene utility bill through the online payment portal:

  1. Log into your account at https://abilenetx.municipalonlinepayments.com/abilenetx/utilities.

  2. Your account dashboard will display any outstanding balance and due date.

  3. Click on “Pay Now” for the account you want to pay.

  4. Enter the payment amount and select a payment method.

  5. Submit and confirm your payment.

  6. Your account balance will update instantly and you’ll receive a receipt via email.

The process only takes a minute or two! You can repeat these simple steps each billing cycle.

Enrolling in Auto Pay

For maximum convenience, sign up for auto pay through the online portal. This automatically pays your bill from your specified payment method each month.

To enroll:

  1. Under “My Profile”, check the box to enable auto pay.

  2. Choose your preferred payment method and withdrawal date.

  3. Save your settings.

Your bill will now be paid automatically each billing period! Just remember to update your payment method if your card expires or account changes.

Viewing Your Billing and Payment History

An advantage of paying online is you can view your past bills and payment history anytime.

To see your records:

  1. Log into your online account.

  2. Click on “Statements” or “Payment History” in the top menu.

  3. Filter by date ranges or specify periods.

  4. Click any bill or payment to view the details.

Having access to this information makes managing your account easy.

Updating Your Account Profile

Within your online account, you can update your contact information, billing address, email, payment methods, and more.

To edit your profile:

  1. Log in and click on “My Profile”.

  2. Update fields like your phone number, mailing address, or email.

  3. Under “Payment methods”, you can add or edit credit/debit cards or bank accounts.

  4. Click “Save” to update your profile with any changes.

Keeping your details current ensures your utility bills and payments continue processing smoothly.

Receiving Bill Reminders and Alerts

For extra convenience, you can opt into bill reminders and account alerts through your online account:

  • Due date reminders – Get an email notice before your bill is due.

  • Payment confirmations – Receive an email or text when your payment processes.

  • Past due alerts – Be notified if your account becomes delinquent.

  • Usage alerts – Get notified of any unusually high consumption.

These notifications help you stay on top of your account status and avoid late fees.

Getting Help with the Online Portal

The city of Abilene aims to make their online bill pay system user-friendly. However, if you ever need assistance, you have several support options:

  • Call the Utility Billing office at 325-676-6405 during business hours.

  • Email questions to [email protected].

  • Use the online contact form within the payment portal.

  • Visit the Utility Billing office in person at Abilene City Hall.

The billing staff is extremely knowledgeable and happy to help troubleshoot any issues!

Convenience, Control, and Cost Savings

Paying your Abilene utility bill through the city’s online portal offers many great benefits. You get 24/7 account access, bill reminders, auto pay options, transparency into your records, excellent customer support, and potential savings from avoiding late fees.

I highly recommend all Abilene utility customers enroll in online bill pay for a streamlined, stress-free payment process each month. It takes the hassle out of paying bills and puts you in control of your account!

City Of Abilene Water Bill Pay

Important Update on Utility Billing Upgrade!

Weve heard your concerns and are here to address them! Heres what you need to know:

  • Amount Past Due: If you believe theres an error in the amount past due on your bill, head to our online customer portal for the most accurate info. You can also reach out to our customer service team at [email protected] with your account details for assistance.
  • Late Fees: No need to worry about late fees! Were not charging late fees at this time. If youve been charged erroneously, get in touch with our Customer Service Center via email or phone, and well sort it out.
  • Missing Bills: Havent received your water bill yet? Dont fret about late fees. Hang tight, were working hard to ensure all bills are sent out promptly.
  • High Call Volumes: Were currently experiencing a surge in calls, leading to longer wait times. For the most accurate information, we encourage you to check our online portal. If you prefer, you can send us an email, and well work diligently to respond to your inquiry.
  • Online Portal Assistance: Need help logging into our online customer portal? Check out our new video tutorial here: Utility Billing Software Update

Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated as we strive to enhance your billing experience. Thank you for being a valued member of our community!

The Customer Service Center is responsible for the Municipal Utility Billing of the Water Utilities Department, and is located at 4595 South 1st Street.

Duties of this office including meter reading, billing, collections, and customer assistance for over 42,000 accounts. The office also oversees the water conservation education efforts of the department.

Pay By Bank Draft

Paying by bank draft is a convenient way to automatically pay your bill each month. No processing fees are required.

  • Complete the Bank Draft Authorization form online
  • Download the Bank Draft Authorization form (PDF)
    • Mail completed form to PO Box 3479, Abilene, Texas 79604
    • Bring completed form to the Customer Service Center at 4595 South 1st Street
    • Drop completed form in our drop boxes at the Customer Service Center parking lot or City Hall parking lot (555 Walnut)

Using the Automated System Pay by IVR (an automated system) anytime over the phone. A 2.95% fee ($2.95 minimum) is added when paying with a credit or debit card, or a $0.95 fee is added when paying with an e-check. You may also call anytime to check balances, payment amounts, and due dates.

Talking to a Customer Service Representative During office hours you may call to speak to a customer service representative. They can assist you in setting up a bank draft, or they can accept credit or debit cards over the phone. A 3% fee is added to credit or debit cards taken over the phone.

How to : Make Payments Online (Water Utility Billing)


How much is the water bill in Abilene, TX?

Type of Rate / Charge / Fee
Rate / Charge / Fee Amount
First 6,000 Gallons
$3.85 per 1,000 gallons
7,000 to 15,000 Gallons
$6.55 per 1,000 gallons
Over 15,000 Gallons
$9.20 per 1,000 gallons
Customer Service Charge
Based on meter size (listed in “Monthly Fees” section)

Where can I pay my phone bill in Abilene?

For excellent in-person customer service, visit a nearby retail store. Optimum store services in Abilene include bill pay, equipment pick-up and exchanges. While you’re there, shop the latest smart phones and smart phone accessories and learn more about our Optimum Mobile service.

What is Abilene’s Water Utilities Department?

We are aware of these errors and dedicated to promptly rectifying any discrepancies. Read on The Water Utilities Department is responsible for water operations and wastewater operations in the City of Abilene.

How do I pay a crime ticket in Abilene?

Please pay carefully. Please note that paying tickets by phone will include a 6.5% processing fee, with a minimum fee of $3.95. If you have any questions, please call the Abilene Municipal Court at (325) 676-6333. Burglar Alarms & Security Systems Select “Pay Your Bill Now Credit Card Payment” on the lower-left corner of the payment website.

How do I make a credit card payment in Abilene?

If you have any questions, please call the Abilene Municipal Court at (325) 676-6333. Burglar Alarms & Security Systems Select “Pay Your Bill Now Credit Card Payment” on the lower-left corner of the payment website. You will be stepped through the process to make your payment, or you can select “View Demo” for an explanation of how to pay.

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