How to Pay Your Lowe’s Credit Card Bill Online or by Phone

If you enjoy home improvement projects, chances are you shop frequently at Lowe’s. Using a Lowe’s credit card can help you save money on purchases and manage expenses. But then comes the responsibility of paying your monthly Lowe’s credit card bill.

Don’t worry, Lowe’s offers simple ways to pay your credit card bill online, by phone, or even in store. This article outlines the available payment options, contact information, and tips for avoiding late fees.

We’ll cover

  • Understanding Your Lowe’s Credit Card Statement
  • Paying Your Lowe’s Card Bill Online
  • Paying Your Lowe’s Card Bill by Phone
  • In Store Payment Option
  • Setting Up Autopay
  • Late Payment Fees and Penalties
  • Other Lowe’s Credit Card FAQs
  • Contact Info for Lowe’s Credit Card Customer Service

Understanding Your Lowe’s Credit Card Statement

The first step is to review and understand your monthly Lowe’s credit card billing statement. This will outline your current balance, minimum payment due, due date, interest charges, and more.

Key elements to look for on your statement:

  • Current billing cycle date range
  • Total balance and minimum payment due
  • Payment due date
  • Details of new transactions and charges
  • Interest charges, fees, adjustments
  • Available credit remaining

Carefully review transactions and interest charges for accuracy Then determine the payment amount and due date to avoid late fees

Paying Your Lowe’s Card Bill Online

Lowe’s offers an easy online option for paying your credit card bill through your online account.

To pay online:

  1. Visit and log in

  2. Select “Pay Bill” from top menu

  3. Enter payment amount and submit

  4. Enter and confirm payment details

You can pay your Lowe’s card bill online using a bank account, credit/debit card, or Lowe’s gift card. Payment is credited to your account immediately.

Paying Your Lowe’s Card Bill by Phone

You can also make a payment by calling the Lowe’s credit account services line at:


This automated phone system is available 24/7. Follow prompts to enter your 16-digit card number and access code to check your balance and make a payment.

In Store Payment Option

For those who prefer to pay bills in person, Lowe’s does allow credit card payments at any store location.

Visit the customer service desk and let the cashier know you need to make a credit card payment. Provide your Lowe’s card number and payment amount. Accepted methods are typically cash, pin debit cards, or other credit cards.

In store payments are applied to your account the same day to avoid late fees.

Setting Up Autopay

The easiest way to avoid late Lowe’s credit card payments is to enroll in autopay. This automatically deducts your balance each month from a linked bank account.

To set up autopay:

  1. Access your online account

  2. Under account settings, click on “Manage Autopay”

  3. Enter your bank account number and routing number

  4. Choose to pay the minimum, full balance, or fixed amount

  5. Save your selection

With autopay, your bill gets paid on time every month without you having to remember.

Late Payment Fees and Penalties

To avoid additional fees, your Lowe’s credit card bill must be paid by the due date listed on your statement, typically around the 25th of the month.

If you miss the deadline, late fees apply:

  • $29 for the first late payment

  • Up to $40 for additional late payments

Paying late can also damage your credit score and result in penalty APR increases. Set bill reminders with calendar alerts or auto pay to prevent this.

Other Lowe’s Credit Card FAQs

Beyond just paying your bill, here are some other commonly asked questions about the Lowe’s credit card:

  • What is the interest rate? Variable APRs range from 16.99% to 26.99%

  • Is there an annual fee? The standard card has no annual fee

  • How do I redeem Lowe’s rewards? Points can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases or to pay your card balance.

  • Can I manage my account online? Yes, through the online portal at

  • How do I request a credit line increase? Contact customer service to have your account reviewed.

Contact Info for Lowe’s Credit Card Customer Service

If you need to reach out the Lowe’s credit card support team for any questions or issues with your account, here’s how to contact them:

Phone: 1-800-964-6891

Online: Send secure message via your account

Mail: PO Box 965018, Orlando, FL 32896-5018

With multiple convenient payment options, tips to avoid fees, and helpful customer service, paying your monthly Lowe’s credit card bill can be quick and painless. Just stay organized with payment dates and account access to keep your credit in good shape.

Lowes Pay A Bill

So You Bought a Whole Lot of Lumber (and Maybe a Disturbing Amount of Glitter): How to Pay Your Lowe’s Credit Card Without Crying

Lets face it, Lowes is a magical place. You walk in needing a lightbulb, and somehow emerge with a cart full of power tools, enough paint to open your own Jackson Pollock exhibit, and a suspiciously large box of flamingo lights. (Hey, dont judge! Weve all been there.) But then reality hits, and that post-Lowes glow dims a bit when you see the credit card bill. Fear not, fellow DIY warriors and glitter enthusiasts! Heres a guide to tackling that Lowes bill like a boss (or at least someone who doesnt cry in the checkout line):

The Online Crusader: Vanquishing Bills with a Few Clicks

  • My Lowes Rewards Account: This is your digital fortress of financial fortitude! Sign in to your My Lowes Rewards account and pay your bill with the ease of a seasoned online shopper. You can even set up AutoPay to be the ultimate champion of responsibility (and avoid those late fees).
  • Guest Checkout: Dont have an account? No worries! Lowes allows you to pay as a guest. Just have your credit card info and statement handy, and youll be done faster than you can say “shiplap.”

The Telephone Trooper: Conquering Bills with Vocal Prowess

  • Pick Up the Phone: For those who prefer a more personal touch (or maybe just enjoy a good chat), you can call Lowes at (800) 444-1408 and follow the automated prompts to make a payment. Just be prepared for some potentially catchy elevator music.

The In-Store Gladiator: Battling Bills with Cash (or Maybe Just a Debit Card)

  • The Customer Service Desk: Head to the customer service desk in your local Lowes, wielding your credit card statement like a gladiators sword. A friendly Lowes associate will help you settle your bill. Bonus points if you can distract them with tales of your epic DIY project while they process your payment.

The Snail Mail Specialist: vanquishing Bills with Patience (and a Stamp)

  • The Old-Fashioned Way: For the truly traditional (or those who maybe havent discovered the magic of online banking yet), you can mail a check to the address listed on your statement. Just be sure to factor in mail delivery times to avoid any late fees (unless youre aiming for that vintage collectors edition “late fee” notice).

Remember: No matter which method you choose, paying your Lowes bill on time will keep your credit score happy and ensure you get invited back to the Lowes party (because, lets be honest, theres always another project on the horizon, right?)2023-03-23T09:01:01.668+05:30

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