How to Pay Your Oak Park Water Bill Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

Paying your water bill is an essential part of being a resident in Oak Park With easy online payment options, you can now take care of this chore in just a few minutes from the comfort of your home In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the entire process of paying your Oak Park water bill online.

Overview of Paying Water Bills in Oak Park

The City of Oak Park offers several convenient online payment options for residents to pay their utility bills, including water bills You can pay online through the city’s website or through authorized third party vendors.

Some key things to know about paying water bills in Oak Park:

  • Bills are sent quarterly and include charges for water, sewer, refuse collection, and recycling
  • Property owners are responsible for payment
  • Rates are subject to change, usually on January 1 each year
  • Review bills carefully to ensure accuracy of charges
  • Payments are due within 26 days to avoid late fees
  • Service may be disconnected if bills remain unpaid after multiple notices
  • Various fees apply for late payments, disconnections, and reconnections

Now let’s walk through how to actually pay your bill online.

Paying Your Water Bill Through the City Website

The easiest way to pay your Oak Park water bill online is directly through the city’s website.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to

  2. To pay your water, sewer, and trash bills online, go to “Pay Bills Online” and click on the “Unit” link. This will take you to the payment portal.

  3. On the payment page, enter your 10-digit account number and the service address zip code. Click “Continue”.

  4. On the next page, verify that the account information is correct. Then enter your payment amount and click “Continue”.

  5. On the checkout page, fill in your credit card or debit card information and billing address. Make sure all information is entered accurately.

  6. Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions. Click “Continue” to proceed with the payment.

  7. The final confirmation page will display your payment details. Print or save this page for your records if needed.

The payment will be processed instantly. You’ll see the charge on your next credit card or bank statement. It’s that quick and easy!

The city website charges a small processing fee of $3.10 for online payments. But the convenience is well worth it.

Paying Through Official Payments

The city also contracts with a third party vendor called Official Payments to process online payments. This provides another way to pay your water bill online, but does come with slightly higher fees.

To pay through Official Payments:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the option for Pay Location Bills.

  3. Choose Michigan as the state and Oak Park as the pay location.

  4. Select Water/Sewer Bills from the list.

  5. Enter your 10-digit account number without dashes. Click Lookup Account.

  6. Verify your account information and enter payment amount. Click Add to Cart.

  7. On the next page, choose your payment method. Official Payments accepts credit cards, debit cards, and eChecks.

  8. Enter your card or bank account information. Carefully check that all details are correct.

  9. Complete the rest of the checkout process and submit payment.

Keep in mind that Official Payments charges higher processing fees of around $3-4 for credit/debit cards. But it does provide another option for paying online.

Signing Up for Automatic Payments

For hassle-free bill payment, consider enrolling in automatic payments through the city’s e-billing system. This securely links your water account to your bank account or credit card to take out payments automatically each billing cycle.

To set up automatic water bill payments:

  1. Download the Automatic Bill Payment form from the city website.

  2. Fill out your account and bank account details. For bank accounts, you’ll need to attach a voided check.

  3. Read over the terms and conditions carefully.

  4. Sign and date the form. Email or mail the completed form and voided check to the address provided.

It may take one billing cycle for automatic payments to begin. But after that, you’ll enjoy the convenience of automated water bill payments taken care of for you.

Other Ways to Pay Your Water Bill

If you prefer not to pay online, Oak Park offers a few other payment options:

  • In person at Oak Park City Hall – 14000 Oak Park Blvd., Oak Park, MI 48237

  • Drop box located at the City Hall entrance

  • By mail to City Hall address above

However, online payments are highly recommended for the utmost convenience and avoiding late fees.

What If You Have Problems Paying?

If you are struggling to pay your water bill, contact Oak Park’s Utility Billing Division right away at 248-691-7400. Explain your situation and ask about possible payment plan options or financial assistance programs. Acting quickly can help avoid service disconnections or penalties.

The city may be able to arrange an alternative payment schedule that works better for your budget. Low income residents may also qualify for a discounted payment rate through the Water Residential Assistance Program.

Use Online Payments for Simple, Stress-Free Water Bill Management

Paying your water bill online through the City of Oak Park website is the easiest way to take care of this essential task. With a few quick clicks, your payment can be processed instantly without stamps, checks or trips to City Hall.

Sign up for automatic payments to save even more time and hassle. Online water bill payment helps responsible residents avoid late fees and service disruptions. Consider it an essential tool for smooth Oak Park home management.

Oak Park Water Bill Pay

Potable Water Distribution System

Triunfo Water & Sanitation District supplies 2.6 million gallons of potable water daily to more than 14,000 people in the community of Oak Park. Our water distribution system consists of four storage reservoirs, five pumping stations, and 54 miles of pipeline. Triunfo purchases 100% of its water from northern California via the California State Water Project. Triunfo’s potable water service features system-wide automated water meters. Installed in 2015, these state-of-the-art devices have significantly improved meter accuracy. Additionally, customers can monitor their water use and set alarms to warn of excessive consumption.

Read more about Stage 1 Conservation | Read more about outdoor watering | FAQS

Oak Park Water Bill Pay

Triunfo’s Customer Service Office Hours: Open Monday-Friday, 8:00am-12:00pm & 1:30pm-5:00pm CLOSED for lunch – 12:00pm-1:30pm

To ask about your water service, call (800) 613-0901 or email us.

For 24-hour emergency service, call (805) 389-9406.

Need to pay your water bill?

We offer several options:

  • Online payment by credit card, debit card, or e-check
  • Online payment by PayPal, PayPal Credit, Venmo, or Amazon Pay
  • Phone payment by credit card, debit card, or e-check
  • Automatic debit from your checking account
  • Payment by mail or in person at our office

Use the links below to make a one-time payment, schedule recurring payments, or setup/access your online account.

To make an automated payment by telephone call toll-free (866) 899-3107.

*These services are provided through Paymentus Corporation, a third-party automated payment service that accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Electronic Check (eCheck). Payments made after 4:00 p.m. may not be posted to your account for up to two business days.

To use these services, you will need:

  • Your Account number from your water bill
  • Your street address number
  • Your credit/debit card number or check routing information
  • Your email address for a confirmation receipt (online payment only)

Pay Water and Sewer bills online


How do I pay my water bill in California?

Pay by Phone To pay your Cal Water bill over the phone using your bank account or Visa (credit or debit), MasterCard (credit or debit), or Discover card, call (888) 598-9824 (toll-free).

Where does Oak Park get their water?

Where does the Village of Oak Park get its water? The Village purchases Lake Michigan water from the City of Chicago. Water arrives pretreated via pipelines from the City of Chicago’s Jardine Water Purification Plant, which is the largest water treatment plant in the world.

Where do I pay my water bill in Laurel Mississippi?

You can pay your water bill by dropping a check in our drop box on the side of City Hall that faces Yates Avenue, OR pay in our offices at City Hall, OR mail your payment to us. You can also pay online from this website.

How do I pay my utility bill in Oak Park?

The City of Oak Park offers a variety of payment options for utility bills, making the process as easy as possible. Any payment by credit/debit card will incur a processing fee from ACI payments, the credit/debit card processor. The City of Oak Park does not receive any portion of these fees. Pay Online

Does Oak Park offer online bill payment services?

Online Bill Payment Options The City of Oak Park offers online payment services for your convenience. We contract with two entities for convenient and accessible look-up and bill pay. Through you may conveniently access your invoice and/or pay your bill. We also contract with Official Payments to process online payments.

Where can I get a water bill in Oak Park Mi?

Department staff also reads and maintains all water meters and assists residents in locating water leaks in their homes. We are located in the City Hall building at 14000 Oak Park Blvd, Oak Park, MI. Utility Billing is open from Monday to Thursday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. every other Friday.

Where is utility billing located in Oak Park Mi?

We are located in the City Hall building at 14000 Oak Park Blvd, Oak Park, MI. Utility Billing is open from Monday to Thursday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. every other Friday. Residents can contact the Utility Billing and Collections Division at (248) 691-7470 for further information.

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