Unfortunately, I do not have enough information to write a high-quality 1899+ word article on “Knowyourrisk/Pay-Your-Bill/” based on the provided URLs. The first URL leads to a page with just an image to pay bills, while the second is the homepage with general information about heart disease risk but no specifics on paying bills.

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  • Overview of KnowYourRisk’s bill pay options and procedures
  • Instructions on how to set up and access your KnowYourRisk account
  • Details on payment methods accepted (credit card, HSA, etc)
  • Billing cycles and due dates
  • Late payment fees and policies
  • Receiving and viewing statements
  • Payment plan or financial assistance options
  • Troubleshooting payment issues
  • Contact information for the billing department

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How Do I Pay My Bill?

Offering a secure option for managing your account, patients can view their statements and pay electronically in MyChart.

Make a payment on your bill by using our automated phone system 24/7. Make sure you have your account number ready!

What to Expect from Paperless Billing

In September 2022, we moved to paperless billing. What does that mean? You can now pay your monthly statements in your MyChart account – a secure, convenient and eco-friendly way to get your bill. If you’re not a fan of paperless billing, you can switch back to paper statements in your MyChart account using the MyChart Mobile App or on the MyChart website.

There are more options to help with bill payments.

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