Streamlining Bill Payment with Greater Johnstown Water Authority

Paying your water bill should be simple and straightforward. With Greater Johnstown Water Authority’s online bill pay system, you can easily view your balance, schedule payments, and manage your account from your computer or mobile device. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of Greater Johnstown Water Authority’s online bill payment and give tips for navigating the system.

Overview of Greater Johnstown Water Authority Bill Pay

Greater Johnstown Water Authority provides water and sewer services to over 18,000 customers in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and surrounding communities. They offer several options for customers to pay their water bills conveniently, including by mail, phone, auto-debit, and online through their bill pay website or mobile app.

The online bill pay system allows customers to securely pay their water bill 24/7 using a credit/debit card or electronic check After creating a free online account, customers can view their current balance, payment history, scheduled payments, and manage account details The online system also allows customers to opt-in for paperless billing and set up auto-pay.

Customers cite the convenience, ease of use and reliability of Greater Johnstown’s online payment system as major benefits. With many people managing finances digitally an online bill payment portal offers a modern way to pay essential utility bills seamlessly.

Step-by-Step Guide to Paying Your Bill Online

Paying your water bill through Greater Johnstown Water Authority’s online portal is simple and fast Follow these steps to pay your bill digitally

  1. Go to

  2. Click on “Pay Bill” in the top right menu

  3. Enter your account number and 4-digit CID code from your printed bill

  4. First-time users will need to click “New Users Sign Up” and provide an email, account number, and create a password

  5. Returning users can sign in with their email and password

  6. On the account overview page, click “Make Payment”

  7. Enter payment amount and select payment method

  8. Check information and click submit

  9. Payment will process and you will receive a confirmation email

The whole process takes less than 5 minutes once signed into your account. For added convenience, you can save your payment method securely to your online account.

Key Features and Benefits

Some of the key features and benefits of Greater Johnstown Water Authority’s online bill payment system include:

  • Secure – The online system uses industry-standard encryption to protect your data. Payments are processed through secure payment gateways.

  • Convenience – Pay anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. Avoid mailing delays or calling during business hours.

  • Payment History – Your online account stores 2 years of payment history, so you can look back on your transactions.

  • Auto-pay – Set up recurring payments from your debit/credit card or bank account to pay automatically each month.

  • Paperless Billing – Reduce clutter and access your bills digitally by opting out of mailed paper bills.

  • Account Management – Update account details like mailing address and contact information through your online account.

  • Mobile Access – In addition to web access, you can manage payments through Greater Johnstown’s free mobile app.

Tips for Managing Your Online Account

  • Check your balance regularly and pay on time each month to avoid late fees
  • Set payment reminders through your online account calendar
  • Go paperless to save time and clutter
  • Update contact information promptly to receive important notices
  • Report any payment issues quickly through the online portal
  • Consider auto-pay to set and forget your monthly water bill
  • Download the mobile app to pay on-the-go

Avoiding Payment Errors

To avoid common mistakes when paying your water bill online:

  • Double check your account number before submitting payment
  • Enter the correct 4-digit CID code from your latest bill
  • Make sure your credit/debit card or bank account has sufficient funds
  • Input your complete billing address to match your payment method
  • Save payment confirmation as proof if any discrepancies occur

Customer Support Options

If you have any trouble with the online payment system, Greater Johnstown Water Authority offers customer support through:

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Phone: (814) 533-4300

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for payments: (855) 786-5262

Their customer service team can provide personalized assistance with online account registration, submitting payments, resolving errors, and answering any billing questions.

Convenience and Security of Online Bill Pay

Paying bills online through Greater Johnstown Water Authority provides significant benefits in convenience, organization, and security compared to conventional mail-in payments. Managing your account through their user-friendly online portal and free mobile app allows you to securely view your balance, schedule future payments, and avoid late fees. Plus, going paperless helps reduce environmental impact.

So simplify your monthly utility payments by enrolling in Greater Johnstown Water Authority’s online bill pay system. In just minutes, you can pay your water bill securely from your smart device anytime, anywhere.

Greater Johnstown Water Authority Bill Pay

News and Featured section

  • Power Outage – Wednesday May 15, 2024

    Due to a power outage in the area, the Riverside Treatment Plant is operating on a back-up system. This may cause a stir in the water system once it is back online and may cause some customers to have cloudy or dirty water for a short period of time today.

  • Payment Portal Maintenance – Thursday May 9th, 6pm

    The online payment portal will be down for maintenance beginning at 6pm today. Online payments will not be accepted overnight tonight. The portal will be functioning with the start of business on Friday, May 10th.

  • Celebrating National Drinking Water Week

    This week, we celebrate the value of clean, safe water, the importance of water infrastructure, and the critical role of water professionals. Fifty years of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) have made our water safer and healthier. This week we honor the engineers, scientists and all water professionals dedicated to our waters safety. Their expertise and innovation ensure every drop we consume is clean and safe. On behalf of the Greater Johnstown Water Authority, it is our pleasure to serve you!

  • Overnight Hydrant Flushing – Week of April 22, 2023

    Overnight hydrant flushing will take place the week of April 22, 2023. This is part of our normal preventative maintenance on the system and is done to remove accumulated sediment. Water may briefly be discolored or cloudy during this time. Wednesday Night (4/24/24) Franklin, Prospect, and East Conemaugh.

  • Water Service Interruption – Tuesday April 23, 2023 – Brownstown

    Customers in Brownstown borough may experience a service disruption today due to two water line breaks in the area.

  • Welcome to our Website

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly updated website! After months of hard work and dedication, we are…

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Where does Johnstown water come from?

The Greater Johnstown Water Authority operates three dams, two wells, a 14 million gallon per day (mgd) water treatment plant at Riverside, a 3 mgd treatment plant at the Saltlick Reservoir and numerous storage tanks and pump stations. The Authority currently serves a base of over 21,000 customers.

Where to pay Henry County water bill?

PAYMENT METHODS The Henry County Water Authority is located at 1695 Highway 20 West, McDonough. Customer service office hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 AM–4:30 PM. Telephone number: (770)957-6659.

How do I pay my Greater Johnstown Water Authority Bill?

See our FAQ pages to learn more about doxo. Pay your Greater Johnstown Water Authority bill online with doxo, Pay with a credit card, debit card, or direct from your bank account. doxo is the simple, protected way to pay your bills with a single account and accomplish your financial goals.

How do I pay for Johnstown Water?

Pay by Phone: (855) 786-5262. 640 Franklin Street, Johnstown PA 15907. Main menu. Home. Customer Service. New Customer. New Construction. Meter Readings. Who processes payments for Greater Johnstown Water Authority services? doxo processes payments for all Greater Johnstown Water Authority services, including Water & Sewer and others.

What is Greater Johnstown Water Authority doxo?

Also Known as:, Greater Johnstown Water Authority (PA) doxo is a secure all-in-one service to organize all your provider accounts in a single app, enabling reliable payment delivery to thousands of billers. doxo is not an affiliate of Greater Johnstown Water Authority.

Who is Greater Johnstown Water Authority?

About Greater Johnstown Water Authority Greater Johnstown Water Authority was incorporated under the Municipality Authorities Act in 1964 by the City of Johnstown and Boroughs of Westmont and Southmont as a joint Municipal Authority to provide potable water to the residents of the Greater Johnstown area.

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