How to Pay Your Kalamazoo Water Bill: A Step-by-Step Guide

Paying your water bill in Kalamazoo is easy when you know the different options available. As a Kalamazoo resident, I’ve paid my fair share of water bills over the years. In this article, I’ll walk you through the various ways you can pay your Kalamazoo water bill quickly and efficiently.

Overview of Paying Kalamazoo Water Bills

The City of Kalamazoo provides water and sewer services to residents and charges for this service through regular water billings. Bills are typically sent out monthly and payment is due within 25 days of the billing date.

There are several ways to pay your Kalamazoo water bill:

  • Online through the BS&A Online Portal
  • By phone through the automated payment system
  • By mail by returning the payment coupon with a check
  • In person at City Hall
  • Using the drop box at City Hall

The city accepts different payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, checks cash and money orders. Below I’ll outline the step-by-step process for each option.

Paying Online Through BS&A

Paying your Kalamazoo water bill online through the BS&A Online Portal is quick and easy. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Visit the BS&A Online Portal

Go to to access the portal.

Step 2: Find Your Account

Once in the portal you can search for your account using your

  • Account number
  • Name
  • Address
  • Parcel number

Search for your account and BS&A will display your current bill details including amount owed.

Step 3: Enter Payment Details

Select the amount you want to pay You’ll be taken to a payment page to enter your payment info, Review all the details and select “Checkout,”

Enter your payment info and submit the payment. Make sure to save payment info if you want to set up recurring payments.

Step 4: Confirm Payment

Review all payment details before submitting to ensure accuracy. You’ll receive a confirmation email after submitting payment.

Paying online through BS&A is fast, easy, and secure. The main downside is the service fee charged by the processor.

Paying by Phone

You can also pay your Kalamazoo water bill easily over the phone using these steps:

Step 1: Have Your Information Ready

Locate the unique ID number for your account found on the top right of your printed utility bill.

Step 2: Call (866) 273-5523

Call the City of Kalamazoo’s automated telephone payment system at (866) 273-5523.

Step 3: Follow the Prompts

Press 1 for utility payments then follow the voice prompts to pay by card or electronic check.

Paying by phone is super quick and convenient. Just be aware of the service fees if paying by card.

Paying by Mail

To pay your water bill by mail:

  • Complete the payment coupon from your printed bill

  • Write a check or money order payable to City of Kalamazoo

  • Mail to:

    City of Kalamazoo Treasurer
    241 W South Street
    Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Be sure to mail your payment several days before the due date to ensure it arrives on time. DO NOT mail cash payments.

Paying In Person

You have a couple options to pay your water bill in person:

City Hall

  • Visit the Treasurer’s Office on the 1st floor of City Hall
  • Pay by cash, check, card, or electronic check
  • Open during normal business hours

Drop Box

  • Use the secure drop box located outside City Hall
  • Place your payment coupon and check/money order in the box
  • Checked daily so payment will be applied ASAP

Do not place cash in the drop box. Paying in person gives you maximum flexibility.

Setting Up Automatic Payments

For ultimate convenience, enroll in automatic payments (ACH) to have your water bill paid automatically each month.

  • Complete and return the ACH form with bank account details
  • Payments will be withdrawn on the due date monthly
  • Completely free option with no fees

Automatic payments save you time and ensure you never miss a payment!

Going Paperless

You can also reduce clutter and go green by enrolling in paperless billing. Simply submit an online request to stop receiving printed bills.

Payment Tips & Tricks

Follow these tips to save money and avoid issues when paying your Kalamazoo water bill:

  • Pay online to avoid service fees
  • Pay a few days early to avoid late fees
  • Set up text/email reminders for your bill due date
  • Review bills promptly – report any errors ASAP
  • If struggling to pay, ask about payment plans
  • Enroll in automatic payments for peace of mind

What If You’re Unable to Pay?

If you are struggling financially and unable to pay your water bill, reach out to the City of Kalamazoo right away. There are resources available if you qualify:

  • Payment plans – Set up a monthly payment schedule
  • Assistance programs – Apply for state and local utility assistance funds
  • Leak adjustment – You may qualify for a billing adjustment if you had a leak
  • Dispute errors – Request a billing review if you think there’s a mistake

Don’t ignore unpaid bills – call the city at (269) 337-8000 for help. Communication is key.

Key Takeaways on Paying Your Water Bill

  • Online, phone, mail, in person, and automatic payment options available
  • Service fees apply to online and phone payments
  • Pay early to avoid late fees
  • Enroll in paperless and automatic payments for convenience
  • Ask about assistance if unable to pay on time

Pay Kalamazoo Water Bill

Paying my water bill in a Art Deco fashion. Kalamazoo City Hall.


Where do I pay my water bill in Kalamazoo, Michigan?

City Hall. You can pay utility bills in person by visiting the City Treasurer’s Office at City Hall during business hours. The Treasurer’s Office is located on the first floor at the north end of the building. You can pay by credit/debit card, electronic check, or cash.

What is the phone number for the city of Kalamazoo?

Call 311. If you’re in the city, you can call 311 for help with any city services! If you’re not located in the city limits, you’ll need to dial (269) 337-8000.

Why is my Kalamazoo water bill so high?

Residents supplied by the city of Kalamazoo’s water and wastewater services will now pay about 20% more for their bills each month. The increases are due to the unprecedented inflationary pressures, something the city’s public service director stressed at an earlier meeting.

How do I report a water main break in Kalamazoo?

The system includes approximately 839 miles of water main and roughly 7,000 hydrants. If you need help with your water service or are experience any issues related to water quality, please call 311 or (269) 337-8000.

Where can I pay my Kalamazoo water bill online?

Visit the new site at The City of Kalamazoo accepts online payments for water, sewer, property tax, and miscellaneous invoices. You can pay with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card via a secure payment processor.

Does Kalamazoo accept online payments?

The City of Kalamazoo accepts online payments for water, sewer, property tax, and miscellaneous invoices. You can pay with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card via a secure payment processor. You also can authorize an automatic debit to a checking account for utility bills (see ACH Payment).

How do I pay the Kalamazoo City Treasurer?

Payments can be made in person at the City Treasurer’s Office, located on the first floor of City Hall, 241 W South Street Kalamazoo, MI 49007. The City Treasurer’s Office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please make checks payable to Kalamazoo City Treasurer.

How do I stop water service in Kalamazoo City?

When you move out of a home in Kalamazoo City, you’ll need to stop your water service with the Kalamazoo Water, so you don’t keep getting billed. Simply fill out the following online form. Stopping service normally takes just two business days. Click here to fill out a Stop Service Form .

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