How to Pay Your Bills to the City of Laramie

Residents and businesses in Laramie rely on essential services provided by the city government, including utilities, public safety, roads, parks and more To fund these municipal services, the City of Laramie bills property owners and utility customers on a regular basis Paying your city bills fully and on time is a responsibility of every citizen. This article will provide an overview of common city bills and tips for convenient payment.

City of Laramie Utility Bills

Laramie provides water sewer, sanitation and storm drainage utility services to local homes and businesses. Customers are billed monthly for their usage of these utilities along with fixed service fees.

Utility bills include details like your account number, service address, meter readings, consumption amount, rates, fees, account balance, due date and total owed. Bills are typically mailed by the 1st of each month and due around the 20th.

There are several ways to pay Laramie utility bills:

  • Online via the Click2Gov website – Fast and secure e-payments anytime.
  • Phone – Call the toll-free automated payment line.
  • Mail – Send check or money order to the address listed.
  • In person – Pay at City Hall with cash, check or money order.

Pay on time to avoid late fees and potential service disruption for non-payment. If facing financial hardship, contact the city immediately for possible payment arrangements.

Municipal Court Fines

The Laramie Municipal Court hears both civil and criminal cases that happen in the city. If you are given a ticket and are later found guilty or plead guilty/no contest, you will have to pay a fine.

Common citations include traffic violations, animal violations, shoplifting, trespassing, disorderly conduct and more. Failure to pay fines on time can result in additional penalties or even jail time.

Court fines can be paid:

  • Online – Through your case account on nCourt.
  • By mail – Send payment to address on citation.
  • In person – Pay at the court clerk’s office in City Hall.

Take court orders seriously and pay fines fully by the deadline to resolve your case. Contesting a citation may require attending a court hearing.

Property Taxes

Laramie property owners must pay annual property taxes to fund services like public schools, the city government, Albany County and more. Taxes are based on your property’s assessed value.

Property tax bills are mailed annually by Albany County and typically due by the end of November. Payments can be made:

  • Online
  • Mail
  • In person at City Hall or the County Treasurer’s Office

Pay on time to avoid penalties. Contact the County Assessor’s Office with any questions about your property’s valuation or tax bill calculations.

Business Licenses

Anyone operating a business within Laramie city limits must obtain an annual business license. Fees vary based on your license type, number of employees, square footage and other factors.

Applications can be completed through the city website. Licenses must be renewed each year by the deadline to legally operate your Laramie business.

Building Permits

If you’re constructing a new building, making renovations or doing other structural work, you’ll need to apply for proper building permits from the city. Permits ensure projects meet all safety codes and regulations.

Permit applications can be submitted online or in person. Pay the permit fee according to the city’s fee schedule to obtain your permit. Schedule all necessary inspections as work progresses.

Tips for Paying Laramie Bills

  • Enroll in auto-pay through Click2Gov to have bills paid automatically.

  • Opt for paperless billing to receive statements electronically.

  • Pay utility bills online to avoid mailing delays or trips to City Hall.

  • Review charges carefully and contact the city with any billing disputes.

  • Mark due dates on your calendar and budget accordingly.

  • If money’s tight, prioritize paying utilities first before other bills.

  • Notify the city immediately if you’ll have trouble paying on time.

  • Keep your contact information up to date so you receive bill notifications.

Paying bills to the City of Laramie funds the essential services that residents rely on daily. While paying bills isn’t fun, it’s a civic duty we must fulfill in exchange for the many perks of living in Laramie. Use the convenient online options to pay your city bills quickly and hassle-free.

City Of Laramie Bill Pay

Returned Checks & Over Bank Drafts

The City of Laramie will charge a $25 processing fee for all returned checks or bank drafts. If the City of Laramie receives three returned payments from a customer within one calendar year, the customer will be requested to pay with certified funds.

Bill Pay Overview Tutorial

How do I pay my city of Laramie utility bill?

We offer several convenient options to pay your City of Laramie utility bill. By automatic bank draft –> City of Laramie utility bill payments may be drafted out of your checking or savings account automatically each month. A completed ACH Bank Drafting Form is needed, along with a voided check from the account.

How do I make a payment in Laramie?

By drop box –> Drop boxes are located in front of and inside City Hall; payments are picked up daily, Monday through Friday. By phone –> Call (855) 276-8970 with your billing account number to make your payment toll-free, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. The City of Laramie accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

What services does the city of Laramie offer?

City of Laramie municipal utility services include water, sewer, solid waste, and mosquito control. Utility Billing staff are responsible for monthly billing, connection and disconnection of City of Laramie services, and payment collection for utility services.

Does Laramie accept online payments for court citations & parking tickets?

Instruction on using the City of Laramie Municipal Services Automated Payment System We are now accepting online payments for court citations and parking tickets through nCourt. Court Payments

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