A Guide to Paying Your Les Sanitary Service Bill Online

Taking out the trash is an essential task that most homeowners don’t think twice about. As long as the garbage truck comes to whisk it all away each week you can easily take waste removal for granted. But behind the scenes companies like Les Sanitary Service work hard to provide reliable waste management and recycling services.

Of course those services come with a monthly bill. If you’re a Les Sanitary Service customer you have a few different options to pay your bill conveniently online. This guide will explain the benefits of paying online, walk through the process step-by-step, and provide tips for managing your account.

Why Pay Your Les Sanitary Bill Online?

These are some of the main reasons why you should pay your Les Sanitary Service bill online instead of by mail, phone, or in person:

  • The process of paying online is quick and easy. All you need is a few clicks on your computer or a smartphone app.

  • You can pay online at any time—24 hours a day, seven days a week—so you can pay whenever it’s convenient for you, even on the weekends or late at night.

  • Avoid late fees – When you set up automated payments, your bill gets paid on time every month so you never incur late charges.

  • Track payments – Your online account stores payment history all in one place for easy reference.

  • Paperless billing – Go green by opting out of mailed paper bills in favor of electronic billing notifications.

  • Added security – Online payments utilize high encryption standards to keep your information safe and secure.

For convenience, flexibility and reliability, paying online is the best way to take care of your Les Sanitary Service bill each month.

How to Pay Your Les Sanitary Bill Online

Paying your trash collection bill online can be done directly through Les Sanitary’s website or through a third-party payment portal. Here are the steps to pay online using either option:

Pay at LesSanitary.com

  1. Go to the Les Sanitary Service website at www.lessanitary.com.

  2. Click on the “Pay Bill Online” link at the top right of the homepage.

  3. On the payment page, enter your account number and the amount due.

  4. Select your payment method – credit/debit card or checking account.

  5. Enter your payment details and complete the transaction.

  6. Your payment will be processed immediately and your account updated.

Pay at doxo.com

  1. Go to www.doxo.com and search for “Les Sanitary Service”.

  2. Click “Pay Bill” on the Les Sanitary provider page.

  3. Register for an account or log in if already registered.

  4. Add your Les Sanitary account number.

  5. Select payment method and enter details.

  6. Choose the amount to pay and complete the payment.

  7. Your transaction will be processed and your Les Sanitary bill marked paid.

The doxo platform allows you to consolidate and pay all your bills in one place, even bills not on the Les Sanitary website. But both websites offer secure online bill pay.

Setting Up Automatic Payments

For maximum convenience, you can set up automatic recurring payments through Les Sanitary’s website or on doxo. This ensures your bill gets paid on time each month with no hassle.

To set up auto-pay:

  • Log into your online account and access payment settings.

  • Select the option to make your payment method recurring.

  • Specify the date each month to withdraw or charge the monthly bill amount.

  • Save the updated settings.

Your bill will now be paid automatically each billing cycle. Just make sure your payment method stays current and has enough funds.

Other Ways to Pay Your Les Sanitary Bill

While paying online is the easiest method, you can also pay your Les Sanitary Service bill:

  • By phone – call Les Sanitary at 541-267-2848 and pay via automated system or representative.

  • By mail – send a physical check or money order to their mailing address.

  • In person – pay with cash, check or card at their office on Cedar St.

  • Drop box – place your payment in the secure drop box at their office.

The online options provide the most convenience, but these traditional methods can also be used if you prefer or need to pay your bill without the internet or a bank account.

Tips for Managing Your Les Sanitary Account

Your online account with Les Sanitary provides services beyond just bill payment. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your account:

  • Update your contact information anytime payments and billing addresses change.

  • Opt out of mailed paper bills and only receive email invoices.

  • Review your account balance and payment history.

  • Change your monthly garbage pickup day if needed.

  • Request extra service like large item pickup or can cleaning.

  • Set up text or email reminders to be notified when bills are ready.

  • Go paperless by storing your account documents and receipts digitally.

Monitoring your account periodically ensures excellent service and avoids any billing issues falling through cracks.

Troubleshooting Les Sanitary Bill Pay Problems

Paying your bill online should be problem-free most of the time. But things can come up. Here is how to troubleshoot common payment issues:

  • If the Les Sanitary site is down, try again later or use doxo instead.

  • Double check you entered the right account number linked to your address.

  • Make sure your payment details are correct if transactions fail.

  • Contact Les Sanitary if your bill amount seems incorrect.

  • Check for typos if your payment won’t process fully.

  • Verify with your bank that they allow online utility bill payments.

  • Reset your password via email if you get locked out of your account.

  • Update your browser or try a different device if you have technical difficulties.

With attention to detail and some trial and error, you should be able to resolve most payment problems relatively quickly.

Keep Your Account in Good Standing

Once you establish the habit of paying your Les Sanitary Service bill online each month, keeping your account in good standing is easy. Follow these tips:

  • Pay your bill in full each month to avoid late fees being assessed.

  • Take notice of when your bill is higher or lower than normal to spot billing errors.

  • Review your account activity periodically to confirm payments went through.

  • Contact Les Sanitary immediately if your card expires or payment fails.

  • Update your info on file if you move houses or change banks/cards.

  • Consider setting up autopay or reminders so payments never slip through the cracks.

  • Leverage paperless billing and account documents to reduce clutter.

Staying on top of your account ensures great service from Les Sanitary without disruption. Plus your payments will help them continue providing the Coos Bay area with sustainable waste solutions. It’s a win-win!

Les Sanitary Service Online Bill Pay Made Easy

Paying online saves time and gives you more flexibility in how and when you pay your bills. By setting up automatic payments and account notifications, you can put bill pay on autopilot so it’s one less headache to deal with. Your Les Sanitary account will remain in good standing and service won’t be interrupted.

So sign up for online bill pay today if you haven’t already! Ditch the paper bills and payments by mail. Online Les Sanitary account management is the way to go for a streamlined, sustainable, modern billing experience.

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