Make Paying Your City of Hughson Bill Easy with These Tips

Paying your City of Hughson utility bill just got a whole lot easier! The City recently launched new and improved online payment options to provide residents with convenient ways to pay their bills. In this article, we’ll walk through everything you need to know about paying your Hughson bill online or over the phone.

New Online Payment Website

The City of Hughson now has a dedicated website for online bill payments at On this user-friendly site you can

  • Create an account to access your real-time account balance
  • Make secure online payments 24/7
  • Review payment history
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Go paperless with e-bills

Creating an account is easy and only takes a few minutes. All you need is your account number and an email address Once your account is set up, you can log in anytime to pay your bill or manage your account

The new site offers enhanced features and security. You can seamlessly sign in using your existing username and password from the old system.

New Phone Payment Option

In addition to online payments, the City now offers a pay-by-phone option. Just call 855-725-3514 anytime to make a payment over the phone. This provides a quick and easy way to pay if you don’t want to create an online account or prefer to speak with someone directly.

When you call, you’ll need to provide your account number and billing information. You can pay using a bank account, credit card or debit card. The automated system is available 24/7, so you can call anytime it’s convenient for you.

Payment Kiosk at City Hall

For in-person payments, you can visit the payment kiosk at Hughson City Hall located at 7018 Pine Street. The kiosk accepts credit card, debit card or cash payments. It’s a quick, self-serve option if you’re already stopping by City Hall to conduct other business.

By Mail

You can still pay your utility bill through the mail by sending a check or money order to:

City of Hughson
PO Box 9
Hughson, CA 95326

Be sure to include your payment stub or write your account number on the check so your payment is applied correctly. Allow 5-7 business days for mailed payments to be received and processed.


For hassle-free bill paying, consider enrolling in AutoPay. This automatically deducts your utility payment each month from your bank account. Sign up through your online account and you’ll never have to worry about late fees again.

Payment Locations Overview

To recap your City of Hughson bill payment options:

  • Online:
  • Phone: 855-725-3514
  • In Person: Payment kiosk at City Hall
  • Mail: Send to PO Box 9, Hughson, CA 95326
  • AutoPay: Deducted automatically from your bank account

When to Pay Your Bill

City of Hughson utility bills are issued monthly. Payment is due by the 15th of each month to avoid late fees.

If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, your payment is due the next business day. Late fees are assessed if payment is not received by 5:00pm on the due date.

I recommend paying your bill as soon as you receive it to give yourself plenty of time for the payment to process. If mailing a check, allow 5-7 days. If paying online, payment is typically credited within 1-2 business days.

You can find the due date printed on your monthly bill. You’ll also receive automated phone or email reminders when your bill is approaching the due date. Log into your online account anytime to view your current balance and see if a payment is due.

Getting Account Balance and Billing Questions

If you ever need help understanding your bill or want to check your current account balance, Customer Service is available!

Call 209-883-4054 or email [email protected]. The utility billing staff can:

  • Explain charges on your bill
  • Check your account balance
  • Take payments over the phone
  • Discuss payment arrangement options
  • Update your contact information
  • And more!

Contact them with any billing questions or for personalized assistance with your City of Hughson utility account.

Convenient Payment Options

Sign up for online bill pay to manage payments on your own time. Give the pay-by-phone line a call for quick assistance. Or drop your payment at City Hall if you’ll already be in the area.

Whichever option you choose, paying your City of Hughson bill is now simpler than ever. Reach out anytime with questions about billing, payment history or account balances. The utility billing team is here to help!

City Of Hughson Bill Pay

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