How to Pay Your City of Lynchburg Utility Bill Online

Residents and businesses in Lynchburg can easily pay their monthly bills for water, sewer, electricity, gas, and other services online through the City of Lynchburg. This complete guide will show you how to view and pay your Lynchburg utility bills online, as well as how to set up auto-pay, handle paperless billing, and more.

Access Online Account

To pay online, you must first set up an account on the City of Lynchburg website at wwwlynchburgvagov. From the home page, click on CityLink in the top menu bar. Then select “Register for CityLink” to create your online account.

You will need your utility account number and an email address to complete the registration process Account numbers are printed on your paper bills.

After registering, you can immediately log in to CityLink anytime to view your balance, payment history, make one-time payments, set up recurring auto-pay, and manage paperless billing.

Understand Your Utility Charges

When you look at your monthly Lynchburg utility bill, you’ll see charges for the following services:

  • Water – For water supply, treatment and distribution. Charged based on amount of water used.

  • Sewer – Covers wastewater collection and treatment Based on water usage

  • Electric – For power supply, transmission and delivery. Charged per kilowatt-hour.

  • Gas – Covers natural gas supply and delivery. Based on gas usage.

  • Refuse – Flat quarterly fee for garbage, recycling and yard waste collection.

  • Stormwater – Charged based on impervious surface area of your property.

If you notice any sudden spikes or drops in usage, contact the City to have your meter and billing reviewed for potential issues.

Payment Options

You have several options to pay your Lynchburg utility bill conveniently:

  • Online – Pay by credit card or e-check through CityLink.

  • Phone – Call 800-272-9829 for automated phone payments.

  • Mail – Send check or money order with payment stub from bill.

  • In-Person – Pay at City Hall or payment kiosks around Lynchburg.

  • Auto-Pay – Set up recurring monthly bank account withdrawals.

  • Drop Box – Deposit check or money order payments in drop boxes.

No matter which option you choose, pay the full statement balance by the due date printed on your bill to avoid late fees. Processing times vary, so pay early to ensure on-time payment.

Understanding Due Dates

Utility bills from the City of Lynchburg are issued on a monthly basis. The printed due date on your bill is typically 3-4 weeks from the statement date.

If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, it is automatically extended to the following business day. Your payment must be received by the due date to avoid late fees.

For mailed payments, allow 5-7 days for delivery and processing. Auto-pay is the most reliable method to pay by the due date every month.

Late Fees and Disconnection

If your payment is received after the due date, you will be charged a 10% late penalty on the overdue balance.

Accounts more than 45 days past due are subject to disconnection. A $30 disconnection fee and $30 reconnection fee will also apply.

Avoid expensive late fees and potential utility disconnection by paying your bill in full each month prior to the due date. Notify the City immediately if you expect difficulty with on-time payment.

Payment History and Paperless Billing

Through your CityLink online account, you can:

  • View 12 months of billing and payment history
  • Print copies of bills and payment receipts
  • Go paperless by opting into e-bills instead of mailed paper bills
  • Update account contact information if you move
  • Set up email/text reminders for due dates

Reviewing your history helps you monitor usage over time and catch billing errors early. You can also download transaction data for household budget tracking or tax purposes.

Going paperless reduces waste and clutter. You’ll receive email notifications when your e-bill is ready to view and pay online.

Security Tips for Paying Online

Follow these tips to keep your account information safe while paying online:

  • Never use public WiFi to access CityLink
  • Create a strong and unique password
  • Don’t save usernames or passwords in your browser
  • Periodically change your password
  • Log out completely after each session
  • Use up-to-date antivirus and malware software
  • Watch for suspicious emails or texts requesting account info
  • Contact the City if you see any unauthorized access attempts

Getting Help with Your Lynchburg Utility Account

If you need help with your Lynchburg utility account, contact customer support:

By Phone: Call 434-455-3840, Monday-Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm

In-Person: Visit City Hall at 900 Church St, Lynchburg VA

Email: [email protected]

After Hours: Call 434-847-1300 for emergency utility issues

You can get multilingual assistance managing your account, making payments, starting/stopping service, paying bills, and more.

Paying your Lynchburg utility bill is quick and easy through the online CityLink portal. Enjoy convenient features like one-time or auto-pay, paperless billing, payment reminders, balance tracking, and much more.

City Of Lynchburg Bill Pay


  • City Hall, 900 Church Street, Lynchburg VA 24505
  • Business hours 8:30 pm to 5 pm. Monday through Friday except for legal holidays.

Automatic Bank Draft – Request Bank Draft

The City of Lynchburg Billings and Collections Division is pleased to offer an Automated Direct Payment Program for our customers. Since this is designed to electronically draft funds from your bank on the due date, this program provides a convenient and reliable method of paying your utility account for water and sewer.

To participate in the automated direct payment program complete the information requested and sign the authorization form (PDF), attach a voided check from your personal bank account, and return both to the Billings and Collections, Utility Billing office (you can find the address on this page).

The Utility Billing office will process your request upon receipt. The next utility bill issued by this office must be paid in full by the customer. The Utility Billing office sends a payment verification transaction (pre-note) to your bank on this bill and no money will be collected by bank draft. On the second bill after you have presented the authorization form your bill will include a message “Bank Draft -Do Not Pay”. Your bank account will be drafted on the due date for amount reflected on the bill.

All customers are required to provide written notification 30 days prior to your bill due date, of any bank account changes or if you no longer elect to participate in the Automated Direct Payment Program.

If your bank rejects the utility payment draft for any reason, you are required to pay by cash or money order to the Billings and Collections teller in City Hall the amount of the draft, a service fee, and the security deposit. Your water service is subject to disconnect; on the next business day after notification is sent by your bank that the draft has been rejected. Additional fees will apply if your water service is terminated. It is very important for you to contact the Utility Billing Office regarding any problems with your payment. We will also advise you on the status of future bank drafts. If you have any questions or concerns about the Automated Direct Payment Plan, please contact Utility Billing at 434-455-3840.

  • City Hall: 10th Street side
  • Lynchburg Public Library: 2315 Memorial Avenue
  • Regal River Ridge Mall: 3411 Candlers Mountain Road

A dropbox is available at City Hall, 10th Street side entrance.

When mailing your payment, please include the payment stub from your bill along with your account and customer number written on your check or money order. Payments should be mailed to:

City of Lynchburg Utility Billing – Payment Processing Center P.O. Box 9000 Lynchburg, VA 24505

Please note that mailing a payment without a payment stub from the bill could delay the posting of the payment to your account. When mailing your payment without the payment stub from your bill, please write the account and customer number on your check or money order and mail to:

City of Lynchburg Utility Billing – Billing Office P.O. Box 1237 Lynchburg, VA 24505

The City of Lynchburg is Hiring!

How do I pay my city of Lynchburg utility bill online?

Payments can be made by Visa or MasterCard with a credit or debit card. Please allow three business days for your online payment to post to your City of Lynchburg utility account. You will be charged a processing fee of 2.25% of the amount you are paying for each transaction you make.

How long does it take to pay a bill in Lynchburg?

Be aware of your bill due dates and number of days it takes your payment to reach the City of Lynchburg. The City does not receive your payment the same day you create the payment. Some online banking payments take two business days and some take five business days to be received by the City and processed to your accounts.

How do I make online payments in Lynchburg?

You are making online payments electronically, but some banking institutions prepare a paper check and mail it to the City of Lynchburg via the U.S. Postal Service. You should keep a record of your payments made through your online banking service. Periodically check your account numbers to ensure they are correct and have not changed.

What happens if I buy or sell property in Lynchburg?

Your Real Estate parcel/account numbers (house or land tax) change if you buy and/or sell property. If you have questions concerning online banking payments to the City of Lynchburg, please call 434-455-3850. Customers can pay their City of Lynchburg Utility, Personal Property, and Real Estate bills using their online banking service.

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