How to Pay Your Lafayette Utilities System Bill Online, by Phone, or By Mail

Living in Lafayette and being a Lafayette Utilities System (LUS) customer means you receive electric, water and wastewater services from the city-owned utility provider Paying your LUS bill conveniently and on time each month is important to avoid any service disruption.

This comprehensive guide will outline the different options LUS offers its customers to pay utility bills online, by phone, by mail or in person.

Overview of LUS Billing and Payment

LUS handles billing and payment processing for electric, water and sewer services provided to Lafayette residents and businesses. Here’s some key information on LUS billing:

  • Bills are issued monthly and due 21 days after billing date.

  • Several payment options available – online phone mail, in person.

  • Late fees applied if payment received after due date

  • Services can be disconnected for non-payment.

  • 24/7 account access available through online portal.

Read on to learn how to pay your LUS bill using the convenient payment methods.

Paying Your LUS Bill Online

The fastest and easiest way for LUS customers to pay their utility bill is online through the LUS online payment system:

LUS Quick Pay

  • Go to LUS Quick Pay at

  • Enter account number and customer name.

  • Choose “Make Payment” and enter payment details.

  • Pay by credit card, debit card or electronic check.

LUS My Account

  • Sign in at

  • Select “Make Payment” from menu.

  • Choose payment amount and method.

  • Submit payment.

Online payments are processed instantly 24/7.

Paying Your LUS Bill by Phone

LUS offers an automated phone payment system that customers can use to pay their bill by phone:

  • Call 337-291-8280 to access the payment line.

  • Select “Make Payment” option.

  • Enter LUS account number and billing details.

  • Follow prompts to complete payment by card or electronic check.

  • Get a confirmation number at the end.

The LUS automated telephone payment system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Paying Your LUS Bill by Mail

To pay your LUS utility bill by mail:

  • Detach payment stub from bill.

  • Write account number on check or money order.

  • Make payable to Lafayette Utilities System.

  • Mail using envelope from bill at least 5 business days before due date.

  • Keep second stub for your records.

Allow enough mailing time for payments to reach LUS before the due date to avoid late fees.

Paying Your LUS Bill In Person

LUS customers can also pay their utility bills in person at:

LUS Customer Service Office

  • 1875 W Pinhook Rd, Lafayette, LA 70508

  • Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Authorized Payment Locations

  • Check cashing services

  • Grocery stores

  • Convenience stores

Find in-person pay locations and hours at Most accept cash, checks or cards.

Payment Processing Timeframes

Depending on payment method, allow the following timeframes:

  • Online payments – Processed instantly.

  • Phone payments – Processed instantly.

  • Mailed payments – Allow 5 business days.

  • In-person payments – Same or next business day.

  • Weekend/holiday payments – Processing can take until next business day.

##Getting Payment Receipts and Confirmation

To have a record of payment activity on your LUS account:

  • Online/phone payments generate emailed confirmations.

  • Save in-person payment receipts.

  • Check payment history through online account.

  • Call LUS Customer Service to request statement showing payments.

Avoid Late Fees and Disconnection

To avoid late payment fees and potential disconnection of services, LUS customers should pay their bill in full by the due date each month. Here’s what can happen with late payments:

  • $10 late fee applied if payment received after due date.

  • Disconnect notice fee of $20 if disconnect notice issued.

  • Utility services disconnected if bill not paid within 5 days of notice.

  • Additional fees to restore services after disconnection.

Carefully review bills and due dates to pay on time and prevent costly late fees or service interruptions.

Payment Arrangements for Past Due Balances

If an LUS customer is struggling to pay their bill on time, payment arrangements may be available:

  • Payment extensions – Up to 20 extra days to pay.

  • Payment plans – Up to 3 installments for past due balance.

  • Due date change – Move due date to better align with paydays.

Contact LUS Customer Service right away if unable to pay on time to discuss arrangements.

Budget Billing to Spread Costs Evenly

LUS offers Budget Billing to spread utility costs evenly over the year into a fixed monthly payment amount. This can make utility bills more predictable and manageable.

Customers pay the monthly budget amount each month instead of actual utility usage charges. The budget amount is reviewed and adjusted periodically as needed. Any credits or deficits get settled when returning to regular billing.

Paperless Billing to Go Green

For added convenience and environmental benefits, LUS customers can opt for paperless billing.

To go paperless:

  • Sign in to your online LUS account.

  • Select Paperless Billing option.

  • Get a monthly email when bill ready to view and pay online.

Paperless billing saves paper and eliminates mailed bills.

LUS Contact Information

For questions on paying your LUS bill or assistance with payments, contact LUS Customer Service:

LUS Customer Service
[email protected]

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Using the available online, phone, mail or in-person payment options allows LUS customers to easily pay their utility bills on time each month. Sign up for an online account to access and manage billing plus make quick online payments.

Lafayette Utilities System Bill Pay

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Register for an LUS My Account to switch to paperless billing. You can view current and prior bills from your computer or smartphone!

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What does the city of Lafayette utility billing office do?

The City of Lafayette Utility Billing Office strives to provide exceptional customer service in all facets of our operations and administration. Our personnel are responsible for billing and providing customer service to more than 29,000 customers, which equates to more than 375,000 utility bills issued each year.

When do Lafayette Utilities system customers have a payment arrangement plan?

Lafayette Utilities System customers have until August 17 to apply for a payment arrangement plan.

What is the Lafayette Utilities System website?

A page on the Lafayette Utilities System website that provides information on starting, stopping, or transferring residential service. Contact information, hours of operation, and a map for their Pinhook Road location. Information on payment options, energy-saving tips, and managing electric, water, and wastewater services.

How do I pay a bill in Lafayette CO?

Not finding what you’re looking for? Pay online or use your credit card in person at 1290 S. Public Road, Lafayette, CO 80026. Authorize automatic withdrawals from your checking account: Download/Print Automatic Bill Payment Enrollment Form and return it to City Hall at the address below. Use your bank or credit card’s own bill pay service.

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