A Complete Guide to Paying Your Mountain Electric Cooperative Bill

For residents and businesses in Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina who are serviced by Mountain Electric Cooperative (MEC), paying your electric bill doesn’t have to be a hassle. MEC offers numerous convenient payment options to fit different needs and preferences. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to paying your MEC electric bill.

Overview of Mountain Electric Cooperative

First, some quick background on MEC Mountain Electric Cooperative is an electric utility company owned by its members They provide electric distribution services to over 36,000 homes and businesses across 6 counties in Tennessee and North Carolina.

MEC was founded in 1941 and is headquartered in New Market, Tennessee As a member-owned co-op, MEC is committed to providing reliable and affordable electric service to the communities they serve

Now let’s explore the various ways you can pay your MEC electric bill

Online Bill Pay

One of the most convenient ways to pay your MEC electric bill is through online bill pay on MEC’s website.

To utilize online bill pay:

  • Visit MEC’s website and click on “Pay My Bill”
  • Enter your account number and 4-digit PIN
  • Select whether you want to pay the full balance or a custom amount
  • Enter payment information and submit

Online bill pay allows you to securely pay by credit/debit card or electronic check at any time. You can also opt for autopay to have payments automatically deducted each month.

Pay by Phone

In addition to online bill pay, MEC offers a pay-by-phone option.

To pay your MEC electric bill by phone:

  • Call MEC’s automated line at 1-833-962-8341
  • When prompted, enter your 10-digit account number
  • Follow the prompts to enter your payment information using your phone keypad
  • Confirm the payment details and completion

With pay-by-phone, you can use electronic checks, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover cards to pay your bill 24/7.

Pay by Mail

If you prefer, you can mail in a payment to MEC’s headquarters:

Mountain Electric Cooperative
PO Box 329
New Market, TN 37820

To pay by mail, detach the payment stub from your monthly paper bill and enclose it with a check or money order made payable to Mountain Electric Cooperative.

Write your account number on your check or money order and allow 3-5 business days for mailed payments to process.

Pay in Person

For those who want to pay their MEC electric bill in person, you can visit one of MEC’s office locations:

New Market Office
2532 Buffalo Rd
New Market, TN 37820

Morristown Office
2402 W Andrew Johnson Hwy
Morristown, TN 37814

At these locations, you can pay by cash, check, money order, or credit/debit card. MEC’s office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Payment Kiosks

MEC also has conveniently located payment kiosks throughout their service area. Kiosks accept cash or checks 24/7. Find a kiosk location near you.

Budget Billing

If you want to spread your costs out evenly throughout the year, MEC offers a budget billing program. This allows you to pay a “budgeted” fixed amount each month based on your usage history. At the end of 12 months, your account is balanced out.

Contact MEC to enroll in budget billing. This can help avoid bill fluctuations from seasonal changes.

Financial Assistance Programs

If you are struggling financially, MEC partners with local community action agencies to provide bill payment assistance.

Some of the assistance programs offered are:

  • Help Ministries of Morgan County
  • Douglas Cherokee Economic Authority
  • Knoxville-Knox County CAC
  • Appalachian Outreach

Contact MEC to learn more about qualifications and how to apply for bill assistance based on your situation.

Late Fees and Disconnection

MEC electric bills are due by the 10th of each month. If your payment is late, these are the penalties:

  • After the 10th, a 5% late fee is assessed

  • After the 15th, a $30 collections fee is added

  • Service may be disconnected around the 22nd if the bill remains unpaid

A $30 fee also applies for reconnecting service after disconnection. Avoid late fees and disruption by paying your MEC electric bill on time.

Payment Arrangements

If you are having difficulty paying your bill, call MEC as soon as possible to set up alternative payment arrangements. This can help keep your service active while you get caught up.

Final Tips

Paying your MEC electric bill on time is important, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these final tips:

  • Sign up for paperless billing to get due date reminders
  • Take advantage of autopay to ensure on-time payments
  • Track your usage with MEC’s online portal
  • Notify MEC if your contact information changes to prevent missed notices
  • Ask about energy audit programs to improve efficiency and lower costs

With numerous payment options and member programs, Mountain Electric Cooperative aims to make paying your electric bill as smooth as possible. Stay informed and proactive so you can manage your electric account with ease.

Mountain Electric Coop Bill Pay

Connection Fees and Deposits

Residential Service:

Effective: 10/1/2015

When making application for service, a customer pays a $3 credit check fee, which could reduce their deposit amount. The standard deposit is $350, but with a good credit report could be reduced to $200 or no deposit at all.*

Membership Fee $ 5.00
Deposit $ 350.00
Credit Risk Assessment Fee $ 3.00
Connection Fee $ 25.00
Total Fees $ 383.00
Other Fees:
After Hours Connection Fee $50.00
Temporary Service Connection Fee $25.00
Transfer Service Connection Fee $25.00

*Prepay customers are not required to pay a deposit.

Commercial Service:

A deposit will be 2 times the highest previous bill. When there is no billing history, the deposit will be estimated. The deposit can be paid in the form of cash, a CD made out in MEC’s name, a surety bond or an irrevocable letter of credit. No refund until close of account. Interest of passbook rate will be paid, adjusted and credited annually to commercial accounts.

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How do I sign up for Operation Pocket Change Mountain Electric Cooperative?

Call your local office or email [email protected] to sign up. Click Here to sign up for Operation Pocket Change Mountain Electric Cooperative, Inc. (MEC) is a member owned electric cooperative located in northeast Tennessee and northwest North Carolina.

What is the mountain electric pre-pay plan?

The Mountain Electric Pre-Pay Plan gives you the power to control your own energy bill! The Pay As You Go Plan allows you the opportunity to skip the deposit, pay as you can, and escape the burden of a monthly payment. Want to know how this plan can work for you? Click here to learn more.

Where can I make a payment in Roan Mountain TN?

Roan Mountain Office; 8477 Hwy 19E, Roan Mountain (423)772-3521 You may also make your payment at the following business locations, however delinquent payments will not be accepted. Farmers Exchange; 6451 Hwy 19E, Roan Mountain, TN (423)725-2800 Farmers State Bank; 130 Main Street, Butler, TN (423)768-2711

How do I pay my MEC Bill?

For your convenience, MEC customers have several methods to pay your bill. If you pay using your credit or debit card, the transaction will be listed on your statement as SEDC, Atlanta, GA, or Southeastern Data Cooperative. Call the toll-free number at (833) 399-0814 and follow step by step instructions to pay your bill (24/7).

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