Cost Cutters Hours: Opening and Closing Times for the Popular Hair Salon Chain

Cost Cutters is one of the most popular hair salon chains in the United States. With hundreds of locations across the country, Cost Cutters provides affordable haircuts, coloring, styling and other salon services.

But when are Cost Cutters locations open for business? What are the standard Cost Cutters hours? Here is a comprehensive guide to Cost Cutters hours of operation, including opening and closing times by day of the week.

Overview of Cost Cutters

Cost Cutters was founded in 1971 with the goal of providing affordable, convenient hair care. The company focuses on quick, quality haircuts at budget-friendly prices. Some key facts about Cost Cutters:

  • There are over 400 Cost Cutters locations across the United States. The salons are concentrated in the Midwest, Great Lakes and Southeast regions.

  • Cost Cutters is owned by Regis Corporation, which also owns brands like Supercuts, SmartStyle and Mia & Maxx.

  • The standard haircut price is around $17 for adults and $14 for kids and seniors. Other services like coloring, perms and styling are also competitively priced.

  • Most salons are open 7 days a week with no appointment needed. The focus is on fast, walk-in service.

  • In addition to haircuts, Cost Cutters offers hair coloring, perms, facial waxing, deep conditioning and styling services.

Knowing the operating hours for your local Cost Cutters is important for conveniently scheduling your next hair appointment.

Standard Hours of Operation

Cost Cutters locations generally adhere to the same hours of operation. This standard schedule is:

Monday: 9AM–9PM

Tuesday: 9AM–9PM

Wednesday: 9AM–9PM

Thursday: 9AM–9PM

Friday: 9AM–9PM

Saturday: 9AM–7PM

Sunday: 10AM–6PM

Most Cost Cutters salons are open 7 days a week and have evening hours to provide maximum convenience. The total weekly operating hours are 73 hours from Monday morning through Sunday evening.

These standard hours may vary by location based on factors like customer demand, mall hours, state or local laws, and manager discretion. It’s a good idea to check your nearby Cost Cutters hours before your visit.

Hours by Day of the Week

Here is a deeper look at the typical hours for Cost Cutters locations each day of the week:

Monday Hours

On Mondays, Cost Cutters locations open at 9AM and close at 9PM. This provides a total of 12 hours of operation to get a haircut, coloring or other salon services on the first day of the work week.

Tuesday Hours

Tuesdays have the same open and close times as Mondays. Cost Cutters salons are open on Tuesdays from 9AM to 9PM.

Wednesday Hours

The standard Wednesday Cost Cutters hours are 9AM to 9PM. Wednesdays have the same hours of operation as Monday and Tuesday.

Thursday Hours

On Thursdays, Cost Cutters is open for 12 hours again from 9AM to 9PM. This consistent weekday schedule makes it easy to plan your salon visits.

Friday Hours

Fridays have the longest hours of operation at Cost Cutters locations. Salons are open on Fridays from 9AM until 9PM. Stop in for a haircut or style before going out for the weekend.

Saturday Hours

On Saturdays, Cost Cutters locations open an hour later and close two hours earlier compared to weekdays. The Saturday hours are from 9AM until 7PM.

Sunday Hours

Sundays have the most limited hours at Cost Cutters. On Sundays, salons are open from 10AM to 6PM – an eight hour operating window. It’s still convenient to visit on a Sunday for your hair needs.

Holiday Hours

Cost Cutters locations may have reduced hours of operation or close entirely on major national holidays. Here are the typical Cost Cutters hours on holidays:

  • New Year’s Day: Closed or reduced hours

  • Easter: Open regular hours

  • Memorial Day: Open regular hours

  • Independence Day: Open regular hours

  • Labor Day: Open regular hours

  • Thanksgiving Day: Closed

  • Christmas Eve: Close early (e.g. 5PM or 6PM)

  • Christmas Day: Closed

  • New Year’s Eve: Close early (e.g. 5PM or 6PM)

Be sure to call ahead to verify holiday hours if you are planning a Cost Cutters visit on or around a major holiday. Hours may vary by location.

Tips for Checking Cost Cutters Hours

Cost Cutters hours can occasionally vary by location based on factors like mall hours, customer traffic and state laws. Here are some tips for verifying the hours at your local Cost Cutters salon:

  • Check the Cost Cutters website: Search for locations on and click your salon to see its hours.

  • Call the salon directly: Find the phone number on the salon locator and call to double check their hours.

  • Check the mall hours: If your Cost Cutters is located in a mall, the mall hours may impact the salon hours.

  • Check the door or window signs: Walk or drive by the Cost Cutters location and check posted opening and closing times.

  • Check other sites: Hours may be posted on Google Maps, Yelp or other directory sites but call the salon to confirm.

Knowing the exact Cost Cutters hours of operation will ensure you don’t make a wasted trip. With standard hours of 9AM-9PM most days, you have a lot of flexibility to get your hair done affordably.

Cost Cutters Hours:

Here is a quick recap of the standard Cost Cutters hours of operation:

  • Monday: 9AM–9PM

  • Tuesday: 9AM–9PM

  • Wednesday: 9AM–9PM

  • Thursday: 9AM–9PM

  • Friday: 9AM–9PM

  • Saturday: 9AM–7PM

  • Sunday: 10AM–6PM

This nationwide hair salon chain provides weekday, weekend and evening availability. But be sure to verify your local hours before visiting Cost Cutters for your next cut, color or styling. With affordable pricing starting at $14 for a haircut, it’s a budget-friendly option for the whole family!


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What is cost cutters?

From men’s and women’s haircuts and hair color services to conditioning treatments and special event looks, Cost Cutters Salons offer a full range of hair services at affordable prices.

Does cost cutters accept Apple Pay?

We offer shoppers quick and easier ways to pay using contactless and Apple Pay, allowing you to reduce the amount of cash handling and decrease bank charges.

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