How To Pay Your Mechanic Bill in GTA 5 Online

In GTA 5 Online, having a reliable mechanic is essential for fixing up your cars after wild police chases or stunt jump crashes. However, this auto service doesn’t come free. To keep your mechanic happy and working, you need to pay a daily fee. Don’t worry though, it’s an automatic process in-game.

Overview of the GTA Online Mechanic

After completing the GTA 5 storyline and entering GTA Online mode, you gain access to a special mechanic contact. This NPC can deliver customizable vehicles from your garage to your location. The mechanic also automatically fixes any damaged vehicles.

Of course, these conveniences come at a small cost. Each in-game day, you’re charged a $50 mechanic fee. Don’t fret about paying it manually though. The game deducts the cash automatically over time.

As long as you’re earning enough money through missions and activities, you shouldn’t ever run into issues with unpaid mechanic bills. Just keep that GTA cash flowing!

How the Mechanic Payment Works

You never have to manually pay the mechanic or go through any menus to cover the $50 daily charge. Here’s how it works behind the scenes:

  • The mechanic fee is deducted every 48 minutes of real-time.

  • This works out to around $50 per GTA day.

  • As long as you have over $1000 cash on hand, the fee is auto-paid.

  • If you don’t have enough cash, the mechanic won’t answer requests.

  • Earning more money will automatically pay down any unpaid fees.

It’s really a “set it and forget it” system. As you play normally and earn money, the mechanic costs just disappear in the background

What Happens If You Don’t Pay the Mechanic

If you somehow let your cash reserves drop too low, you run the risk of not paying the mechanic fee. Here’s what happens next:

  • The mechanic won’t deliver any new vehicles to you.

  • He also won’t come repair damaged vehicles.

  • Basically, his services will be unavailable.

  • This persists until you earn enough money to repay the outstanding fees.

  • Fees accrue for each in-game day you don’t have $50+ available.

So be sure to keep earning cash through missions, robberies, selling cars, and other money-making ventures. As long as you have over $1000 on hand, you’ll stay on top of the mechanic payments.

Tips for Managing Mechanic Costs

Use these tips to avoid issues with unpaid mechanic bills:

  • Monitor your cash level to ensure it stays above $1000.

  • Deposit extra cash in the bank as a reserve if needed.

  • Take on profitable missions and activities regularly.

  • Limit costly deaths and car replacements.

  • Sell valuable rare cars you aren’t using.

  • Rob stores and armored trucks for quick cash infusions.

  • Buy the most expensive safehouse to have a daily income.

With good money management habits, that $50 a day mechanic fee will never be a problem!

Can I Just Pay the Mechanic Manually?

Some new GTA Online players ask if they can manually pay the mechanic themselves. However, there is no direct way to do this.

You can’t call the mechanic and pay over the phone. There’s also no menu or interface to send the mechanic a payment.

The daily fee is always applied automatically in the background. Just focus on your money-making criminal enterprises, and your mechanic costs will take care of themselves!

What If I Go Broke in GTA Online?

Okay, we all hit tough times in Los Santos. What if you go totally broke and can’t even scrounge up $50 for the mechanic?

First, take on any quick odd job you can to get fast cash. Deliver a vehicle, rob a store, or sell some guns. This should give you enough to get the mechanic back on payroll.

If that doesn’t work, you can reset your character’s cash to $500 through the Rockstar Social Club. This will be enough to get your mechanic back and let you start fresh.

Just be sure to build back up your savings cushion to avoid any future cashflow crises. The mechanic won’t work for IOUs or vague promises of payment!

Paying your reliable GTA Online mechanic is easy when you know his fees are handled automatically in the background. Just keep earning money through missions and profitable criminal endeavors. Monitor your cash reserves to ensure you have a buffer for mechanic costs and other expenses. With good money habits, you and your mechanic will have a smooth long-term business relationship!

How To Pay Your Mechanic Bill In Gta 5

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How To Pay Your Mechanic Bill In Gta 5

How to PAY Mechanic IN GTA 5 Online & FIX You Missed The Last Payment To Your Mechanic


How to get mechanic in GTA 5?

The mechanic is a man hired by the player upon their first purchase of a garage or a house or apartment that has one.

Do you have to pay bills in GTA Online?

Some fees are charged no matter what you’re doing. Some, such as the one for the Bunker and MC Businesses, are only charged if you are registered as a CEO or MC President. When are Daily Fees charged? The GTA Online fees are charged every 48 minutes (one in-game day) that you are in the same lobby.

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