How to Pay Your City of Fall River Bill Online – A Step-by-Step Guide

Living in the historic city of Fall River provides access to rich culture and coastal charm. But no one wants charm bills piling up unpaid. The City of Fall River offers convenient online bill payment to keep accounts up to date without the hassle of checks and stamps.

This guide will show you everything you need to know to pay your City of Fall River bill online through their easy-to-use payment portal. We’ll talk about how to set up an account, make a payment, manage your bills, and stay on top of your digital City of Fall River bills.

Read on to learn the ins and outs of fast easy online payments with the City of Fall River!

Why Pay Bills Online?

Here are some excellent reasons to pay your City of Fall River bills electronically instead of by mail

  • It’s fast – Pay instantly in minutes instead of waiting days for checks to process

  • It’s easy – Pay on your computer, phone or tablet anytime 24/7

  • Saves money – Avoid late fees by paying before due dates

  • Payment history – All bills and payments organized in one secure place

  • Auto-pay – Set up recurring automatic payments from your account

  • Paperless – Reduce clutter without receiving paper bills

  • Reward points – Earn points to redeem when paying bills online

  • Account management – Update details and contact info all online

Paying online gives you more control and makes bill management a breeze.

Step 1: Create an Online Account

To start paying City of Fall River bills electronically, you’ll first need to set up an online account.

Go to and click “New User? Click Here” under the login form.

Complete the registration page by providing your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Password

Read and accept the terms of use and privacy policy. Click “Register” when finished.

Check your email to activate your new account and you’ll be ready to log in.

Step 2: Log In and Navigate to Billing

To access the billing portal after registering:

  1. Visit

  2. Enter your email and password.

  3. Click “Login.”

Once logged in, click on “Payments” in the top menu bar. This will bring you to the payments page to view and pay bills.

Step 3: Select Bill to Pay

The payments page shows any outstanding City of Fall River bills ready for payment. This may include:

  • Property tax
  • Water/sewer
  • Excise tax
  • Parking tickets
  • Municipal liens

To pay a bill:

  • Click “Pay Now” beside the bill you want to pay
  • Verify the amount due and details
  • Adjust payment amount if able to make partial payment
  • Click “Continue” to advance to payment

Make sure to pay the correct bills before their due date!

Step 4: Enter Payment Method

The City of Fall River offers two payment options for paying bills online:

  • eCheck – Instant transfer from bank account
  • Credit/debit card – Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express

To pay:

  • Select your payment method
  • Enter your card details or checking/savings account information
  • Double check that info entered is accurate
  • Click “Process Payment” to submit

Step 5: Confirm Payment Details

Before completing payment, carefully review:

  • Correct bill details and account
  • Full balance is covered
  • Accurate payment information entered
  • Billing address matches account

Check the box to authorize payment. Click “Submit” to finish paying the bill.

You will see a confirmation page that your payment is complete!

Tips for Managing City of Fall River Bills

Here are some tips and tricks for optimizing the online bill pay experience:

  • Go paperless to reduce clutter and access bills electronically

  • Sign up for email/text reminders to get notified when bills are ready

  • Enable autopay to have bills paid automatically each month

  • Keep payment information like cards/accounts updated

  • Check payment history to review bills paid and monitor balances

  • Contact customer support directly through the portal with any questions

  • Update contact details if you move or change phone numbers

  • Download statements and bills to store payment records

Using the online portal makes monitoring and paying your City of Fall River bills a cinch. Sign up for an account today to take control of bill management!

City Of Fall River Bill Pay

Why the increase? Wage hikes and chemical costs

“One of the big drivers for the rate increases are chemicals and fixed-cost increases,” said Paul Ferland, the citys director of community utilities. “Like residents, costs across the board have increased for us.”

In the sewer department, 92% of the budget is fixed cost, and almost 50% is the repayment of bonds for utility projects.

And in recent years, Ferland has had an issue with retaining staff, who often require special certificates; the city and its union recently came to an agreement to increase salaries so the departments can be competitive in attracting workers.

Dionne speaks out against rate increase

City Councilor Michelle Dionne was the only councilor to reject the fiscal 2024 water and sewer rate hikes, and has been vocal about her stand that the water and sewer departments should be receiving much more in ARPA funding.

She’s argued that using more ARPA money for water and sewer projects would offset rate hikes down the road.

Dionne said for years the community has been “begging for federal dollars” to fund the city’s mandated CSO sewer project, which has costs hundreds of millions of dollars.

“You want the federal dollars, but you don’t use them when you get them. It really bothers me that we could have done so much more for everybody in this community,” said Dionne.

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