How to Pay Your City of Deming Water Bill Online

You have to get your water from the City of Deming if you live in Deming, New Mexico. It’s important to pay your water bill every month to keep the service going and avoid late fees. It’s easy and quick to pay your bill online with the City of Deming’s online payment options. Read on to find out how to make payments online through the City’s website or a different service.

An Overview of Deming Water Bills

The City of Deming provides water service to around 14793 residents in Luna County. Water comes from local groundwater wells that can supply up to 12 million gallons per day.

As a customer, you’ll receive a monthly bill for your household or business water usage Bills are typically mailed out in the first week of the month, covering the prior month’s usage.

Payment is due by the 28th of each month to avoid late fees. The City charges a 10% penalty for late payments. Failure to pay may result in water service interruption.

Paying Your Deming Water Bill Online

The City of Deming offers several ways to pay your monthly water bill:

  • By phone – Call 575-546-8848 to pay with a card over the phone
  • By mail – Send a check or money order to P.O. Box 706, Deming, NM 88031
  • Online via the City website – Pay by card or e-check with no fees
  • Via third-party bill pay services – Pay through Doxo, Paymentus, etc.

Paying online is the quickest and most convenient option. Below are details on how to pay online directly through the City or using a third-party service.

Paying Online at

The easiest way to pay your Deming water bill online is through the City’s website. Here are simple steps to make a payment:

  1. Go to and click “Pay Bill Online”

  2. Enter your 10-digit account number and 4-digit PIN

  3. Select whether to make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments

  4. Enter your payment details and submit

The City’s online payment system accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, debit cards, and e-checks without any fees. You can also view billing history and usage information. Sign up for recurring payments to make bill pay a breeze.

Paying Through Third-Party Services

In addition to the City’s website you can pay your Deming water bill through third-party bill payment services like Doxo Paymentus, and InvoiceCloud.

These services allow you to receive, view, and pay bills online or via mobile app. You can make one-time payments or set up autopay. Fees vary by service but are typically around $2 per transaction for card payments.

To get started, you’ll need to create an account with the service and provide your 10-digit City of Deming account number. The service will then sync your account and allow online payments.

Setting Up Automatic Payments

For maximum convenience, consider setting up automatic recurring payments through the City’s website or a third-party service. This ensures your water bill is paid on time each month without you having to remember.

On the City website, enable the “Recurring Payments” option when making a payment. Choose the date each month you want payments to process.

For third-party services, look for an “Autopay” or “AutoPay” feature. Select a date and payment method for automatic monthly payments.

Avoid Late Fees with Online Payments

One of the best perks of paying your Deming water bill online is avoiding late fees. With recurring autopay, your payment will always process on time, unlike mailing paper checks.

Online payments also avoid postal mail delays that could cause a payment to arrive late. The City’s website and bill pay services allow payments up until 11:59pm on the due date, giving you more leeway.

Go paperless to say goodbye to late fees! The City charges 10% on overdue bills, so autopay helps protect your budget.

Payment Reminders and Budgeting Features

Responsibly managing your water bill payments is easy with the helpful features offered by online bill pay systems.

You can receive email, text, or app notifications when your bill is ready and when payment is due. This prevents forgotten bills and scrambling to pay at the last minute.

Some services also allow you to set payment reminders or pay partial amounts over time. These features help match bill payments to your budget’s cash flow.

Enjoy Convenient and Secure Online Payments

When it comes to paying your City of Deming water bill, online payments provide the easiest experience. Whether you use the City’s website or a third-party service, you’ll enjoy benefits like:

  • Pay anytime, 24/7
  • Avoid late fees with autopay
  • Get payment reminders
  • Check billing history and usage
  • Make one-time or recurring payments
  • Use a card, bank account, Apple Pay, etc.

Skip the paperwork and pay your water bill online. By automating payments, you can cross this routine chore off your to-do list and maintain uninterrupted water service. Online bill pay gives Deming residents an easy, secure way to manage their household utility costs. Ditch paper bills and switch to the convenience of digital payments today!

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