How to Pay Your Coles-Moultrie Electric Bill Online

Living in central Illinois means being a member of the local electric cooperative, Coles-Moultrie Electric Cooperative (CMEC). As a member, paying your monthly electric bill efficiently is important. Luckily, CMEC offers several ways to pay online or through the SmartHub app for convenience. Read on to learn about the easiest methods for paying your CMEC electric bill digitally.

Why Pay Your CMEC Bill Online?

Here are some excellent benefits of paying your Coles-Moultrie Electric bill through the online options

  • It’s fast – Pay instantly anytime instead of mailing a check or visiting an office.

  • Available 24/7 – Pay at your convenience, even late at night or early morning.

  • Multiple options – Pay via SmartHub, phone, website, or auto-payment.

  • Store payment info – Save your payment details for quicker checkout in the future.

  • Paperless billing – Go green by getting bills electronically through SmartHub.

  • Payment history – Look back at your past CMEC payments in your SmartHub account.

  • Auto-Pay – Set up recurring payments to avoid late fees.

  • Notifications – Get reminders when your bill is ready and due.

  • Budget billing – Keep costs consistent each month.

Paying online helps you manage bills more efficiently. Let’s explore the specific methods for paying your CMEC electric bill digitally.

Paying Through SmartHub

The easiest way to pay your Coles-Moultrie Electric bill online is through SmartHub. This web and mobile app allows you to manage your entire CMEC account. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit or download the SmartHub app.

  2. Log into your SmartHub account with your credentials.

  3. Select “Pay Now” from the top menu.

  4. Choose a payment amount and method.

  5. Enter your payment details and submit.

Through SmartHub you can also view past bills, set up automatic payments, receive notifications, and more. It’s the single best way to stay on top of your CMEC account!

Paying Online Through CMEC’s Website

You can also make one-time CMEC bill payments right on their website:

  1. Go to

  2. Hover over “Your Service” and click on “Payment Options.”

  3. Scroll down and click the link to log into SmartHub.

  4. Follow the SmartHub payment steps above.

The CMEC website also provides details on other payment programs like Budget Billing and payment assistance resources.

Paying by Phone

To pay your Coles-Moultrie Electric bill over the phone:

  1. Call 217-235-0341 or toll-free at 888-661-2632.

  2. Select the “Pay by Phone” option.

  3. Provide your CMEC account number or address.

  4. Enter your credit/debit card or bank account information.

Payments by phone take just a couple minutes. Make sure to have your account and payment info handy when you call.

Automatic Payments

For ultimate convenience, set up automatic monthly payments through SmartHub. Here’s how:

  1. Log into your SmartHub account.

  2. Go to “Settings” and select “AutoPay Program.”

  3. Enter the payment amount and method.

  4. Check the box to authorize recurring payments.

  5. Save your selection.

With auto-pay enabled, you’ll avoid late fees, free up time, and streamline bill paying.

Payment Assistance Programs

If you’re struggling to pay your CMEC electric bill, assistance programs like LIHEAP may help cover costs. Contact CMEC or local agencies to learn more.

Avoid Late Fees with Reminders

Use SmartHub’s reminders to get alerts when your bill is ready and when it’s due. Just log in, go to Notifications, and set up the reminders that fit your schedule. Pay on time, every time!

Coles Moultrie Bill Pay

What payment methods are accepted for my electric co-op bill?

Coles Moultrie Electric Cooperative accepts several methods of payment to ensure convenience for customers. These payment methods include online payments, credit and debit cards, and electronic checks. Members may pay their bill either through the online payment portal, by calling the co-op customer service number, or by using a credit/debit card at any CME location. Additionally, members can opt for automatic payments, in which their monthly electric bill amount is automatically withdrawn from their account each month. Members may also pay their bill using an electronic check, in which the member provides their banking information and the amount owed is deducted from their account.

Coles Moultrie Electric Cooperative Electric rate plans

For residential electric rate plans, Coles Moultrie Electric Cooperative has several different options to fit the needs of customers. The base rate is a flat fee that customers pay each month, regardless of the amount of electricity consumed. The Time-of-Use rate plan offers rates that vary depending on the time of day and day of the week. Customers may have a lower rate during off-peak hours and a higher rate on peak hours. Variable Rate plans allow customers to lock in a rate for a period of time. The kilowatt-hour rate will vary depending on the current market price of electricity. Lastly, the Pre-Pay option allows customers to pay for electricity upfront, at a discounted rate.

Business rate plans are similarly offered in a variety of options to meet the needs of commercial customers. Business customers may choose a flat rate or a tiered rate plan. For tiered rate plans, the customer pays a higher rate for electricity consumed beyond the set base rate or threshold. There is also a Time-of-Use option for business customers, with rates varying depending on the time of day and day of the week. Lastly, business customers can opt for a Variable Rate plan, in which the kilowatt-hour rate varies with the current market price of electricity.

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