Regis Salons Hours: Opening and Closing Times for the Luxury Salon Chain

Regis Salons is one of the largest and most popular luxury hair salon chains in North America. With hundreds of locations across the United States and Canada, Regis Salons provide high-end haircuts, styling, coloring and other salon services. But what are the standard hours of operation at Regis Salons? When can you visit a Regis Salon for a cut, color or blowout?

This guide provides an overview of Regis Salons hours, including typical opening and closing times by day of the week. Keep reading to learn when your local Regis Salon is open for appointments and walk-in services.

Overview of Regis Salons

Regis Salons first opened in 1922 and steadily expanded across the U.S. and Canada. Here are some key facts about the upscale hair salon chain:

  • There are over 500 Regis Salon locations across the United States and Canada.

  • Regis Salons offer luxury hair services including cuts, styling, coloring, perms and facial waxing.

  • The salons aim to provide a high-end experience with skilled stylists and premium hair products.

  • Regis Salons are typically located inside malls and shopping centers for convenience.

  • Both appointments and walk-in customers are welcome at most locations.

Checking the hours makes it easy to visit a Regis Salon near you.

Standard Hours of Operation

While some variation exists across locations, Regis Salons generally follow standard hours:

Monday: 10AM–9PM

Tuesday: 10AM–9PM

Wednesday: 10AM–9PM

Thursday: 10AM–9PM

Friday: 10AM–9PM

Saturday: 9AM–7PM

Sunday: 11AM–6PM

Regis Salon locations are typically open 7 days a week, with evening hours on weekdays and weekend availability. Hours may vary by location, so verify your local Regis Salon hours.

Detailed Hours by Day

Here is an in-depth look at the standard operating hours for Regis Salons each day of the week:

Monday Hours

On Mondays, Regis Salons open at 10AM and close at 9PM. The total Monday hours of operation are 11 hours.

Tuesday Hours

Tuesdays have the same hours as Mondays at Regis Salon locations. Standard Tuesday hours are from 10AM to 9PM.

Wednesday Hours

On Wednesdays, Regis Salons are open their normal weekday hours, from 10AM until 9PM.

Thursday Hours

The operating hours on Thursdays are 10AM to 9PM at Regis Salons across the country. Thursdays have an 11 hour schedule.

Friday Hours

Fridays tend to be the busiest days at Regis Salon locations. Fridays maintain the 10AM to 9PM weekday hours.

Saturday Hours

On Saturdays, Regis Salons open an hour earlier and close 2 hours earlier compared to Monday through Friday. Saturday hours are usually 9AM to 7PM.

Sunday Hours

Sundays have the most limited hours, with Regis Salons open from 11AM until 6PM on Sundays. It’s still convenient to visit on Sundays for a wash and blowout.

Holiday Hours

On major holidays, Regis Salon locations may have reduced hours or closures. Check with your local salon for precise holiday schedules. Typically closed holidays include:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Regis Salons often close early on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve as well. Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and other holidays generally maintain regular opening hours.

Services During Business Hours

During their regular opening hours, Regis Salons provide luxury hair services including:

  • Haircuts: Women’s, men’s and children’s haircut styles
  • Hair coloring: Highlights, ombre, gloss, root touch up
  • Styling: Updos, blowouts, smoothing treatments
  • Perms and retexturizing
  • Waxing: Brow, lip, chin and facial waxing
  • Special occasion: Bridal and prom styling

Walk-ins are welcome but reservations are recommended for chemical services and specialty styles. Contact your local Regis Salon to book appointments.

Confirming Hours at Regis Salons

While most adhere to the standard hours, some Regis Salon locations may have unique schedules. Here are some tips for verifying hours:

  • Check the Regis Salons website and click your location.

  • Search on Google Maps and view the hours listed for your nearby salon.

  • Call the salon directly to confirm their hours that day.

  • Check the front door or windows of the salon for posted open/close times.

  • Follow Regis social media pages like Facebook and Instagram where hours are often listed.

  • If coming from far away, call ahead to make sure they’re open.

With hundreds of locations across North America, Regis Salons provide convenient access to quality haircare. Just be sure to check the hours at your local salon before visiting.

Regis Salons Hours Summary

Here is an overview of the standard weekly hours at Regis Salon locations:

  • Monday: 10AM–9PM
  • Tuesday: 10AM–9PM
  • Wednesday: 10AM–9PM
  • Thursday: 10AM–9PM
  • Friday: 10AM–9PM
  • Saturday: 9AM–7PM
  • Sunday: 11AM–6PM

Hours may vary, so verify your Regis Salon’s hours on their website or by calling. Their expert stylists can help with cuts, coloring, styling and more during opening hours 7 days a week.


Who bought Regis salons?

In October 2017 Regis Corporation sold its Regis Salons, MasterCuts, and UK Supercuts to The Beautiful Group. These salons became franchises keeping the same brand names.

How many times should you go to the salon?

If you want to maintain your hair length, cut and shape; it is recommended that you visit the hairdressers for a regular cut every 4 – 6 weeks on shorter styles and 6 – 8 weeks on mid-length styles, considering the hair grows on average half an inch a month. For longer lengths or If you want to grow your hair.

Is SmartStyle owned by Walmart?

SmartStyle Hair Salons are proud to be part of Regis Corporation, the largest owner and leading operator of hair salons in the world. Located inside of Walmart, SmartStyle has 35,000 potential guests walking by the front door of the salon every week – no other salon can match that.

Are Regis and Supercuts the same company?

Supercuts is a wholly owned subsidiary of Regis Corporation, which also owns Regis Salons, Mia & Maxx, MasterCuts, Cost Cutters, SmartStyle, and First Choice Haircutters in the United States and Canada.

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