Streamlining Bill Payments with the City of Iowa City

Paying bills can be a tedious task. Because there are so many bills and due dates to remember, it’s simple to forget to pay them or pay late fees. If you want to pay your city bills quickly and easily, the City of Iowa City offers easy online bill pay options. We’ll talk about the pros of using the City’s online bill pay system and show you how to set it up in this article.

Overview of City of Iowa City Bill Pay Options

The City of Iowa City allows residents to pay their utility bills, parking tickets, property taxes, and other fees online The two main options are

  • Paying bills through the City’s self-service web portal
  • Setting up auto-pay through your bank

Both options allow you to securely pay your bills online 24/7 without having to mail in checks or visit City Hall, The web portal also allows you to view balance and payment history and set email/text reminders

Paying through the portal is quick and easy for one-time payments. Auto-pay is great for bills that recur monthly, like utilities. The money is taken out of your bank account every month, so you don’t have to remember when the bills are due.

Benefits of Paying Bills Online

Paying City of Iowa City bills online has many advantages:


You can pay anytime, anywhere in just a few clicks – no mailing checks or visiting City Hall required. The mobile-friendly portal offers flexibility to pay on-the-go.


Online payments are fast and you can view balance/payment history in one place. Auto-pay removes the work of manually paying recurring bills every month.

Avoid Late Fees

The portal allows you to set email/text reminders for due dates. Auto-pay deducts funds on the due date, preventing you from ever paying late.


Online payments are more secure than mailing checks which can get lost. The portal uses encryption to keep your data safe.


The payment history helps you easily track municipal expenses for budgeting purposes Auto-pay gives you confidence that bills are always paid on time,

Environmental Benefits

Online payments are paperless and save trees. It’s also more eco-friendly than driving to City Hall to pay in person.

How to Pay Iowa City Bills Online

Ready to simplify bill pay? Here are step-by-step instructions for paying City of Iowa City bills through the online portal or auto-pay.

Paying Bills Through the Online Portal

  1. Go to the City’s Self-Service Web Portal

  2. Enter your 7-digit account number and 6-digit customer ID located on your bill

  3. Review account balance and select “Make Payment”

  4. Choose payment amount and enter payment info or save payment method for future

  5. Verify payment details and select “Continue”

  6. Review confirmation page and choose “Finish”

You’ll receive a confirmation email with payment details. The funds should deduct from your account within 1-2 business days.

Setting Up Auto-Pay

  1. Log into the City’s Self-Service Web Portal

  2. Navigate to “My Profile”

  3. Select “AutoPay Program”

  4. Choose account(s) you want to enroll in auto-pay

  5. Enter your bank account information

  6. Agree to the terms and conditions

  7. Review and submit the enrollment form

Your bills will now be paid automatically on their due dates moving forward. The payments will appear on your bank statement for easy tracking.

Tips for Managing City Payments

  • Set payment reminders through the portal to avoid late fees

  • Log in regularly to check balances and payment history

  • Contact the City at (319) 356-5066 if your account information changes

  • Keep bank account details updated for auto-pay

  • Opt for paperless billing to get notifications by email

Paying municipal bills can feel like a chore without a convenient system. The City of Iowa City’s online payment options help streamline the process. Both the web portal and auto-pay make managing utility bills, taxes, tickets and other fees quick and stress-free. Less bill pay work lets you focus on more important things! Consider enrolling in the City’s online bill pay to simplify payments today.

City Of Iowa City Bill Pay

Iowa City Online – Utility Bill Payment


What is the phone number for Iowa City utilities?

To pay by phone, call 319-356-5066. This number will put you in line for the next available customer service representative who can take your payment or answer a billing or general utility question.

Who provides water in Iowa City?

Iowa City has been producing and distributing potable water since 1882 and serves customers in Iowa City, University Heights, and the surrounding area. The municipal water treatment facility is located at 80 Stephen Atkins Drive. For general inquiries or meter appointments, please call 319-356-5160.

What is the utility discount program in Iowa City?

Eligible Iowa City utility customers can receive a discount of 60 percent of the minimum water and sewer charges, 60 percent of the monthly storm water charge, and 75 percent of the refuse, recycling and organics charges each month.

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