How to Pay Your Covington Electric Bill by Phone

Paying your monthly electric bill is a necessary chore. While Covington Electric Cooperative offers several payment options like online, in person, by mail, and through third-party retail locations, many members still prefer the simplicity of paying by phone. Read on to learn all about how to pay your Covington Electric bill conveniently over the phone.

Benefits of Paying Your Electric Bill by Phone

There are many advantages to paying your Covington Electric bill by calling in on the phone

  • Quick – Make a payment in just a few minutes without having to drive anywhere

  • Available 24/7 – Covington’s automated phone system is available all day every day.

  • Secure – Your payment information is safe when entered through the phone prompts.

  • No hold times – The automated system means no waiting on hold to speak with an agent.

  • Simple process – Just dial in and follow the voice prompts to make your payment.

  • Flexible amounts – Pay any amount up to your full balance owed.

  • Payment confirmation – You’ll receive an email confirmation that your payment was processed.

  • Avoid late fees – Pay on time easily right from your phone.

The convenience of paying by phone makes it a great option for Covington Electric members who want a quick and straightforward bill payment experience.

How to Pay Your Covington Electric Bill by Phone

Paying your Covington Electric bill by phone is a breeze thanks to the user-friendly automated system. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Call Covington Electric’s Payment Line

  • Call 800-239-4121 which is the designated bill pay phone line.

  • This number connects you directly to the payment system.

Step 2: Enter Your 10-Digit Account Number

  • The system will prompt you to enter your 10-digit Covington Electric account number.

  • Enter the numbers on your phone keypad.

Step 3: Enter Payment Amount

  • Next, the system will ask you to enter the payment amount you wish to make.

  • Enter the dollar figure you want to pay on your bill.

Step 4: Select Payment Method

  • You’ll then need to choose your method of payment:

    • Press 1 for credit/debit card

    • Press 2 for bank draft (have your account number ready)

  • Follow additional prompts if paying by card to enter your card details.

Step 5: Confirm Payment Details

  • The system will recap your payment info and ask you to confirm everything is correct.

  • Press 1 to confirm and process your payment.

  • Press 2 if you need to re-enter any details.

And that’s it – once confirmed, your payment will be applied to your account!

The entire process takes just a couple minutes. It’s the fastest way to pay your Covington Electric bill.

Helpful Tips for Paying By Phone

Keep these tips in mind to ensure smooth payments when calling Covington Electric to pay your bill:

  • Have your account number handy to enter into the system.

  • Know your payment amount before calling. The system moves quickly.

  • Pay a few days before your due date in case extra processing time is needed.

  • Make sure the phone number you call matches the official payment line – 800-239-4121.

  • Speak clearly when entering info through the phone prompts.

  • Have your payment card or checkbook available if paying by card or bank draft.

  • Save the payment number at the end for your records.

  • Call during normal business hours if you need assistance from a customer service rep.

Following these tips will help make paying your Covington Electric bill over the phone quick and hassle-free.

Covington Electric Bill Pay Options

In addition to paying by phone, Covington Electric offers several other convenient ways for members to pay their electric bill:

  • Online – Visit and click “Pay My Bill” to pay by credit/debit card or e-check.

  • Covington Electric mobile app – Download the Android or iPhone app and pay directly through the app.

  • In person – Visit any Covington Electric office during business hours to pay your bill.

  • By mail – Mail a check or money order payable to Covington Electric. Include your account number on the memo line.

  • Drop box – Place your payment in the secure drop box at any Covington Electric location.

  • Bank draft – Set up auto-draft payments from your bank account each month.

  • Third-party retail locations – Present your account barcode at checkout to pay at retailers like Walmart, Dollar General and CVS.

  • Pre-pay program – Covington’s Flex Advantage pre-pay program lets you pre-purchase electricity credits.

With so many options, Covington Electric makes it convenient for members to pay how they want. But calling in to pay by phone is one of the quickest and easiest methods.

Covington Electric – More Than Just Great Service

In addition to fast and convenient bill payment options, members choose Covington Electric for:

  • Exceptional service – Our employees live right here in the community and are committed to serving our friends and neighbors.

  • Affordable rates – As a non-profit co-op, our rates are lower because our goal is providing electricity, not shareholder profits.

  • Reliability – We maintain and upgrade our lines and equipment to provide reliable electricity.

  • Member ownership – Members receive capital credit payments in profitable years.

  • Community support – We give back through scholarships, school donations, and more.

  • Energy efficiency – We help members use energy wisely through audits, rebates and more.

Covington Electric is an electric utility with more to offer than great service. We’re your local electric cooperative working to benefit the community. Paying your bill quickly by phone is just one example of our commitment. Give us a call today the next time your electric bill payment is due.

Covington Electric Bill Pay Phone Number

Please click below to view our new CUSTOMER PORTAL:

There are a number of ways to pay your bill…

We always welcome our customers who come to our office to pay their bill. You can pay with cash, check, money order, cashier’s check or credit card.

You can always mail in a check, cashier’s check or money order to pay you bill. Be sure to include your bill statement with your payment and for your convenience we enclose a return envelope.

This is the easiest and most economical way to pay your bill. The amount of your bill is automatically deducted from your checking account the day before your bill’s due date. You still receive a bill so you can maintain your records.

We accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover cards. Please be advised that there is a convenience fee for this type of payment.

Our night depository is located next to the drive up window for after-hour payment. We do not accept credit card payment in the night deposit.

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Who provides electricity to Covington GA?

MEAG Power is a premier joint action agency that serves 49 Participant communities, like Covington, throughout the state.

What is the phone number for Ozark Electric payment?

To make a payment by phone, please call 1-800-521-6144.

How do I contact Covington electric?

Our customer portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with your billing and accounting needs. You can also call us at 1-800-731-7606 to pay your bill by phone. We provide electrical service to homes and businesses within the corporate limits of the City of Covington.

Does Covington have an online bill pay service?

The City of Covington is pleased to announce that our online bill pay service is operational. The new service offers more features to easily manage your account anytime, from anywhere. You’ll soon be able to enjoy the convenience of setting up automatic payments, enrolling in e-billing, getting email payment reminders, and more.

How do I pay my Covington credit bill?

Completing a Covington Credit payment is easy and can be done over the phone, online, or in person. They also offer Text2Pay, allowing you to pay your bill via text. You can reach Covington Credit by phone at 866.413.1836.

How much does Covington electricity cost?

City of Covington Utilities’ consumers are billed an average residential electricity rate of 10.30 cents per kilowatt hour. Fortunately, this is 23.92% less than Georgia’s average rate of 13.55 cents. They had sales of 423, 749 megawatt hours in 2020 sold to end users.

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