How to Pay Your Dominion National Dental Bill Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

Having dental insurance through Dominion National provides you with coverage for dental services to help maintain your oral health. But of course, you need to pay your monthly or quarterly Dominion National dental insurance premium to keep your policy active.

Dominion National makes it quick and easy to pay your bill online. In this comprehensive guide I’ll walk through the step-by-step process to pay your Dominion National dental insurance bill online through their member portal.

Overview of Paying Your Dominion National Dental Bill

With Dominion National dental insurance, you or your employer pays a monthly or quarterly premium. This premium covers costs like

  • Preventive care like exams and cleanings
  • Basic services like fillings
  • Major services like crowns
  • Orthodontia (braces)

You have a few options to pay your Dominion National dental premium bill:

  • Online through the member portal
  • By phone
  • By mail with a check

Paying online is the fastest and most convenient way. Below are the step-by-step instructions.

Access the Dominion National Member Portal

To pay online, you need to access the secure Dominion National member portal.

Go to This is the login page for the portal.

Log Into Your Account

On the login page, enter your username and password. Then click “Log In.”

  • Your username is typically your email address
  • If you’ve forgotten your username or password, you can click the links to reset them

Once logged in, you’ll be taken to the member dashboard.

Select “Make a Payment”

On the left side of the dashboard there is a menu. Click on “Make a Payment” to go to the payment page.

Enter Your Payment Details

On the payment page, enter the following:

  • Amount to pay
  • Bank account or card number
  • Expiration date
  • Billing address

Select whether you want to pay the full balance or a partial payment amount.

Submit Payment

Double check that all details entered are correct. Then click “Submit Payment” to complete the process.

You’ll see a confirmation page that your Dominion National dental bill payment was successful.

Payment Confirmation and Receipt

After paying online, you can view and print your payment receipt through the portal under “Payment History.” Dominion National will also mail you a paper receipt.

Save this receipt with your records in case you need to reference it later.

Other Ways to Pay Your Dominion National Dental Bill

Aside from the convenient online option, you can also pay your Dominion National dental premium by:

  • Phone: Call the automated payment line at 1-855-219-2985. Have your account number, payment details ready.

  • Mail: Send a paper check or money order payable to Dominion National with your account number on it. Use the payment coupon from your bill.

  • Automatic Payments: Set up recurring monthly payments directly from your bank account.

Paying online through the member portal is typically the easiest way for most people.

Trouble Paying Your Dominion National Dental Bill?

If you’re having issues paying your Dominion National dental insurance premium on time, contact them right away. You may be able to set up a payment plan or discuss other options. It’s important to keep your policy active so your dental coverage doesn’t lapse.

Dominion National Dental Bill Pay

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You can also turn on this service by calling 888.596.0716 from your mobile device, text “DN GO” to 571.365.7461

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Does Dominion National have an app?

The MyDominion app is compatible with iPhone® and Android™. Click here on your smartphone to access MyDominion today.

Does dominion national offer dental and vision benefits?

At Dominion National, we understand the importance of oral and vision health. Our individual dental and vision benefit plans aim to provide you with affordable, comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. Enrolling in our individual dental and vision plans is simple and hassle-free.

Does dominion national have a dental network?

Dominion National members have access to a robust dental network. In fact, 98% of Dominion members have access to two dentists within 10 miles of their homes. 1 Please contact the dental office before seeking services to confirm the provider and facility are actively participating in the network servicing your plan.

How do I pay my Dominion Dental Bill?

You can pay them directly on this website. Or pay on doxo with credit card, debit card, Apple Pay or bank account. I have a question about my Dominion Dental bill. Who should I contact? Make billing inquiries directly by phone at 800-334-6277.

Does Dominion National Dentists take insurance?

Zocdoc let’s you see real-time availability for Dominion National Dentists. Many Dominion National Dentists offer appointments on Saturdays and Sundays. Find Dominion National Dentists & Providers with verified reviews. Make an appointment online instantly with Dentists that accept Dominion National insurance.

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