Paying Your Bill Has Never Been Easier with Lower Valley Water District

Paying your water bill can sometimes feel like a hassle – digging up your paper statement, writing a check, and finding a stamp to mail it off. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Lower Valley Water District offers easy and convenient online bill pay so you can take care of your bill quickly and easily. Keep reading to learn all about how online bill pay works with Lower Valley Water District and why taking advantage of this service makes your life so much simpler.

An Overview of Lower Valley Water District

Before we dive into the online bill pay features, let’s take a quick look at Lower Valley Water District itself. Lower Valley Water District provides water utility services to over 6,500 customers in Clint, San Elizario, and Fabens, Texas as well as some unincorporated areas of El Paso County.

They are dedicated to providing safe, reliable water to all their customers in a cost-effective manner. The district operates 7 groundwater wells, 5 elevated storage tanks, 5 booster stations and over 160 miles of water lines. Lower Valley Water District is governed by a five-member Board of Directors who represent the customers they serve.

Now that you know a bit about Lower Valley Water District, let’s look at why paying your bill online is so advantageous

The Benefits of Paying Your Lower Valley Water District Bill Online

Paying your Lower Valley Water District bill online via their online payment website provides the following conveniences:

It’s Fast and Easy

Instead of writing and mailing a paper check, you can pay your water bill online in just a few minutes. The online payment website is user-friendly with a simple interface. Setting up an account is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Pay Anytime, Anywhere

Since the online bill pay is available 24/7 on your computer or mobile device, you can pay your bill from anywhere, at any time No more worrying about getting to the post office before it closes. Just log in and pay at your convenience

Auto-Pay and Paperless Billing

You can set up automatic monthly payments so your bill is always paid on time. No more late fees! Plus, going paperless by opting out of mailed paper bills reduces clutter and helps the environment.

Payment Confirmation and Payment History

The online system allows you to view payment confirmations and access your payment history conveniently in your account. No more hunting for paper statements and checks to see if a bill was paid.

Avoid Late Fees

When you pay online, your payment posts instantly to your account, so there’s no chance of a late fee resulting from a delay in snail mail. Pay on your own timeline to avoid late fees.

Multiple Payment Methods

The online payment system accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or you can opt for an electronic funds transfer from your bank account. Lots of flexibility in how you pay.

Access Customer Service Quickly

If you have any questions or issues, you can access Lower Valley Water District customer service quickly through the online portal’s messaging system or by calling the utility billing department. Help is always available!

Step-By-Step Guide to Paying Your Bill Online

Ready to get started with online bill pay? Here is a step-by-step guide to paying your Lower Valley Water District bill through their online payment website:

Step 1: Set Up Your Online Account

Start by going to Under “Don’t have an account?” click on “Register for an Account.” This will walk you through setting up your account profile and connecting your water account to your online account. Make sure to record your username and password.

Step 2: Log Into Your Account

Once your account is set up, go to the website URL above and click “Sign In.” Enter your username and password to log in.

Step 3: Select Pay Bill

On your account overview page, click on the “Pay Bill” button to start the payment process. This will bring up your latest bill where you can view balance info and due date.

Step 4: Enter Payment Details

On the payment page, enter the payment amount and complete the required fields. Select whether you want to pay by credit/debit card, e-check, or create an auto-pay schedule.

Step 5: Confirm and Submit

Review all payment details carefully then click “Continue” to go to the payment confirmation page. Verify everything looks right and click “Submit Payment” to complete.

That’s it – your bill is now paid online! The process is very quick and simple. You’ll receive a confirmation email with details of the payment for your records. Paying your Lower Valley Water District water bill online is truly hassle-free!

Troubleshooting When Paying Your Bill Online

Hopefully you will not run into any hiccups, but just in case, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Forgot username/password – Select “Reset Password” on the login page and follow prompts to create a new password. You can call customer service if you need help recovering username.

  • Wrong amount showing – Double check your most recent paper or emailed bill for the correct balance due before paying.

  • Payment won’t process – If your credit/debit card or e-check is declined, verify you entered details correctly or try a different card. Update card expiration dates if needed.

  • Auto-pay won’t set up – Make sure your account & routing numbers are correct for e-check auto-pay. For credit card, enter valid expiration date. Call customer service if issues persist.

  • Not getting email confirmations – Check your spam folder. Verify your email address is entered correctly in your account profile. Update it if needed then try payment again.

  • Other payment issues – The Lower Valley Water District customer service team is available weekdays 8am-5pm at 915-791-4480 to help resolve any other payment issues.

Online Bill Pay Is Convenient and Easy

Pay Water and Sewer bills online


How do I pay my El Paso water bill by phone?

There is no service fee to make a payment through IVR or online. Your payment will be posted to your account within 1 hour. An EPWater Returned Check Fee of $25 will apply for all electronic payment returns. To make a phone payment, please call (915) 594-5500.

Where to pay utility bills in El Paso, TX?

#05947 5631 Dyer St El Paso, TX 79904 Phone: (915) 245-3510
#00500 4530 Woodrow Bean El Paso, TX 79924 Phone: (915) 757-0151
#02201 7101 Gateway Blvd W El Paso, TX 79925 Phone: (915) 779-6664
#00512 10727 Gateway Blvd W El Paso, TX 79935 Phone: (915) 594-0243

How do I pay my Las Vegas Valley Water District Bill?

Use our online bill payment system to get account information 24 hours a day or call our automated line at 702-870-4194. Additionally, we offer several methods to pay your bill. We are closed on observed holidays. The Las Vegas Valley Water District can help you start, stop or transfer service.

How do I login to Lower Valley Water District?

If you already have an account, you just need to login to the Lower Valley Water District site. Lower Valley Water District accepts credit cards, debit, and direct deposit. Click here to login .

How do I pay my water bill?

My Account (Opens another site in new window) allows you complete online access to your water bill. You can view your bill online and make or schedule payments using your credit card or your checking account. You also can sign up for automatic payments and paperless billing.

Where does the Lower Valley Water District get its water?

Established in 1986, the Lower Valley Water District is currently obtaining its supply via purchase from the El Paso Water Utilities, which is a combination of water sources: surface water from the Rio Grande; and ground water pumped from the Mesilla Bolson and Hueco Bolson aquifers.

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