How to Pay Your Water Bill with the Youngstown Water Department

Paying your water bill on time and in full is an essential responsibility as a resident or business in Youngstown, Ohio The Youngstown Water Department provides several convenient payment options to fit different needs and preferences Read on to learn the various ways you can pay your water bill with the Youngstown Water Department.

Overview of Youngstown Water Department

First, some quick background The Youngstown Water Department is a division of the City of Youngstown that provides water and sewer services to over 66,000 customers in Youngstown and surrounding areas.

The water department is responsible for:

  • Treating and supplying drinking water
  • Maintaining water mains and pipes
  • Operating sewage collection and treatment
  • Stormwater management
  • Billing and payment collection

Water bills are issued monthly and include charges for water, sewer, and trash collection. As a customer, it is important to pay your bill by the due date to avoid late fees or service disruption. The water department offers flexible payment options to make it easy.

Online Payment

The easiest way to pay your Youngstown water bill is online through the water department website. Online payment allows 24/7 access from your computer or mobile device.

To pay online:

  • Go to
  • Click “Pay Online”
  • Select “Make a Payment” to pay with credit/debit card
  • Or select “Manage Your Account” to make one-time or recurring payments from a bank account

You can also view billing history, see consumption, enroll in paperless billing, and more through the online portal. Online payment requires your water account number and address.

Pay by Phone

For those who prefer phone-based payment, the Youngstown Water Department offers a toll-free automated phone payment system.

To pay by phone:

  • Call (330) 742-8749, Option 8
  • Spanish language service is available
  • Have your account number and address ready
  • Follow prompts to make a one-time credit/debit card payment

The phone system is available 24/7 for your convenience. Just make sure to have your billing info handy when you call.

Pay by Mail

The water department still accepts payment by check or money order through the mail.

To pay by mail:

  • Write your account number clearly on the check or money order
  • Make payable to Youngstown Water Department
  • Do not use staples, tape, or glue to enclose
  • Mail to PO Box 94612, Cleveland, OH 44101-4612

Allow 5-7 days for mailed payments to process. Use the return envelope provided with your bill for convenience.

Pay in Person

For those who prefer in-person bill payment, you can visit the Youngstown Water Department office located on the 1st floor of Youngstown City Hall at 26 S. Phelps Street.

To pay in person:

  • Office hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm
  • Cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards accepted
  • Bring your water bill or know your account number
  • Social distancing and masks are required

In-person payment allows you to talk directly with a customer service rep if you have any account questions.

Payment Plan Option

If you are struggling to pay your water bill in full, the Youngstown Water Department offers payment plan options. This allows you to make partial payments over time to catch up on overdue balances.

To enroll in a payment plan:

  • Contact the water department at 330-742-8760
  • Discuss your situation with a customer service agent
  • Agree to a monthly payment amount and schedule
  • Make consistent on-time payments per the plan

Payment plans can help avoid service shut-offs and allow you to pay down past due balances while keeping up with current charges. Customers enrolled in payment plans are not eligible for auto-pay deductions.

Billing Disputes and Adjustments

If you think your water bill contains an error or incorrect charge, you can dispute the bill with the water department. You can submit a dispute request online or in writing. This will trigger a thorough review of your account and usage.

The water department also offers bill adjustments in certain cases:

  • Sewer charge reductions for large water loss events
  • Sewer deduct meters for irrigation systems and other applications

Check the billing section of the water department website for more details on disputes and billing adjustments.

Avoid Late Fees and Shut-offs

To avoid late payment penalties and potential water service shut-off, be sure to pay your water bill in full by the due date each month. Late fees equal 5% of the water service charge.

If your service is disconnected for non-payment, additional fees apply for reconnection. Avoid these extra charges and inconvenience by keeping your account current.

The water department understands financial hardship can occur. If you anticipate issues paying your bill, contact them immediately to set up a payment plan or discuss assistance options.

Payment Assistance Programs

If you are low-income or facing financial challenges, there are some utility assistance programs available:

  • Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) – Helps with heating and water bills
  • Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) – Reduces water bills based on income
  • Lifeline Assistance Program – Lowers water rates for low-income seniors

Contact the Youngstown Water Department to learn more about qualifications and how to apply.

Comparison to Other Providers

The Youngstown Water Department serves the city of Youngstown plus areas of Boardman, Austintown, Struthers and Coitsville.

Nearby water providers include Aqua Ohio, Valley Water Solutions, and the City of Niles Water Department. Each utility has its own payment options and billing procedures. Be sure you are contacting the correct provider matching your service address.

Youngstown Water Dept Bill Pay

View Bills/Manage Your Account

You may manage your water account (opens in new window) online. You may view current and past bills, analyze water usage trends, make payments, etc.

  • The first monies of your payment will be applied to the sanitation fee, until the sanitation fee is paid in full. After the sanitation fee is paid, the remainder of your payment will be applied, pro-rated to water and sewer charges.
  • Water leaks cost you money. All faucet drips and toilet leaks should be repaired promptly.
  • A leaky faucet can use up to 2400 gallons yearly. A leaky toilet can use 2000 gallons daily.
  • For your own protection please repair all leaks promptly.
  • Water Cost – Amount of water charges for this billing.
  • Sewer Cost – Amount of sewer charges for this billing.
  • Sanitation Ent Cost – Amount of sanitation charges for this billing.
  • Sanitation Homestead – Amount of approved deduction for this billing.
  • Total Current Charges – A total of this billings water, sewer, and sanitation charges.
  • Total Amount Due – A total of current and previous balances.
  • Penalty After Due Date – An amount equal to 5% of the current water charge, added to the account in the case of a late payment.
  • Total Amount After Due Date – A total of current and previous balances, plus the penalty charges.
  • Sanitation Penalty – $1.00 will be added to unpaid sanitation charges.

Sewer Charge Reduction Request

If you experience a large water consumption event and have reason to believe that it should be eligible for a sewer charge reduction, fill out and submit the following form:

Requests are subject to approval of the Youngstown Waste Water Department and are not guaranteed to be accepted.

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Will Youngstown water customers be able to pay their bills online?

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Youngstown water customers will soon be able to pay their bills online. On Wednesday, city leaders saw how the new system will work. The water commissioner says it’s an update that YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Youngstown water customers will soon be able to pay their bills online.

How do I get a water permit in Youngstown Ohio?

Downloaded forms may be sent to the Youngstown Water Department via: Municipal website for the City of Youngstown, Ohio.

How do I create an eSuite Youngstown Water Department account?

eSuite Youngstown Water Department Account Management Confirm account Provide the following information to create an account. * Account Number Including any dashes (ie. 002923-001) * Last Name Your full last name © 2023 City of Youngstown

How do I contact Youngstown water?

The customer service lobby is open from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Phones are answered from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Emergency teams are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling (330) 742-8760. How can I identify a Youngstown Water employee who comes to my home?

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