A Guide to Paying Your City of Fountain Utilities Bill

Having reliable utility services like electricity, water and sewer is essential for any home or business. As a City of Fountain Utilities customer it’s important to pay your bill on time each month to avoid service interruptions. The City of Fountain offers various ways to pay your utility bill either online, by phone mail or in person.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll outline the payment options available and provide tips for managing your utility account responsibly

Enrolling in Online Account Access

Managing your account online with City of Fountain Utilities is the easiest way to keep track of your bill and pay it. Here’s how to register:

  • Go to the Customer Connect Portal
  • Select “Register Now” if you don’t have an account
  • Enter your account number and email address
  • Create a secure username and password

After signing up, you can make payments, look at your statements, set up autopay, and more online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Paying Your Bill Online

Paying online through the Customer Connect Portal is fast, easy and secure. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log into your online account
  2. Go to Pay Now
  3. Select your electric and/or water account
  4. Enter the payment amount – you can pay total balance or a custom amount
  5. Enter your credit card or bank account information
  6. Review and submit the payment

Online payments are typically processed within 1 business day. To make sure you pay on time, just pay a few days before the due date.

Setting Up AutoPay

Forget about paying bills manually each month. Enroll in autopay through your online account to have payments processed automatically on your due date.

Here’s how to set up autopay with City of Fountain Utilities:

  1. Log into your online account
  2. Go to AutoPay Program and select Enroll Now
  3. Choose to pay full balance or fixed amount
  4. Enter your payment method details
  5. Pick a payment date before your due date
  6. Review and confirm your enrollment

With autopay in place, you’ll have peace of mind your utility bill is paid on time every month.

Paying by Phone

If you prefer to speak with someone, City of Fountain Utilities allows phone payments to their customer service team.

To make a payment by phone:

  • Call (719) 322-2010
  • Select the payment option when prompted
  • Enter your account number
  • Follow steps to pay with your card
  • A representative can also assist you

While less convenient than online payments, phoning in your utility bill can be helpful if you have questions or need personal guidance. Just note it takes 1-2 days for phone payments to process to your account.

Paying by Mail

If you don’t want to pay electronically, you can mail a physical check or money order to City of Fountain Utilities.

To pay by mail:

  • Write a check payable to City of Fountain Utilities
  • Include your account number on the check
  • Mail at least 7 business days before your due date
  • Send to the payment address listed on your statement

Just remember to account for mailing and processing time to avoid late fees.

Paying in Person

For maximum convenience, you can pay your utility bill in person at the City of Fountain Utilities office.

To make an in-person payment:

  • Visit the office at 116 S Main St, Fountain, CO 80817
  • Have your account number and payment method ready
  • Make your payment via cash, check or money order
  • Get a receipt for your records

Paying in person ensures your payment is credited to your account right away. Just watch office hours if paying on your due date.

Overview of Payment Options

City of Fountain Utilities offers flexible ways to pay:

  • Online through your account portal
  • By phone through their automated system or agent
  • Through the mail with check or money order
  • In person at the City of Fountain Utilities office

Choose the most convenient method for you each month.

Avoiding Late Fees

To avoid late fees, make sure to pay your City of Fountain Utilities bill on time every month. Here are some tips:

  • Mark due dates on your calendar so they don’t slip your mind
  • Schedule online payments to process 1 week before your due date
  • Enroll in autopay to pay automatically on your due date
  • Pay at least the minimum amount due if you can’t pay in full
  • Contact customer service immediately if you need assistance

Staying on top of payments ensures you avoid expensive late fees and potential service disruptions.

Managing Your Utility Account Online

Through your online account portal, you can do more than just pay your bill:

  • Monitor your daily electric and water usage
  • View, print and download statements
  • Sign up for usage alerts and billing notifications
  • Update your contact information if you move
  • Go paperless by enrolling in e-billing

Actively managing your account gives you visibility into your utility costs and billing details.

Getting Account Support

If you ever have issues with your City of Fountain Utilities account, contact customer service for help:

  • Call (719) 322-2010
  • Email questions to [email protected]
  • Visit the office at 116 S Main St, Fountain, CO

Reach out immediately if you notice any incorrect charges or service disruptions. Their team can provide billing support and help resolve any account issues.

Choosing the Best Payment Method

As a City of Fountain Utilities customer, you have flexible payment options to choose from each month. Autopay and online payments provide convenience and processing speed. You can also call, mail or visit the office to pay your bill if preferred. Select the payment method that best suits your unique needs and schedule.

By paying your electric and water bills on time every month, you can avoid additional fees and potential service interruptions. Take advantage of the online account tools to manage payments and monitor your usage seamlessly. Paying your City of Fountain Utilities bill is quick and straightforward with various options at your fingertips.

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Utility Bill Explained


What is the phone number for Colorado Springs utilities payment?

Phone numbers: (719) 448-4800 or (800) 238-5434 (Remember to have your account number handy. It’s required to process payment.) The mobile-friendly website and app make payments from your smartphone a breeze.

Can I pay Colorado Springs utilities with a credit card?

Self-Service Kiosk Located at our downtown service center (111 S. Cascade Ave.), our kiosk is available 24/7 and accepts cash, checks and credit/debit cards.

How much are utilities in Colorado Springs?

Utility costs in Colorado Springs are above the national average. Utilities (including gas, electric, water, and garbage) average around $176/monthly for a 900 square foot apartment.

Where do I pay my water bill in Rock Island?

Payment Drop Box A drop box located at Third Avenue and 16th Street is available for deposit of payment made by check, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How much does it cost to pay a utility bill in Fountain?

NOTE: When paying by credit/debit card, a $3.25 convenience fee applies. No fee is assessed for paying by electronic check. The City of Fountain Utilities provides water and electric utility service to residents of Fountain, Security and Widefield. For the latest news, please visit FountainUtilities.org.

Does fountain utilities offer utility bill payment assistance?

Fountain Utilities offers utility bill payment assistance through its Lighten the Load Program. Lighten the Load is a voluntary contribution program which provides assistance to individuals and families with temporary, short-term payment of their utility bill. For more information, please click Lighten the Load . Payment Arrangements

Where can I make a payment in Fountain?

Call (719) 322-2010 or come in to our walk-in cashier location for assistance. The payment drop boxes located at the Fountain Police Department, Pikes Peak National Bank, and Fountain City Hall were closed. Note: Payments deposited in Payment Drop Box locations after 7am will be posted to your utility account the following business day.

How do I contact fountain utilities?

Contact Utilities 1 Fountain Utilities 2 [email protected] 3 (719) 322-2010 | fax: (719) 322-2011 4 101 N Main St, Fountain, CO 80817

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