How to Pay Your Moorhead Public Service Utility Bill

Located in Moorhead, Minnesota, Moorhead Public Service (MPS) provides essential electricity, water and wastewater services to over 22,000 customers in the city of Moorhead and surrounding Clay County. As an MPS customer, paying your utility bill regularly and on-time is important to maintain uninterrupted service

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll explain everything you need to know about paying your monthly Moorhead Public Service utility bill conveniently and hassle-free.

About Moorhead Public Service

First a quick overview of MPS

  • Municipally-owned public utility serving Moorhead, MN since 1903
  • Provides electricity, water, wastewater treatment
  • Over 22,000 residential and commercial customers
  • Goverened by 5-member Public Service Commission
  • Employs around 90 people
  • Rates regulated by Moorhead City Council

As a community-owned utility, MPS revenues pay for operating costs, system upgrades, and investments that benefit Moorhead residents and businesses.

Why Paying On Time Matters

Here are some key reasons to pay your MPS bill by the due date:

  • Avoid Late Fees – A 5% penalty is added to past due balances
  • Prevent Disconnection – Service could get shut off for non-payment
  • Maintain Good Credit – Missed payments affect your credit score
  • Fund Improvements – Revenues support infrastructure investments

Paying bills fully and on-time helps MPS provide reliable, affordable utility services. It also avoids headaches and extra costs for you.

When is the MPS Bill Due?

MPS utility bills are issued monthly. Your specific due date is printed on your statement.

For residential customers, bills are typically due around the 25th of each month. Commercial customers have bills due around the 1st of the month.

If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, it moves to the next business day. Payments must be received by 4:30 pm on the due date to avoid late fees.

Check your individual statement or online account dashboard to find your exact bill due date. Mark it on your calendar to remember.

How Much is an MPS Utility Bill?

Your monthly MPS bill amount depends on factors like:

  • Electricity, water and sewer usage
  • Fuel costs for power generation
  • Number of days in the billing cycle
  • Base facility charges

On average, residential customers pay $100 to $200 per month including all services. But your specific bill varies based on consumption and household size.

High summer air conditioning use or winter heating can drive bills up. Monitoring usage helps avoid “bill shocks” from seasonal spikes.

Ways to Pay Your MPS Utility Bill

MPS offers several ways to pay your monthly bill conveniently:

  • Online Bill Pay – Fast and secure, with 24/7 access
  • Phone Payment – Call anytime to pay with a card
  • Mail-In Payment – Detach stub from paper bill and mail a check
  • In-Person Payment – Pay at MPS office or City Hall downtown
  • Auto Bank Draft – Automatic monthly payments from your account
  • Drop Box – Use drive-up box at MPS office

I recommend setting up online bill pay through MPS’s customer portal. It’s the easiest and most convenient option, letting you securely pay anytime from your computer or mobile device.

But choose the payment method that best fits your needs and schedule. MPS offers flexibility to pay how and when it works for you.

How to Pay Your MPS Bill Online

Paying at MPS’s online bill pay website is straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your MPS account number and 4-digit PIN

  3. Choose whether to pay full balance or partial amount

  4. Input your credit/debit card or bank account info

  5. Review payment details and submit

Once submitted, your online payment is processed immediately. You’ll receive a confirmation email with transaction details. Payments made by 4:30 pm post to your account same day.

For added convenience, create a free online account to store payment methods, view previous bills, set up autopay, and more.

Avoid Late Fees and Disconnection

To avoid late fees or potential service disconnection, always pay your MPS bill in full by the due date printed on your statement.

If your account becomes past due, MPS will send notices and attempt contacting you before any utilities are shut off. Communicate with them early about any payment issues.

You can arrange extended due dates or payment plans if facing financial hardship. MPS aims to keep service active and work with customers struggling to pay.

Payment Assistance For Low Income Customers

If you’re having trouble paying your MPS utility bill, call their customer service team right away at 218-477-8000.

MPS partners with local aid organizations to provide bill payment assistance programs and grants for low income customers.

Options include:

  • Salvation Army HeatShare – Helps pay winter heating bills
  • Energy Assistance Program – Federal bill aid for qualified households
  • Flexible Payment Plans – Customized payment arrangements

Don’t let an unpaid balance become unmanageable. MPS wants to help customers get back on track with personalized solutions.

Why Choose MPS for Your Utilities?

MPS provides Moorhead residents with:

  • Reliable electricity, water and wastewater
  • Locally controlled public utility
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Renewable wind and hydro power
  • Convenient online account management
  • Community investment and growth

Paying your MPS utility bill fully and on-time helps ensure continuous, quality service. I recommend enrolling in autopay or paperless billing to simplify the process.

Next time your statement comes, avoid mailing checks and pay conveniently online in minutes through MPS’s secure customer portal!

Moorhead Public Service Bill Pay

How does it work?

Youll receive your Moorhead Public Service (MPS) bill as usual, but your bank will automatically deduct the bill from your account approximately 20 days after the billing date shown on your bill. Youll know that your AutoPay account is active once you see the word “AUTOPAY” listed above the amount due. Underneath the amount due for each month, youll find the date that the amount will be deducted from your bank account. Its that simple!

5/21/2024 Moorhead Public Service Commission Meeting

How do I pay my Moorhead Public Service Bill?

Moorhead Public Service wants bill payments to be as quick and easy for customers as possible. That’s why we offer several different payment methods and locations for paying your bill. If you have any questions about where or how to pay your bill, contact us by phone at 218-477-8000 (Option 4) or by e-mail at [email protected].

How do I contact Moorhead public service?

Commissioners are appointed by the City Council. The Commission approves the utility budget and establishes water and electric rates for consumers. MPS maintains a full website that includes information about your utility bill, energy conservation programs, and more. Please visit Moorhead Public Service. By phone 218.477.8000 (Option 4)

Who is Moorhead public service?

Moorhead Public Service is a Utilities provider that offers reliable electricity, water, and wastewater services to the residents of Moorhead, MN. They focus on providing safe, sustainable, and cost-effective utilities while prioritizing customers’ needs. Common questions, curated and answered by doxo, about paying Moorhead Public Service bills.

Does Moorhead public service have an energy alert?

The graph below shows the current electric grid conditions in the Southwest Power Pool footprint for Moorhead Public Service: There are two types of energy alerts that will be communicated to Moorhead Public Service (MPS) customers during an energy alert or if controlled outages are necessary:

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