How to Pay Your Edmond Electric Bill by Phone

Paying your Edmond Electric bill by phone is a quick and convenient way to keep your account in good standing. Edmond Electric provides power to the residents and businesses of Edmond, Oklahoma. Keep reading to learn how to pay your electric bill over the phone.

Overview of Edmond Electric

Edmond Electric is the municipal electric utility that serves the city of Edmond, Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Some key facts about Edmond Electric

  • Provides electricity to over 50,000 residential and commercial customers

  • Operates as a not-for-profit utility

  • Revenue supports other city services like fire, police, parks, roads

  • Office located at 2004 Old Timbers Drive in Edmond

  • Available by phone Monday-Friday from 7am-5pm

Why Pay Your Bill by Phone?

There are many good reasons to pay your Edmond Electric bill by phone:

  • It’s fast and easy – no need to mail in payments

  • Can pay 24/7 by calling the automated line

  • Speak to a customer service agent during business hours

  • Payment posts to your account right away

  • Avoid late fees by paying on time

  • Good option if you’ve misplaced your bill

  • No need to leave home or use the online portal

How to Pay Your Edmond Electric Bill by Phone

Paying your electric bill by phone only takes a few minutes. Here is the process:

  1. Call (405) 359-4541 – This is the Edmond Utility Customer Service phone number

  2. Select billing and account options – Press the menu options for making a payment

  3. Enter Edmond Electric account number – Have your account number handy to enter

  4. Enter payment amount – Choose the amount you wish to pay

  5. Provide payment method – Use a credit/debit card or checking account

  6. Confirm payment details – Verify the amount and payment method

  7. Receive confirmation number – Save this number as a payment receipt

You will receive email and text confirmations once the payment is processed. It’s that easy!

Phone Payment Tips

Follow these tips to smoothly pay your electric bill by phone:

  • Have your account number, balance, and payment info ready

  • Call during normal business hours to speak with a customer service rep

  • To pay after hours, use the automated payment system

  • Save the confirmation number in case you need to verify the payment later

  • Opt-in to text/email alerts to receive payment receipts immediately

  • Set up recurring payments to automatically pay the same amount each month

  • Update your contact information so you receive outage alerts

Other Ways to Pay Your Edmond Electric Bill

In addition to phone payments, Edmond Electric offers several other payment options:

  • Online – Pay via the eCityExpress online portal anytime

  • Mail – Send a check or money order to the payment processing address

  • In person – Visit the kiosk locations in Edmond to pay in cash or card

  • Automatic bank draft – Set up recurring monthly payments from your checking account

  • Budget billing – Pay an average amount each month to even out costs

No matter which option you choose, Edmond Electric makes it easy to pay your bill. Paying by phone is just one convenient way to keep your electric service running smoothly.

Edmond Electric Bill Pay Phone Number

How to Check the Edmond Electric Outage Map?

To check the Edmond Electric Power Outage Map, simply visit the Outage Map page on the Edmond Electric website. You will be able to access the map by entering your address or zip code into the search bar. If your area is affected by an outage or interruption in service, the Outage Map will show you where and how many customers are affected. This will help you to better understand your own situation, as well as the situation of other customers in your area.

How to Report a Power Outage?

If you believe that you are experiencing a power outage, its important to report the incident to Edmond Electric. This will help them to better understand the situation and take the necessary steps to restore power in your area. To report a power outage, you can call Edmond Electric directly at (888) 807-3555 or use the Outage Map page on the Edmond Electric website.

Having access to the Edmond Electric Power Outage Map is a great way to stay up to date on power outages in your area. By using the map, customers can quickly and easily check the current status of electric power in their area. Additionally, the Outage Map is a great way to quickly report a power outage to Edmond Electric. Customers can use the map to report an outage, or call the customer service line for more information.

Portable Power Station ①268Wh Capacity;②1,200W Surge; ③24/7 UPS; ④200W Max. Solar Input;⑤2,500 cycles to 80%

Edmond Electric makes it easy to stay informed about power outages in the area. With their interactive map, customers can see the status of power outages anywhere in the city in real time.

Edmond Utility Payment Options


Who provides electricity to Edmond OK?

Edmond Electric’s system has a typical structure with power being provided from Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA). Our function is the distribution of power from our source to Edmond homes and businesses.

How much do utilities cost in Edmond OK?

Utilities (Monthly) In Edmond, energy bills cost around $182.99 per month.

How do I report an outage to Edmond Electric?

To Report an Outage call (405) 216-7660. Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) will accept the outage. You will need your phone number associated with your Utility bill account or your utility account number. Report it online by clicking here. Click on the tab “Report an Outage” on the top right.

Where is city of Edmond utility customer service?

City of Edmond Utility Customer Services P.O. Box 268927 Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8927 Email Customer Service Email New Accounts

How do I pay my city of Edmond utility bill?

There are several ways available to pay your City of Edmond utility bill. Our Utility Customer Service department provides billing services for electric, water, wastewater, solid waste collection and drainage. Learn More Find out how to start new service, stop service or transfer current service to a new address. Learn More

What services does Edmond electric provide?

Edmond Electric is municipally-owned and revenue supported. Our profits support vital city services such as police, fire, streets and parks which contributes to Edmond’s high quality of living. Learn More . Our Utility Customer Service department provides billing services for electric, water, wastewater, solid waste collection and drainage.

How do I contact utility customer service?

Utility Customer Service A A Contact Utility Customer Service Carrie Snell Utility Customer Service Manager Free Kiosk 24 E. First St. (South Entrance, Facing Sprouts) Edmond, OK 73034 View Map Ph: (405) 359-4541 Fx: (405) 359-4814 (405) 359-4576 After Hours/Emergency: (405) 359-4338

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