Demystifying Clearway Community Solar Bill Pay: A Comprehensive Guide for 2023

Paying your energy bill can be confusing, especially if you’ve signed up for a community solar program like Clearway Community Solar. As someone who recently subscribed to Clearway myself, I want to walk through exactly how Clearway billing and payments work so you can understand the process and reap the full benefits of community solar

How Does Clearway Billing Work?

With Clearway Community Solar, you’ll continue to receive a bill from your regular electric utility for your home’s electricity use, just like before However, now that bill will show credits from the solar energy produced by your share of the Clearway solar farm These are called “solar bill credits” or “net metering credits”.

The solar credits reduce the amount you owe to the utility. But Clearway bills you separately for the cost of providing those credits at the rate you agreed to in your Clearway contract.

So each month, you’ll get:

  • Utility bill, lowered by solar credits
  • Clearway bill for the cost of the credits

This two bill system allows you to directly see the savings from your solar subscription on your utility bill.

When Does Clearway Billing Start?

Clearway won’t charge you until the solar farm they assigned to you starts to work and make energy. It took me four months after I signed up to get my first bill.

Clearway sends emails when the farm is built and again before they start billing, so you shouldn’t be surprised.

What Does a Clearway Bill Look Like?

My Clearway bills are simple one page PDFs that show:

  • My monthly solar credit charge
  • Any account balance
  • Solar production from my share of the farm
  • Customer support contact info

You can also log into your Clearway online account to see billing history and make payments.

When Do I Get My First Solar Credits?

It takes 1-2 billing cycles after the solar farm starts operating before credits show up on your utility bill.

For me, the farm went live in March but I didn’t see credits until my May utility bill. This lag is normal while the utility processes everything.

How Do Solar Credits Impact My Utility Bill?

The solar credits reduce the utility charges used to calculate your final amount due. But they typically won’t “zero out” your entire bill.

My monthly credits are around $30, lowering my bill from $120 to $90. I’m still responsible for paying the utility the remaining $90 each month.

Your savings depend on system size, energy use, and local electric rates. Clearway can estimate your savings when you sign up.

Why is the Clearway Contract So Long?

Clearway contracts are typically 20-25 years long. This matches the lifespan of the solar panels, allowing Clearway to offer the best rates.

The long term ensures Clearway can maintain and operate the system to keep your credits flowing over decades. Going solar is a long-term environmental commitment.

What if I Move?

Contact Clearway Customer Support if you move, even if it’s within the same utility territory. They can transfer your subscription to the new address if it’s eligible.

You may be assigned to a different Clearway solar farm that’s closer to your new home to keep the credits optimal.

Can I Cancel My Clearway Contract?

In most states, the Clearway contract does not allow you to cancel service early except for a few specific reasons like moving out of the service area.

This ensures Clearway can keep the solar farm operating and honoring all customers’ subscriptions over the full term.

How Do I Pay My Clearway Bill?

Paying your Clearway bill is quick and easy through the online customer account portal at You can also call or mail in payments.

I like to set up auto-pay through the portal so my bill gets paid automatically each month. One less thing to remember!

Finding Your Solar Credits on Your Utility Bill

The spot where solar credits show up on your utility bill can differ depending on your local utility company. Here’s where to find them:

National Grid: Credits appear on page 1 under “Delivery Charges”

Eversource: Page 2 under “Delivery Charges”, listed as “Net Metering Credit”

ConEd: Page 3 under “Delivery Charges”, listed as “Net Credits”

Xcel Energy: Page 1 under “Electric Charges”, listed as “Net Metering Credit”

Contact Clearway Customer Support if you need help locating your credits.

Common Clearway Billing Questions Answered

Here are answers to some frequent questions about Clearway billing and payments:

Why do I get a separate bill from Clearway?

Clearway is separate from your utility. The separate bill clearly shows the value of the solar credits you’re receiving.

What are solar bill credits?

Credits on your utility bill representing the solar energy generated from your portion of the Clearway solar farm. These reduce your utility charges.

Do I still pay the utility each month?

Yes, you pay the utility for your home’s electricity use minus the credit amount each month.

Where are the credits on my bill?

Location varies but they are usually under “Delivery Charges”. See examples above.

Can I pay online?

Yes, through the Clearway customer account portal. You can also enroll in auto-pay.

I have a new address. Can I transfer my subscription?

Yes, contact customer support to begin the transfer process.

How do I cancel Clearway service?

Cancellation before the end of contract term is limited. Contact support to discuss options.

How long until my solar farm starts operating?

It typically takes 4-12 months after signing up, depending on your region. Clearway will alert you when it’s online.

Going Solar with Clearway: My Experience

I want to share my experience signing up for Clearway Community Solar, since the process was new to me.

Overall, it was simple and I’m already saving each month, earning back my subscription fee through credits. Here are a few key steps from my journey:

Getting a quote: I entered my address online and got an instant estimate of my monthly savings. Clearway only serves certain areas but covers most of my utility territory.

Signing the contract: A few days after getting the quote, a Clearway rep called me to explain the program in detail and sign me up over the phone. We reviewed the full contract so I understood the terms.

Waiting for construction: It took about 5 months for my solar farm to be completed and start producing energy. Clearway sent regular updates by email.

Seeing my first credits: Two months after the farm went live, my first solar bill credits showed up on my utility bill, taking $28 off my charges.

Getting the Clearway bill: The first separate Clearway bill came the month after my initial credits. Now I get both bills each month and pay them as I would normally.

Monitoring my account: I logged into my Clearway online account to check solar production and make sure my payments are processing correctly.

Overall, Community Solar with Clearway provides an easy way to save money while supporting clean energy. I’m glad to be relying less on fossil fuels and reducing my carbon footprint. The billing process was confusing at first but very straightforward once I understood it. I’m happy to answer any other questions on my experience going solar with Clearway!

Clearway Community Solar Bill Pay

A Closer Look at Energy Savings

  • Now that your assigned Clearway solar farm is live, solar production has begun and Clearway billing will begin soon.
  • For the solar energy produced by your portion of the solar farm, you are now receiving bill credits – we call these “solar bill credits.”
  • The solar bill credits are applied to your monthly utility bill, reducing your charges.
  • To recap, you will continue to receive a monthly utility bill. But now, your utility bill will be reduced by the solar bill credits you receive as a result of being a Clearway customer.
  • You will receive a separate bill from Clearway. Your Clearway bill is for the cost of the solar bill credits at the rate specified in your contract.
  • Just as a reminder, you’re replacing dirty power with clean power and in return, getting solar credits at a special rate designed to help you save on electricity.
  • Your Clearway rate can be found on your Clearway Customer Agreement. You can access your Customer Agreement by logging into your Online Customer Portal at You can also pay your bills, enroll in Paperless Billing and AutoPay, and manage your account within the Customer Portal.

How to Pay Your Clearway Bill

There are fast and easy options for paying your monthly Clearway bill.

  • Enroll in AutoPay: Enjoy effortless, secure payment processing through AutoPay without any extra monthly to do’s or hassles.
  • Pay Online: You can pay your bill online in your customer portal at You can also reach the portal on Clearway’s website by clicking on the green button in the top right hand corner labeled “My Customer Portal.”
  • Pay by Phone: You can call our customer support team at 1.855.712.7508 to complete payment by phone.
  • Pay by Check: You can mail a check to: Clearway Community Solar, P.O. Box 4387, Portland, OR 97208. Be sure to include your account number on your check.

How Billing Works for Community Solar (Shared Solar)


How does community solar billing work?

This is typically in the form of a monthly subscription fee. The local utility pays the community solar provider for the energy generated, and each subscriber receives a portion of the dollar value generated by their community solar subscription as a credit.

How does solar billing work?

The Solar Billing Plan (SBP) works by billing customers not just based on the energy you consume, but also the credits you earn for surplus solar energy you produce. The price of electricity you consume varies, depending on your rate plan. The value of the Energy Export Credits (EECs) you earn varies hourly.

What is an example of a community solar bill?

For example, if you sign up for a community solar program that sells electricity for 11.7 cents per kWh (compared to the 13 cents per kWh your utility company currently charges for electricity), and your share generates 769 kWh, you’ll pay your community solar company $90 for your credits and reduce your bill charges …

How does Clearway energy work?

First, Clearway Community Solar builds and operates offsite, local solar farms within the communities we serve. The solar farms, and the solar energy generated, are supported by local residents, municipalities, businesses, and other organizations that subscribe to a portion of the solar farm.

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