A Guide to Paying Your Bill at Pacific Dermatology Center

As a long-time patient at Pacific Dermatology Center in San Diego I’ve gotten familiar with the various options for paying my medical bills. In this post I’ll share tips on the easiest ways to pay your bill based on my experiences.

Overview of Payment Options

Pacific Derm Center accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Personal checks
  • Major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover)
  • CareCredit healthcare financing

They expect full payment at the time of your appointment when services are rendered

Paying right after an appointment is definitely easiest so you don’t forget. But Pacific Derm also offers an online bill pay system if you need to pay at a later date.

Below I’ll cover the pros and cons of each payment method from my point of view.

Paying by Cash

Paying your dermatology bill in cash is accepted by Pacific Derm Center. It can be a good option if:

  • You want to pay the exact payment amount without overpaying.
  • You don’t have a checking account or credit card.
  • You want to avoid credit card processing fees.

Just be sure to get a printed receipt from the front desk for your records. And keep cash payments under $10,000 to avoid IRS reporting requirements.

The downside is you need to hit the ATM before appointments to get enough cash. And carrying large amounts of cash isn’t always secure.

Paying by Personal Check

Pacific Derm Center allows patients to pay by mailing in a personal check or providing one at your appointment.

Some benefits of paying by check include:

  • Easy to mail if you can’t make it into the office
  • Avoids credit card fees
  • Can be post-dated for future appointments
  • Provides payment records from your bank

Just be sure checks are filled out completely and signed to prevent delays in processing. I recommend keeping your checkbook in your purse or wallet so you always have one handy for medical appointments.

Paying by Credit Card

For convenience, paying by credit card is my preferred option. Pacific Derm accepts all major cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Reasons I like paying my dermatology bills with a credit card:

  • Fast and easy swipe or tap at checkout
  • Builds rewards points / cash back
  • Provides purchase protection
  • Generates a payment record on statements
  • Allows spreading payments over time (if needed)

The only potential hangup is that Pacific Derm charges a 3% processing fee on credit card transactions. But I find the convenience worth the small surcharge.

Financing with CareCredit

For expensive dermatology treatments, Pacific Derm Center offers 0% interest financing through CareCredit.

This can be a great option to pay off bills over 6, 12 or 18 months. The flexibility helps cash flow.

Some tips for using CareCredit:

  • Apply in advance since approval is required
  • Know the terms – deferred interest or fixed monthly payments
  • Make payments on time to avoid high retroactive interest
  • Set up autopay from your bank account

Just be cautious of deferred interest plans where missing the payoff deadline triggers 20%+ interest retroactively.

Online Bill Pay System

If you don’t pay at the time of service, Pacific Derm Center allows paying outstanding bills through their patient portal online bill pay system.

To use the online bill pay:

  1. Register for the patient portal on their website

  2. Under Billing, click Pay Bill to see your account balance

  3. Enter payment details and submit

I like the portal since it stores my payment history and receipts digitally in one place. Payments post right away with instant email confirmation.

Avoid Late Fees by Paying on Time

One key tip with Pacific Dermatology Center bills – be sure to pay on time! They charge a 1.5% monthly late fee on unpaid balances after 30 days.

Late fees add up quickly, so take advantage of online bill pay and autopay features. Also, watch for mailed paper statements which can take a while to deliver and are easy to overlook.

Payment Plans Are Available if Needed

If you’re having trouble paying off a large dermatology bill all at once, Pacific Derm Center is willing to work with patients on installment payment plans.

You’ll need to contact their billing department directly to set this up. They’ll create a schedule for dividing payments over several months that works with your budget.

Just know that late payment penalties still apply if you miss the agreed installment dates. So be realistic on the payment amounts you commit to each month.

Insurance Claim Hassles? Ask for Help

One headache I’ve run into is issues with insurance claim denials resulting in larger bills. If this happens, ask Pacific Derm’s billing team for help.

They can re-file claims, appeal denials, and negotiate with your insurance provider. It’s worth having them fight on your behalf for proper coverage.

Also know your insurance benefits well so you aren’t surprised by denials. Discuss costs upfront with the Pacific Derm staff too.

Low Income Payment Assistance Available

For patients struggling to pay medical bills due to low income or financial hardship, Pacific Dermatology Center does offer financial assistance.

They have a charity care program that reduces payments based on your household size and income level. You’ll need to provide tax returns and pay stubs as proof.

Uninsured patients also get discounts on services and payments can be interest-free. Just ask their billing team for details on financial assistance programs.

Let’s Review the Payment Tips:

To recap, paying your bill with Pacific Dermatology Center is easy when you:

  • Pay at the time of service with cash, check or card
  • Set up the online bill pay system to pay later
  • Consider 0% financing with CareCredit for big treatments
  • Avoid late fees by paying on the due date
  • Ask about installment plans if you need to spread payments out
  • Get help appealing insurance claim denials from their billing team
  • Inquire about financial assistance programs if eligible

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